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5 Best Alien Romance Books (2024)

Best Alien Romance Books

Aliens Amongst Us

Aliens are a fascinating topic that strikes a degree of intrigue into any conversation where they are brought up or are being discussed beforehand. Could we possibly be the only intelligent living organisms in the whole cosmos or might it be that we are just too far away for any interactions to be viable?

What if we were visited by extraterrestrials a long time ago, but they left because of our ignorance? What if, on the other hand, we have aliens walking amongst us right now? We wouldn’t know it, but anyone of us could be an alien in disguise or an alien without even knowing it.

Amazing Combination

Of course, science fiction writing isn’t the only medium in which aliens appear. Aliens are present in a variety of genres, but the one we’ll be focusing on is the romance genre and how aliens are incorporated here. As such, bear with us as we take a look at our list of the best alien romance books.

Obsidian by Jennifer Lynn Armentrout


Lux Series

Jennifer Lynn Armentrout is the forty-year-old writer whose works have astonished and perplexed us with their potency. Our personal favorite of Armentrout’s on the topic at hand is the 2011 Obsidian, which is the first in the five-novel series Lux.


The protagonist of Obsidian is Katy. Katy just moved out to a small West Virginia town right before Katy was about to start her final high school year. As such, Katy is more than just a little unhappy with the sudden relocation, seeing as this town is as boring as all hell.

The only interesting thing here is her tall, green-eyed, and handsome neighbor Daemon. Only the looks, it seems, attract Katy as she finds him more than a little overbearing and officious. His sister Dee, however, is a very pleasant person and Katy likes her a lot. However, when Katy finds out that the two are aliens, her world is turned topsy-turvy.

Staying Low

Dee and Daemon are lying low and trying to stay as covert as possible in order to not be caught by their alien nemesis. The two of them have powers that the others want, but Daemon will be damned if he lets anyone hurt Dee.

When Katy and the two begin spending more time together, however, we see that the attraction between Katy and Daemon is a strong, gripping, and palpable one. Katy might have thought that this was a boring little town, but when Daemon touches her, it’s as intense as it gets.

The Host by Stephenie Meyer


The Host Series

Stephenie Meyer comes from Hartford, Connecticut, USA. Meyer’s most famous work is with her Twilight series and rightfully so. However, her 2008 novel The Host is a very underrated book and one that fits our list of the best alien romance book’s description.

Gaining Knowledge

The souls, as the extraterrestrial beings had found it to be the closest translation, have invaded Earth. Before coming here, they had taken care of eight different worlds, whose inhabitants appear to not have put up much of a fight. The souls do not have any intentions to destroy, kill, hurt, or the like, but only to increase and proliferate their knowledge from the host-bodies that they take.

They are so advanced that they can rehabilitate most injuries and have mastered intergalactic travel. Before coming to Earth, the souls had never come by a race quite as emotionally driven or confused as the humans.

Melanie Stryder

Once a soul has attached itself to a human, the eyes of the person have a different, trademark glow. One of the very few humans not to have had a soul attach itself to her yet is Melanie Stryder. When cornered, Melanie decides to kill herself in order to not become a slave. You can also find this book in our selection of science fiction books with female protagonists.


However, the souls healed her wounds so that a soul called the Wanderer linked itself with her. The Wanderer has gone across multitudes of worlds, though it has never found a suitable host to settle with. While Meanie is initially adamant and reticent with her opinion of the aliens, she soon learns the truth about them, and her connection with the Wanderer becomes so powerful that it might actually be love.

The Last Hour of Gann by R. Lee Smith


Captivating Tale

Lee Smith is a very secretive authoress about whom very little info is known. What we do know for certain is that her thousand-page novel The Last Hour of Gann, which was published in 2013, is a captivating science fiction romance tale that we really recommend.

Amber Bierce

One half of The Last Hour of Gann’s two protagonists is none other than Amber Bierce. Amber, in all of her life, has but a very limited number of things left. She has her sibling and tickets to be aboard the very first colonizing ship of planet Earth.

