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The Girl In The Basement Book Review (2024)

Ray Garton

Ray Garton, the author of numerous horror short stories and novellas and writer of this horror novel, brings his fans another one of his classic horror stories that really get you thinking about what’s going to happen on the next page.

Some of Ray’s most popular horror novels are Live Girls, Crucifax, Autumn, The Folks, and on top of that, he has even written some pretty cool thriller novels such as Trade Secrets and Shackled, Sex and Violence in Hollywood or Trailer Park Noir.

The Girl in the Basement Book

Ryan Kettering

Make sure to read through this book review of The Girl in the Basement to find out what is going on in this story by Ray Garton.

The book starts and partially focuses on a character named Ryan Kettering, a 15-year-old boy that has spent most of his life through a series of abusive foster homes and, as far as we know in this book review of The Girl in the Basement, he just can’t catch a break.


After 15 years of moving around from one bad foster home to another, Ryan thinks that this time his luck might just be a little bit better as he moves into the Preston house. At first, something happens that Ryan hasn’t seen in a while, everything goes smoothly, everyone is friendly, and he actually feels good.

At the Preston house, Ryan develops a friendly relationship with a girl he met there called Lyssa, but there might just be a little bit of romance in that fresh relationship as well. As time passes in his new home, Ryan discovers a weird basement in the house, but what’s weirder about it is that a nine-year-old girl named Maddy is actually living there, or is being kept by force, he doesn’t know at first.

Okay, That’s Weird

As the story progresses, Ryan finds out more about Maddy, she is actually a slow girl who often does weird things, that’s probably the reason that she is kept there, she weirds everyone out.

That’s not even the most different thing about Maddy, she sometimes talks in strange adult voices and has a mind-boggling ability to predict events that there is no possible way of knowing.

Never Been Wrong

She has never been wrong about her predictions and things she says always come true. We simply can’t tell you the story the way Ray has written it in our The Girl in the Basement book review, but one thing is for sure, the way Ray writes this story just gives you the creeps as mysterious and scary things are going on down in the basement.

Sometimes Maddy is visited by people from the government and who knows what they are trying to get out of that girl, information about the future that could give them an advantage over others and stuff like that maybe?

Exciting Story

You will definitely find out what happens in that basement as you read the book for yourself, but hopefully, this The Girl in the Basement book review got you excited about the story and you can’t wait to read all about it for yourself.

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