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5 Best Grant Cardone Books (2024)

Best Grant Cardone Books ReviewBio

Grant Cardone is an American author, leading marketer and sales trainer, owner of several privately held companies and, in case you haven’t guessed it yet – a multimillionaire.


Born in 1958 in the US, he got a degree in accounting and learned sales out of necessity, to pay for his student loans. Eventually, he became so proficient at it that he was being sought after by companies to provide advice and assistance on the topic.

Best Grant Cardone Books


Over the years, Grant Cardone has worked with companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to start ups. The sales coach also kickstarted the 10X Movement, where he hosts an annual 3-day conference that attracts entrepreneur and business-minded people to learn how to grow their businesses from the example set by other successful participants.

The business mogul and social media presence has also penned more than 21 books, making it onto the New York Times bestseller list. Here we will explore only a few of the best Grant Cardone books, those that are a must for anyone interested in expanding their potential tenfold.

The 10X Rule


Simple Rule

The 10X Rule is based on a simple, but powerful, tenet: when you set out to do something, anything, prepare to put in ten times more work and effort than you initially planned for. Because that’s what it will cost you.

The underlying mentality to The 10X Rule is that in order to achieve big, you need to dream big. So, don’t sell yourself short. Cardone believes that society pushes us to be average, commonly known as “playing it safe”.

Hammer Down the Walls

His aim in the book is to get readers to hammer down the walls that keep them addicted to being average, and to fully unleash their limitless visions and set massive goals for themselves. Once they have done this – and this is the important part – they must take massive action to back those goals up.

To explain how this mentality works, and the roadmap to applying it, the author created the concept of the 4th Degree of Action, which surpasses the former three habitual levels of human action: normal action, no action and retreat. The 4th Degree is the sweet spot, the one that will have you raking in success.

All Aspects of Life

One of the best books by Grant Cardone for anyone who is willing to work hard, and his most famous one too, since it coins his catch-phrase “10X”. It also includes other teachings, such as how to better control the events in your life, it dispels the myths surrounding time management, and so on.

As a bonus, the methods contained in the 10X Rule are not only applicable to business or money-making ventures; they are also useful for almost all aspects of the human reality: emotional, physical, spiritual, etc.

Be Obsessed or Be Average



Show of honest hands… how many of us attach negative connotations to the word “obsessed”? I thought as much. It’s the kind of word that is linked to anal-retentive kill-joy OCD types, unkempt weirdos who never leave their lairs or a synonym that is loosely tossed around when referring to anything the speaker may have a strong fancy for (usually preceded by “Oh my God” and “like”).


Grant Cardone is here to give the term “obsessed” a makeover. For, what is, obsession really? Isn’t it just pooling all of your energies into one specific issue/person/task/goal… you fill in the blank. It’s a hyper-focused laser of attention. And why, Cardone asks, does this have to be negative?

In fact, it’s the polar opposite. Becoming obsessed isn’t just beneficial to you and every single goal you have, it’s essential. The only way to truly succeed is to give it your 120%. Does this mean this Grant Cardone’s best book is going to show you how to slave your way into riches?

Enjoy the Process

No, because the whole point is to enjoy the process of obsession. When you think about it, obsession is usually the end-result of any activity you are doing that you are enjoying immensely; you become so wrapped up in it, the entire world melts around you.

Find that. Find that thing that makes you become obsessed. That’s your purpose. And then go all in. Otherwise, you will be forever going round and round on the socially sanctioned Ferris wheel of mediocrity, and you can kiss your big dreams good-bye.

Sell or Be Sold


Simple Premise

Whether or not you work in sales, this best Grant Cardone book is for you. Because – surprise, surprise – whether you know it or not, you are in sales. Everybody is. This is a consumer market; you are either selling something or something is being sold to you. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the premise that the undisputed sales expert sets and on which this helpful book is built.

Main Elements

There’s no contradicting that the advice it contains will be of interest and use to anyone who makes a living in marketing, sales, trade, real estate, etc. but funnily enough, this book was actually written with the remaining population in mind. It strives to make the sales process clear to sale noobs: what sales is all about, what the elements of a sell are, and how to become good at it.

Key Skill to Master

Let’s face it, whatever line of business you are in, if no one is buying your product, you’re not in business at all. So, selling is the key skill you need to master, so says Cardone, to achieve anything. Sell or Be Sold isn’t a sleazy Bible on ways to pull the wool over your client’s eyes, however; it sets out a blueprint for you to believe in your product so much, you’ll believe it is unethical to not be selling it.

The Millionaire Booklet


Is This the Life You Want?

Do you have dreams bigger than paying off your mortgage on your “comfortable” two- or three- bedroom home, going on holiday once or twice a year and being able to afford a new car every 4 years? Yes? Do they include infinity pools and an ocean view? Shopping in the gourmet food isle with #noregrets? Is that they life you deserve?

Average Won’t Cut It

Then you must become a millionaire because an average salary isn’t going to cut it; worry not, the chapters in this book will lay out your roadmap to dollar-sign success. For Grant Cardone, “millionaire is the new middle class”, and being part of the coveted 1% starts with a millionaire mindset and goes on to millionaire strategies. You will be able to cultivate both of these things after reading this short but dense booklet.

Simple Rules

It will teach you to start shifting away from middle-class averageness since it’s a selfish life-style choice, become more aware of who and what you need to surround yourself with, develop a keen eye for spotting prospective sources of income, follow the money trail, and then multiply it, and a lot more.

Your New Best Friend

The Millionaire Booklet will be your companion and best friend during the time it takes you to harness the first six zeroes in your bank account. Keep close at all times to populate your wallet with Benjamin Franklins.

If You’re Not First, You’re Last


Fickle Creature

If You’re Not First, You’re Last was published in 2010, in the midst of the world-wide economic recession everyone remembers all too well. The economy is a fickle and unpredictable creature, pulling all of us into feast and famine cycles. If only there were a way to avoid them…

Motivational Mindset

According to Grant Cardone, there is! If You’re Not First, You’re Last is actually a compendium of motivational mindset help and strategies on how to keep your business thriving even in the toughest economic environment. The driving idea and key to success is to be number one, in everything you do, and most of all your business. If you are number one, you don’t have to fear a downturn, because your customers will still flock to you.


The strategies the business mogul, who seems immune to crises himself, recommends include cultivating what he denominates “omnipresence”. You want your product to be so entrenched in people’s minds, you’re the first thing they think about in your niche. Sort of what Kleenex is to handkerchiefs, or iPods to mp3 music players. Cardone lists the steps towards achieving the desired goal in his characteristic high-energy narrative.

Applicable in Every Situation

Even if most of the advice centers on surviving and thriving in adverse circumstances, most of the strategies and suggestions contained in the book are perfectly applicable to booming economies too. If the winds are in your favor, so much the better, but better keep a handy sailing manual around in case they turn: If You’re Not First, You’re Last is the best book by Grant Cardone to keep close to you in such times of need.

Get Pumped

It’s easy to determine who Grant Cardone’s audience is: anyone who is interested in making it big. If bigger and better is what you live by, Grand Cardone is your guru. Just by reading him or listening to his audiobooks you’ll start to get pumped. The man injects energy into everything he does.

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