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The Twilight Saga Series Review (2024)

Stephenie Meyer

The Twilight Saga contains 5 original books that make the fascinating and popular story of a world that author Stephenie Meyer has created.

Romance and Fantasy

The books in the series are filled with passionate romance, a lot of thrilling and intense drama, adventures that involve vampires and all sorts of powerful characters, and much more is to come for those who truly want to read stories about teenage vampires and thrilling fantasy worlds. If you are one of those people, then check out our The Twilight Saga book series review to find out what to expect from the books in it.

The Twilight Saga Book Series



Bella Swan

Twilight is the title of the first novel of the series and it is the novel that introduces you to a few of the main characters and the world that they live in.

The first book introduces you to Bella Swan, a 17-year- old girl who has to leave the sunny and joyful Arizona to go live with her father in the Pacific North-West town of Forks, a place that is small and very uncomfortable for teenagers as she has been told about it.

Bella doesn’t expect at all to like her new home. The topic of the series makes it perfect for the young audience.

New Friends

It’s bad enough that she has to leave her home for so long and go to this rainy small town, but she also has to go through the trouble of making a whole new set of friends. After she starts going to her new school in Forks, she manages to meet a few friends but she becomes super intrigued when she sees a guy named Edward.

She is instantly attracted to his appearance and finds out that he and his family are outsiders like her, although they have been living here for more than two years. Edward still hasn’t been accepted by the people of the town and you get to find out why.


Bella manages to form some sort of friendship with Edward and is hoping that it will slowly become more than that as she has fallen madly in love with him, but there is still something different about him that she hasn’t figured out what yet. After a series of events, she finds out a devastating truth, Edward is a vampire.

She doesn’t know what to think, at first she is afraid but later finds out that Edward has managed to keep away from human blood and only satisfies his needs through animal blood and this new love with a human is proving to be tournament for him.

First Person

She was the first person that he has fallen in love with ever since he was turned into a vampire, and that was during World War I when he was seventeen. He is still seventeen as vampires age quite differently than humans.

New Moon


Madly in Love

The first book manages to introduce the plot very nicely to new readers of the Saga and the second book, New Moon, picks up things from there. Bella’s love for Edward has become even stronger, and vice versa.

They are both madly in love with each other, but although Edward can handle himself, Bella finds out that being with a vampire proves far more dangerous than she thinks as Edward has managed to save her life from one blood-thirsty vampire already, and there are many more to come.


This relationship will prove to threaten everything that they love and is dear to them, but the story that you are about to read shows how far love can take you in this world and that the struggle and difficulties that are coming their way will probably be worth it. It’s up to you to find out if that is the case as we don’t want to give out too many major spoilers in this review of The Twilight Saga.




The story continues in the following book, Eclipse, where Bella is once again in the middle of all the danger when Seattle witnesses a series of brutal killings performed by a deadly vampire. This vampire is on a quest for revenge as you get to find out her initial reasons from the book itself.

Bella finds out once again how dangerous being in love with a vampire can be as their world is nothing like hers, but at least it’s not as boring as she expected it to be.

Difficult Situation

Bella now faces a very difficult situation, choosing between her love for the vampire Edward or her friendship with the werewolf Jacob, knowing very well that her decision might start a fierce battle between vampire and werewolf.

Her choice will decide what happens next in the story. Her social life is also proving hard as graduation is approaching, and that is one of the most stressful times for a teenager.

Breaking Dawn


Interesting Outcome

In Breaking Dawn, you find out what decision Bella makes and what kind of series of events that decision sets in motion. The outcome will definitely prove exciting for the readers as the story only keeps getting more interesting and thrilling. The author sure knows how to write a great build-up to a spectacular event.

Wanting More

We won’t spoil the fun for you as you can keep it all for yourself as you read the book that is approaching the end of the Saga. There is one more book left of the series and the ending will definitely leave you wanting more as this fantasy series surely has some of the best books about vampires you can read.

Great Entertainment

Stephenie Meyer has gotten famous thanks to The Twilight Saga and the amazing and unique characters that the series holds. The story is definitely one of a kind and it has proven many times as the perfect form of entertainment for many young adults.

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