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Dragon Masters Series Review (2024)

Majestic Creatures

The Dragon Masters is the perfect book series for kids, ages six and up, to enjoy some amazing, fun, and adventure-packed, reading material that involves the majestic creatures known as dragons and mostly younger characters who make the story all the more interesting as they show their skills in a dangerous, but still kid-appropriate, world.

Tracey West

This review will show you a thing or two about this amazing series by Tracey West so you can decide if the story suits your style. 

Dragon Masters Book Series

Rise of the Earth Dragon


A Pattern

This is the first book of the series, as the story finally starts and you get to discover what kind of series this actually is. You will also begin to notice a pattern, as you start reading more and more books from the series, where each of the books contain stories special to a different type of dragon, for example, this one talks about many dragons, but there is one more special than the others, an Earth Dragon.


Another character, who is special in this story is an 8-year-old boy named Drake. He is taken by the King’s soldiers and escorted to the castle, where he joins the group of young Dragon Master trainees who must fulfill their destiny.

Young Trainees

Ana, Rori, and Bo are the other young trainees and they all must bond with their dragons first and then discover their special powers. Drake’s story will surely be the most interesting of all when he finally meets his dragon.

Saving the Sun Dragon


Plenty of Dragons

See what we mean about the pattern in the titles? This book introduces you to the Sun Dragon and there are plenty of other types of dragons that you will be finding out about in this article.

Becoming Masters

You will discover so many more thrilling facts about this series like the fact, that every single book of the series has a ton of colorful illustrations in it and much more. The story in the second book of the series continues after where the events of the first one left off, as the 4 young Dragon Master trainees are still working to become masters.


The main plot here revolves around the fact that Ana’s dragon, Kepri, has fallen ill and the characters must travel the world to search for a cure. Thanks to Drake’s dragon, Worm, this task will be a bit easier regarding the traveling part.

Secret of the Water Dragon


Precious Artefact

The book focuses on a Water Dragon this time and a bit more on the character known as Bo in the series. What gets everyone worried here is the fact, that someone is trying to steal a precious artifact to the wizards in the books, called the Dragon Stone. It turns out that the thief is their friend and fellow Dragon Master trainee, Bo.

Dark Wizard

Drake begins to wonder if the terrible Dark Wizard might be behind this whole situation and Bo’s dragon, Shu, shows his own special powers that might just come in handy in this particular situation. The tale here is one of great mystery and thrill so be sure to read it carefully.

Power of the Fire Dragon



The fourth book of Dragon Masters presents to you, for the first time ever, a giant Fire Dragon who is serving a terrible and evil man, Maldred. The story starts as a few of the Dragon Master trainees go to visit the Kingdom of Queen Rose and Drake and Rori end up staying behind.

Riding a Dragon

They thought they would see no adventure that day but to their surprise, there he is, Maldred shows up riding a huge Fire Dragon and attacks the castle. Everyone is shocked by what they are seeing, how is this wizard controlling such a huge and reckless dragon and that’s something that we won’t spoil for you here, as you get to find out how this story ends for yourself.

Song of the Poison Dragon



This is the fifth book of the series and it’s the book that introduces you to the fifth member of the Dragon Master trainees’ group. Her name is Petra and she is definitely a weird character who has trouble fitting in with the group at first.

What’s even weirder is that she isn’t even trying to bond with her four-headed dragon. The others start thinking that the Dragon Stone had chosen her by mistake but that’s not possible as this has never happened before.

Terrible Event

A terrible event later that happens to the King, leaving him in danger, offers Petra a chance to work together with the others in her group to save their beloved King. If this doesn’t make her bond with her dragon, then nothing will.

Flight of the Moon Dragon


Sacred Object

The list continues with yet another book of the series with even more beautiful illustrations that accompany the story inside. The sixth book of the series presents another interesting story.

This time, the prime Dragon Stone is threatened again and the Dragon Masters must save this sacred object, or else they will end up losing their connections to their beloved dragons forever.

World of Pyramids

Their journey to save to stone leads them to the world of Pyramids where they must solve a series of puzzles to get to the stone. The suspense in this book is something that will keep you entertained, as you wait to find out if they manage to save this valuable Dragon Stone in time.

Search for the Lightning Dragon



Another exciting adventure awaits the Dragon Masters in the seventh book of this amazing child-friendly series. This time, their mission is to track down a rare Lightning Dragon, who moves fast through the air and is hard to pin down.

The story reveals that before they find this dragon, they first must see his Dragon Master boy named Carlos. This Lightning Dragon is crazy fast and shoots lightning sparks of energy and to make the situation worse, he has gone rogue and escaped his master for some reason.

Thrilling Suspense

The thrilling suspense in this book is also something to look forward to, as you get to find out if Carlos and the Dragon Masters manage to find the Lightning Dragon in time and reconnect him with Carlos.

Roar of the Thunder Dragon



Similarly to the previous book, the Dragon Masters are on the search again this time and for another Lightning Dragon, a baby one this time who will have a harder time taking care of itself. The baby Lightning Dragon is called Lalo and it was actually kidnapped by Eko, a Dragon Master.

Act of Revenge

Eko is a Dragon Master, who ran away from the kingdom a few years ago with her Thunder Dragon and she is now back to steal every dragon from the kingdom as an act of revenge for something that you get to find out all about in the book itself. Drake and the other Dragon Masters will do their best to make sure everyone in the kingdom is kept safe as it is their duty to do so.

Chill of the Ice Dragon


One of a Kind

The Dragon Masters books just keep getting more and more exciting as they are meant for the younger audience, but even grown-ups and young adults can have fun with the exciting adventures they present. The different and unique dragons along with the colorful illustrations of them also make these books one of a kind.


