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The Passage Series Review (2024)

Justin Cronin

The Passage is a horror science fiction series written by author Justin Cronin and it is set in an apocalyptic world that later becomes a post-apocalyptic one as you read further down the story and into the next books.


The story begins with the first book that was published from the trilogy that is also called The Passage, continues in the second one, The Twelve, and everything ends in the third and last book called The City of Mirrors.

 The Passage Book Series


If you want to find out about this story filled with all kinds of horrors and thrill, then be sure to check out our The Passage series review and see what secrets we can reveal to you.

Downfall of Civilization

Justin writes about a world that quickly goes down in chaos after an act of good goes horribly wrong and manages to become the downfall of civilization. This horrible act which you find about in the book itself and in this The Passage series review is the creation of a new immunity-boosting drug that was created from modified samples of a virus that was carried only by bats.

This experiment results in an event that eventually manages to transform a huge portion of the planet’s population into blood-thirsty zombies and terrifying creatures. The story in the novel begins in the year 2016 and spans for more than ninety years so you definitely have a lot of exciting stuff to read about as the books are quite lengthy as well, the first one is around 800 pages long.

The Twelve

The story directly continues in the second book of the series, The Twelve, where you get to read about a few interesting characters who lead you along on their journeys through the horrible post-apocalyptic world that seems to be getting worse. One of the first ones we introduce you to is Lila.

She is a doctor, but more importantly, a soon to be mother as she is expecting a child very soon. Her story is definitely a tragic one as she has no other choice but to still plan for some kind of future for her unborn child in a world that is overrun by horror, violence, and misery.


Next, you meet Kittridge who is known to the rest of the world by his nickname “Last Stand in Denver”. Kittridge is now forced to live his stronghold and he continues his life on the road, constantly dodging the scary infected who are always looking for fresh blood and flesh.

Time is definitely not on his side as, although he is heavily armed, he knows that one tank of gas can only get him so far and you get to find out what happens to him and the rest of the characters next for yourself in the book.


One of the last characters that we introduce you to is a teenage girl named April. Her story follows her as she is fighting bravely to make sure her little brother is safe and out of harm’s way.

No Hope

Everything that you read about these characters does make it look like there is no hope for them, or anyone else, in this post-apocalyptic world full of danger and ruins, but you will soon discover that a new form of hope might just turn things around. That’s something that we won’t spoil for you in this review and you can find out everything for yourself as you read all of the books in the trilogy.

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