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The Mortal Instruments Series Review (2024)

Cassandra Clare

If you like stories about vampires, fantasy worlds, a lot of romance, paranormal events, and things like that, then this book series will suit your style perfectly.

The Mortal Instruments is a fantasy fiction series written by author Cassandra Clare and it has 6 thrilling novels inside. If you wish to find out what to expect from the story itself, then check out this review of The Mortal Instruments and see if it meets your desires.

The Mortal Instruments Book Series

City of Bones


Paranormal Club

The story begins in City of Bones, the first book of the series, where you get to meet Clary Fray, the protagonist and main character of all the books in the series.

Clary is fifteen-years-old and she has a thing for paranormal and mysterious things like that and her adventures begin when she finally decides to go to the Paranormal Club in New York City. She expects this event to be pretty exciting, but she didn’t expect the things that actually happened at the club.


She witnessed a cold-blooded murder by three vampire teenagers who were covered with all sorts of weird tattoos and had the most unusual of weapons. As soon as everyone figured out what was happening, the dead body suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Clary doesn’t know what to do because the police won’t be of any help when she realizes that these murderers were actually invisible to everyone else but her since no one knew what she was talking about. This event definitely sets some exciting events and mysteries into motion which we will make sure to tell you a thing or two about in this review.


After the events that happened at the Paranormal Club, Clary’s whole life is about to change when the Shadowhunters are interested in her and they want to find out how she suddenly got this power of seeing the invisible killers when not everyone has a chance to have that ability. On top of that, her mother has been taken by someone, and Clary herself has been attacked by a Demon.


A Shadowhunter named Jace gets involved in all of this as he starts getting to know Clary better. Jace is tasked with finding out more about Clary and also helping her get her mother back and seeing why the Demons have an interest in a normal girl like Clary. The things that are revealed in this first book will definitely be setting up a lot of surprises that are coming in the next books.

City of Ashes


Shadowhunter Herself

The story gets way more exciting in the second book of the series, City of Ashes, as you find out that a lot of things have changed for Clary Fray. She has become a Shadowhunter herself, she has the ability to see things that no normal human can see like werewolves, vampires, fairies, and more.

You also find out that her mother is still in a magically induced coma and Clary only wants things to go back to the ways they were, simple and boring.


You get to meet a few more interesting characters in this book like her friend Simon who is actually becoming more than a friend himself. You find out about a mission that Clary has which is to find an evil and probably insane rogue Shadowhunter called Valentine who actually turns out to be her father.

The twists in City of Ashes are definitely something that will leave you wanting more and luckily, there are 4 more books to go.

City of Glass


Magical Place

The third novel is called City of Glass and this time Clary must focus on a critical situation, saving her mother. She must travel to a magical place called the City of Glass, the ancestral home of the Shadowhunters.

Permission Required

She knows what is at stake, entering the City of Glass without permission is against the law and it is almost certain that whoever does so would be facing death. On top of that, her newly discover Shadowhunter brother Jace doesn’t want her there at all, and Simon has been thrown in prison when the Shadowhunters become very suspicious about him.

Clary has no other choice, it is her mother’s life on the line and nothing is as important to her. She finds a new ally called Shadowhunter Sebastian who will prove useful in what is about to come. To make things worse, Clary’s evil and insane father is another problem that they have to deal with as he summons all of his power to make sure that he destroys all of the Shadowhunters once and for all.


The Shadowhunters find that the only hope they might have to defeat this crazy but super powerful man is to join forces with their enemies, the Downworlders like the vampires and werewolves.

We won’t spoil what is to come in this review of The Mortal Instruments as the following events are definitely something to get excited about and you can see the twists and dangers that are about to present themselves as you keep reading the books.

Battle Ahead

One thing is for sure, and that is that all of the characters definitely have a hard and intense battle waiting for them. Will they manage to form a temporary alliance with the Downworlders and will they somehow manage to save themselves by defeating the evil Shadowhunter Valentine? All of these things will be made clear in the book itself.

Talking about the fifth and sixth book of the series would mean revealing too many major spoilers of how this fourth book ends so you can keep all of the excitement from that by reading about the events that follow for yourself.

Fun and Thrill

Definitely give the books inside The Mortal Instruments series a read if you liked what we had to say about them, they are fun, thrilling, and filled with truly exciting adventures.

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