Amber went into deep sleep as she was promised that a much more fortuitous life was awaiting her on the other side of her slumber, though when she did open her eyes, it seems that it was all either a misjudgment or a terrible lie. This eldritch planet where she has found herself is unlike anything she had ever imagined. She, along with the few surviving members, are seemingly saved from this planet’s ferocity by an alien.

Uyane Meoraq

Uyane Meoraq is known amongst his people as the Sword of Sheul, or the hand of the judgment of God. However, when his father passed away, his repute went into disarray as he has no other choice than to tend to the Uyane House.


Now, on his way towards the mythical temple of Xi’Matezh, Uyane walks hoping that he will be given guidance there. However, the being that he comes across on his journey seems to be either a test or a guiding hand for him. The one named Amber tempts him like no other has ever come close. And, when they get closer to each other, there is no passion that can come close.

Ral’s Woman by Laurann Dohner


Zorn Warriors Series

Ral’s Woman by the brilliant South-Californian author Laurann Dohner is without a doubt one of the best novels on this topic. It is the first of the five-novel series named Zorn Warriors and it was published in the year of 2009.


One of the protagonists, Ariel, had not the slightest clue that extraterrestrial life actually existed, let alone that it was ever so close until she was captured by an alien race known as the Anzon. The Anzon deem the human race as a futile, reasonless, and a nugatory aberration, and set Ariel as an award or trophy for the victor of a terrible battle between alien warriors.

One of these men is a Zorn named Ral. Ral has his own story, too. He is not connected or associated with the Anzon and he has found himself in a similar pickle as Ariel has.

Wisdom and Power

Ral and his Zorn men had been kidnapped by the Anzon and utilized as a means to get fuel for their ships. What the Anzon don’t know is that under the muscled and mighty-looking exterior of the Zorn lies a wisdom and a power of mind that they could not be expected.

We learn that the Anzon are abducting people from different worlds so that they can find a suitable mate and proliferate their own race, but it is a ghastly rigmarole of a process to get to that point. Ral is thus forced to fight against other warriors, though when he sees Ariel, his plans are changed immediately.

Kindhearted Alien

Ral knows that if the other warriors acquire Ariel as theirs, she will be abused and torn apart, so he takes it upon himself to save her. He sees that Ariel is quite pretty and Ariel herself, in spite of the bewildering and incredible nature of the situation, soon sees Ral as a kindhearted, genuine being, albeit alien.

With time, the two grow closer and fall in love. However, when the Anzon catch up to their situation, something horrible might be about to happen.

Obsession by Jennifer Lynn Armentrout


Serena Cross

The second entry on our list of the best alien romance books by Jennifer Lynn Armentrout is the 2013 publication of Obsession.

Serena Cross’ mom was killed some time ago after an attempted mugging went awry. The father of Serena is barely in the picture, so that Serena is left alone in this vast, bleak world with her best friend Mel.

Dangerous Information

Serena does find it a soothing thing to know that no matter what happens, Mel will be by her side, but when the scariest thing conceivable does occur, Serena is thrown into a solitary, runaway life. Mel had been a witness to something singularly troubling and was killed soon after telling Serena about it.

In order to find out how much Serena knows, she is the subject of a search. One group, the Lux, intends to find and dispatch of her, while an Arum named Hunter was tasked with locating, learning everything that Serena has insight in, and to keep her safe from the ferocity of the Lux.


Hunter, himself, has many troubles and his demons are visible in his countenance. However, as he and Serena meet, it is but an instant before they are completely crazy for each other. In spite of his better judgment, Hunter eases into a romance with Serena knowing well what could happen.

As the Lux gain on their trail, what Hunter fears most might be getting close to happening, but he and Serena are drunk on their affection and need for each other. When the time comes, Hunter trusts that he will be prepared to do what he has to do, but to what purpose will it all have been?


Our best alien romance books review should leave no doubt about whether or not one should pick books we mentioned on our list!

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