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Dark Lover Book Review (2024)

J. R. Ward

Jessica Rowley Pell Bird Blakemore was born in April of 1969, in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America. Jessica is a very much-loved American author. Jessica frequents two pseudonyms, namely Jessica Bird with which she pens her novels in the romance genre.

While her paranormal romance stories are written utilizing her pen name, J. R. Ward. Jessica has won the RITA Award of the Romance Writers of America on three separate occasions.

Dark Lover Book

Life and Education

Jessica Rowley Pell Bird was born to father W. Gillette Bird Jr. and to mother Maxine F. Bird. Like we noted above, Jessica was brought up in Massachusetts. Jessica’s interest in writing began from a fairly young age, namely since she was a child. Jessica would write the thoughts she had in journals or diaries, but also sometimes wrote her own short stories.

Prior to leaving for College, Jessica wrote her first novel, which belonged to the romance genre. Upon the completion of the novel, Jessica continued to write, but only for her own eyes. Jessica graduated from Smith College, double majoring in history and art history, primarily of the medieval period. She also acquired a law degree from the Albany Law School. Jessica spent a few years working in healthcare administration.


In the year of 2001, Jessica and John Neville Blakemore III married. John was the person that pushed Jessica towards publishing her writings. As such, it was in 2002 that her first book was published. And, the rest is history. With that covered, we can now take a look at one of Jessica’s most intriguing stories, and give our Dark Lover book review.

Black Dagger Brotherhood Series

This book, as one has surely heard or been told, is one of J. R. Ward’s most adored books, to date. It is also a part of a longer vampire series, namely the Black Dagger Brotherhood which features a total of twenty-one books in its composition. Dark Lover book is the first of the series, and it just might be the best. It was published in the year of 2005. Let’s journey together along with Wrath into the Black Dagger Brotherhood’s plane.

Wrath is the main character. Wrath, aptly named, is the very last purebred vampire on the face of the earth. At one point, Wrath was the king and was feared and respected. However, Wrath didn’t quite like bearing the title of king, as he felt he was not worthy of it.

Slaughter the Evil

Wrath’s only aim was to journey with his brethren and slaughter, slay the evils that roam the face of the Earth. If it so happens that he gets killed during all of that, then he would go out guns blazing. On the other hand, it is the case that sometimes the promises and proclamations that we make regarding ourselves hurt when applied to the ones we love.

One of his brethren has met his end at the hands of some evildoer. Wrath learns that the deceased had a part-human child, a daughter, which was closing in on the time of becoming a full vampire.

A Meeting That Flips Their Worlds

To fulfill the dying wish of his brethren, Wrath vows to keep her safe until the time has come, and then he’ll give her to someone else to take care. However, it’s not as easy as that, and upon meeting her, nothing remains the same. If you enjoy vampire stories as much as we do, you must check out our article about the vampire romance books for adults.

Beth Randall, unlike Wrath, worked a normal job and had a somewhat normal job. Beth worked as a journalist for the Caldwell Courier. She wasn’t very happy with her life, as her career hasn’t taken off as she planned. She thinks that it might be high time that she moved away to somewhere where the prospects are better.

Undead Heritage

Things take a turn when that same night, she is paid a visit by the most enormous person she has ever laid eyes upon. While her first thought might be run away, yell for help, and the like, she just can’t pull her eyes off of the mesmerizing hunk of a man in front of her.

While Wrath only wanted to tell her what she needed to learn of the undead heritage she boasts, but when he lays eyes upon her, he can’t bring himself to do it. Wrath had thought that his genuine, emotional side was dead, and for many a year, it surely was, but meeting Beth has surely revived the feelings. With time, we meet each of the members of Wrath’s group, all of which bear interesting names like Tohrment, Rhage, Zsadis, Phury, and Vishous.

Something Wholly Unexpected

However, Wrath has no choice but to reveal to Beth the truth of what he is, what his brothers are, what her father was, and, essentially, what she is. Beth proves to be quite bold and doesn’t allow for this revelation to shake the beliefs that she has. Neither she nor Wrath could have prepared for the ways in which their hearts would quiver and come to yearn for each other.

The book is one of the best of its kind, not shying away from the sheer brutality that being a vampire brings, nor taking itself too seriously. In fact, the moments of levity and humor in the book are so candid and true that one finds himself chuckling.

Honest Thoughts on the Novel’s Scope

It’s not a particularly dark sort of humor, but one founded it in genuineness. J. R. Ward did a wonderful job with this book, and it’s no surprise that it spawned so great a series. It comes to no surprise, too, why we picked, for our book review, Dark Lover. As we mentioned, the series Black Dagger Brotherhood features twenty-one primary works in total. They are sure to have the readers on the edges of their seats.

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