A Dragon Master called Mina brings yet another adventure to our favorite Dragon Masters from before, as she tells them that her kingdom in the Far North Lands is in danger and in desperate need of help.

Ice Giant

It was attacked by a magical Ice Giant and they simply can’t defend themselves from it. Only Fire Dragons can defeat an enemy like this and Rori and Vulcan, the only ones who have Fire Dragons, are not in the castle currently. Be sure to find out if the Dragon Masters can save everyone in time.

Waking the Rainbow Dragon


Real Dream

This is the tenth book in our selection and the exciting story this time tells you about Drake’s strange dream about a Rainbow Dragon, who is trapped in a cave. Drake feels like this dream is very real and they ask for help from Griffith the wizard, who uses the Dragon Stone to find out if this is truly a message for help from the dragon.

Another Journey

They discover that it is indeed real, so Drake and Ana travel to find this new dragon and his master before it’s too late. This presents yet another exciting journey to read about, as they have no clue how to find this cave and time is definitely not on their side.

Shine of the Silver Dragon


Maldred Returns

The Dark Wizard Maldred returns in this book again, as you get to read about another one of his diabolical plans to become the ultimate ruler. His mission this time is to control the Naga, an even bigger dragon than the Fire Dragon he controlled last time and the Naga can be found deep within the Earth.

Two Keys

You also get to find out that there are two keys when it comes to controlling Naga, the first one of these keys is guarded by a deadly Silver Dragon named Argent and his master, Jean. This presents another level of dangerous situation for our Dragon Master heroes, as you get to read how and if they manage to save the day again.

Treasure of the Gold Dragon


Second Key

This book directly continues, as the second part of Maldred’s quest for the two keys that will offer him complete control over the huge and very powerful dragon known as Naga. This time, the quest takes the evil Dark Wizard Maldred and our heroes, the Dragon Masters, to the Gold Dragon’s lair, where the second and final key is located.


Drake and Rori are sent this time to travel to the Gold Dragon’s lair and help protect the last key. The new character, who they get to meet this time is another powerful Dragon Master named Darma.

Whatever Necessary

These characters must do whatever is necessary in order to stop Maldred from controlling one of the most powerful Earthquake Dragons out there, as the destruction and evil that will be the result of that is definitely something no one else wants.

Eye of the Earthquake Dragon


Final Part of Mission

The quest for controlling the powerful Naga Dragon continues here again as Maldred has actually succeeded in acquiring the two keys needed for gaining control of Naga.

This is the final part of Maldred’s mission, finding the temple where Naga lives and getting there as quickly as possible, as he does have the Dragon Masters chasing after him to prevent this terrible threat from becoming real.

Jean and Darma

The Dragon Masters Jean and Darma are here too with their Silver and Gold Dragons to offer as much help as they can as if Maldred does get control over Naga, the results would literally be catastrophic as devastating earthquakes would destroy their world.

The Land of the Spring Dragon


Kingdom in Trouble

The next book is about a fascinating magical dragon known as the Spring Dragon. Following the events of the previous book, Drake’s kingdom is in real trouble once more, as the earthquakes have completely destroyed Bracken’s crops and without them, the Kingdom simply cannot survive.

Saving the Crops

The Spring Dragon is the only hope that the Dragon Masters have this time, as he has the ability to quickly regrow the crops and still feed all of the people before it is too late. You will read that finding the Spring Dragon will be no easy task because Drake will have to face a series of hard tests by a Dragon Master named Breen.

Future of the Time Dragon


Time Travel

This book presents a story about one of the most fascinating breeds of dragon that you have seen so far in our review, the magnificent Time Dragon. Stories that involve time travel are always fun to read but often confusing, this is why these books are perfect for children because there is nothing confusing about this story.


You get to read about Maldred again, as he has made things worse for everyone again after trapping Eko in a prison of some sort. Drake finds out that the only way to save her now is with the help of the Time Dragon. A series of events send Drake back in time and his life is now in danger as well.

Call of the Sound Dragon


City of Remus

If you thought that the Time Dragon was amazing, then the Sound Dragon will have a chance to top that because he has some of the most fascinating features of all of the dragons so far. The City of Remus is in trouble this time, as the magic from a battle between wizards will make sure that there is nothing left of that city.


A new Dragon Master named Tessa and her Sound Dragon will offer quite the interesting story to read here, as they do whatever they can to fix this whole situation. There is a dangerous crystal involved here as well that will force the situation to ask for the help of Drake, Griffith, and Petra.

Fortress of the Stone Dragon


Final Book

This book is our next to last one in this article and this magical story is finally about to be over which is definitely not a good thing for the biggest fans of the series. However, you should enjoy the stories that are left from the series cause this one offers you a chance to read about the Stone Dragon.

Evil Wizard

Another evil wizard, named Astrid, is planning to become the most powerful and feared wizard in all of the world and is starting to present a serious threat. He is collecting ingredients for a powerful spell that will prove devastating and the brave Dragon Masters have yet another dangerous situation to stop now as they fly again to save the day.

Griffith’s Guide for Dragon Masters


Special Book

The last book of the Dragon Masters book series is definitely a special kind of book and a great way to end an amazing series since this book offers you the chance to read about the most valuable information from the whole series.

Amazing Details

Information such as maps of every land they have visited, detailed information and illustrations about the Dragon Masters and their amazing dragons present in the series, notes from wizards, the history of the Dragon Masters, and so much more information. It will make sure that you know everything about this brilliant series.


Dragon Masters and the stories inside present some of the best dragon-related stories out there, that are perfectly suited for children, who know how to read and can understand what is going on inside. Be sure to get this one for your child if they are fascinated by dragons like many others.

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