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Shattered Glass Book Review (2024)

Dani Alexander

Without a doubt, talented author Dani Alexander is quite the enigma. Insofar as the Internet can be interrogated or scavenged through so as to find information about the intimate, private life of Dani Alexander, not much information can be found.


Barring the fact that Dani Alexander was born and raised in the United States of America, that his genre of preference is the romance one focused on the homosexual facet of romantic relationships, and that Dani has struggled with cancer throughout his life which has, in turn, sowed down considerably his speed of novel turnaround, nothing more can be inferred.

Shattered Glass Book


Additionally, Dani Alexander used to be a frequent poster on Twitter, however ever since November of 2018, there haven’t been any updates. As we noted above, Dani Alexander is as enigmatic as they come. With all of that said, we can now take a look at our book review.

Dani Alexander’s sole published novel is the brilliant Shattered Glass book. Without beating around the bush, one can forthrightly say that the novel is a superb one and that, in the genre, it’s written, it is one of the best, certainly.

Shattered Glass Series

It was published in the year of 2012. Officially, it belongs to the Shattered Glass series, which is supposed to have two more books – namely, Not So Innocent and Shatterproof –, but they have not been published, nor has any information on the novels’ progress been announced, at all. We also covered this book in our list of gay romance books.

The Story at Hand

The main character of the story is Austin. Austin seemingly has it all; the keyword in this case is manifestly seemingly. He has a fiancée that he loves and loves him back. He is a detective whose future with the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a surely bright one, and his trust fund is one worthy of many boastings.

Himself, Austin, is a witty, funny, and more often than not a pleasant person to be around. Of course, he can be rancorous and a bit of a cynic, but that never hurt anybody, now did it?


The smile that he strikes around people and the cynicisms he espouses are but a mask for the demons that haunt him without rest. Austin has everyone under the impression that everything is fine and dandy, when in reality it’s not.

Still, the striking phrases and the loveable countenance of his make people around him feel better, so who’s to say he’s in the wrong with being this way? Well, one person, at the very least. This one person bears the power to take just one observant look at Austin and understand all the things that he hides; in short, this person knows that something is off-kilter when it comes to Austin.

How a Life Can Be Changed Irrevocably

It happens to be a fairly usual day, nothing special has happened to arouse any of the fervent interest that Austin might grant that special or out of the ordinary event. Austin is just eating dinner when he, out of the corner of his eye, notices a person in bunny slippers making his way towards his table.

Now, this is the kind of peculiar and weird thing that gets Austin stimulated, for what it’s worth. With due reasonableness and logicality, Austin’s eyes dart towards the wearer of the slippers. This person is one of the most attractive people that Austin has ever laid his eyes on. What’s more is that this person is a guy named Peter.

An Infatuation, an Obsession

Everything from the wonderful hair, to the slippers, to the eyes and face, back to the slippers, to the luscious lips, and once more to the slippers is beautiful on this person. Austin quickly realizes that there are two reasons for his feelings at the present moment: he is either suddenly realized that he is gay or he has been repressing an inclination towards slippers for his entire life.

The bunny slippers, it is. Austin, by way of first-person narration, tells us how this little interaction with Peter caused his life to take a sharp turn. It was the onset of an obsession, a new page turned in his life.


It comes to be that Peter is involved in some manner in the case that Austin is currently working on. This represents a chance for Austin to see where his new obsession will bring him. We see that Peter is more complex than what one would expect. He is very stubborn and he has trouble putting his faith in people.

Throughout his life, Austin has been tasked with making sacrifices for things that he really didn’t have to. We see that he, being a prostitute, can be deceitful, dishonest, but when looked at through the lens of someone that is, like Peter, broken, we come to understand him.

We also come to understand the attraction they have and in spite of the fact that Austin’s life is going to irrevocably change, people close to him will be hurt, the two of them will be hurt, we still want them to make the best of it all.

Our Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, this is one clever, funny, endearing, and absorbing novel. Dani Alexander did a superb job here and our book review of Shattered Glass firmly concedes to this fact.

As of this moment, Dani Alexander has only published one novel, the one that we reviewed just now. The plans for the series’ continuation were planted, but nothing has come to fruition yet. We hope that the series will one day be continued, but more so we hope that Dani Alexander and his undoubted talent are doing well.

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