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The Daydreamer Book Review (2024)

Ian McEwan

The Daydreamer is a children’s story by British author Ian McEwan that holds a story filled with such a creative imagination of the main character of the story that was made even better thanks to the colorful and creative illustrations done by Anthony Browne.

In this novel for kids by Ian, you get to read about the story of the ten-year-old Peter Fortune and his imaginative daydreams that get him into the most interesting and fun situations.

The Daydreamer Book

Peter’s Life

Within the book, there are seven different situations that Peter manages to dream up that make this book fantastic to read and very entertaining for children. It is a story that describes two years of Peter’s life and you get to find out what to expect from the whole novel in this book review of The Daydreamer. You can also find McEwan’s name on our list of the new science fiction books.

Vanishing Cream

So, Peter is 10-years-old and he often tends to split from reality and enter his fascinating daydreams where he has the most fun he could ever have and create his own interesting stories. One of the first seven different stories of Peter’s imagination that you get to read about in this book review of The Daydreamer is the story of the vanishing cream.

Peter discovers a cream which when applied to someone, makes them entirely disappear. He uses this cream to make his whole family suddenly vanish and he uses that time to get some freedom and relaxation and do whatever he wants. Then, in another one of his crazy stories, Peter transforms into their old family cat and experiences what it’s like to be a cat as he fights off an annoying stray.

Get All You Want

The third story arrives as Peter transforms yet again, this time into his baby cousin and sees how a toddler experiences the world as he finds out how joyful it is to be even younger and get everything that you want from the adults.

Another one of his crazy and very interesting stories comes as Peter turns into a doll this time who gets his arm and leg ripped off so that he can look the same as a mangled doll that he has seen. The fun continues as this character has always wanted to be an adult and see the world from their eyes so he does the exact same in another one of his daydreams.

Horrible Truth of Adulthood

Peter turns into an adult and discovers the horrible truth of how dull an adult’s life is compared to that of a child’s. He wishes to always have the same fun that he has right now and never get boring like the adults.

These, and a few more fantastic and very fun to read adventures that Peter goes on by himself in his daydreams are what you can expect in the book itself as you can see from this The Daydreamer book review. The book is definitely something that can make a child’s imagination even more creative so that they can be as cheerful and joyous as ever.

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