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The Stand Book Review (2024)

Stephen King

The Stand, written by the horror novel master himself, Stephen King, is a fiction story that tells you about a world that plummets into total chaos and one that later turns into a truly horrible post-apocalyptic world where there is not one bright side to look at.


If you are a fan of Stephen King’s stories, then this book will definitely be an enjoyable one and if you haven’t yet read any content by him, then you are about to become Stephen’s fan after reading this masterpiece. This book is considered as one of the best post-apocalyptic books that are ever written and you get to find out a thing or two about it from this book review of The Stand.

The Stand Book

Strand of Influenza

The story starts with you finding out about a super-strong, resistant, and very lethal strand of influenza, a stronger and modified version of the flu that was created in the labs of the secret United States Department of Defense and was intended as a biological weapon that is resistant to all antibodies and vaccines.

This particular strand of the deadly influenza is released into the world by accident, in a fraction of a second, the world faces it’s deadliest and most massive problem ever. Humanity’s extinction as we know it had begun.

Quick Escalation

Events quickly escalate after the release of the disease as the lab staff inside dies and one man, a security guard named Charles Campion, manages to escape and he immediately takes his family out of state. After a while being on the road, this man starts feeling bad and crashes into a gas station in Arnette, Texas and things only get worse from there.

The men who work at the gas station take Campion’s dead body out of the car and all of them get infected. You probably know what happens next after a few get infected. The spread of the disease is exponential and the infection rate grows rapidly.


The United States Army tries to isolate Arnette but their efforts are totally useless as this quickly turns into a global pandemic after the disease spreads beyond the borders and infects 99.4% of the world’s population, killing all of them within a month. After so much death, people start to panic and society as we know it crumbles as chaos begins to be the number one thing happening everywhere.

Stuart Redman

Then, as you can see from this book review of The Stand, a man called Stuart Redman who was an employee at the gas station where all of the chaos started proves immune to the disease and becomes the most important guy on the planet, what is left of it.

As you might imagine, he is held with force to be examined as scientists see if they can find a cure for this thing. A whole lot of reckless events take place where they are holding him after most of the staff dies from the disease and Stuart is forced to kill a person in self-defense as he escapes from the facility.

Just the Beginning

The story is far from over as this is just the beginning of this 1200-page book in which a broader and more complicated story unveils. This is the reason why Stephen King is one of the best writers who produce such interesting stories as this one that are all packed with many unique and fascinating characters.

A plot that spans so long that it starts feeling like a real-life story, and you get to read about all of those things as you go beyond this The Stand book review and check out this masterpiece of yourself. We further recommend checking out our review of ‘Salem’s Lot, which is another amazing book written by this brilliant author!

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