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10 Best Heather Graham Books (2024)

Best Heather Graham Books ReviewBio

Graham is mostly known for her career as an actress, but she has also managed to become quite a famous author as well. She was born in 1970 and didn’t even wait to pass her teenage years before getting a few important roles in various movies. Her first starring role was in 1988, in the teen comedy License to Drive. After that, it was smooth sailing for Heather as she just kept stacking her successes.

Writing Career

Aside from becoming a famous actress who has played in countless movies and series, Heather has also written quite a few books that are appealing to both younger and older audiences. She focuses on various genres, including romance, thriller, fantasy and paranormal, and more. This list includes 10 of the best Graham books out there that are simply hard to resist. Without further ado, let’s now take a look at our Graham book reviews.

Best Heather Graham Books

Krewe of Hunters Series


Special Skills

If you’re someone who enjoys long reads and even longer series, then Graham’s Krewe of Hunters series is the perfect pick to start off this list. We won’t list Graham’s Krewe novels in order as there are more than 30 books inside the series when you include all the books and the short story collections. The story follows many characters, most of which feature special skills that nobody else has.

Adam Harrison, a character you will also read a lot about inside Graham’s Krewe series, is the person responsible for putting the group with a few of those people together. Each of the books has a particular story about these people with special skills to tell.

Unpredictable Paranormal Events

One of the most exciting parts about the series is that you get to read about countless adventures, murder cases, and more in each of Graham’s Crew books. On top of that, there are also so many characters to meet that will even get hard to keep track of everyone. Each new book and each new page hold another unpredictable event that will definitely get your heart racing.

A few examples of these stories and events include elite teams of paranormal investigators solving crimes, gangs of evildoers causing so much mayhem that appears impossible to fix, and much more. Just try to read Graham’s Krewe of Hunters series in order so that you don’t mess up the storyline.

Flynn Brothers Series


Evil Inheritance

The Flynn Brothers series is a trilogy by Heather that also involves some fantasy paranormal activity, as well as a lot of romance. At times, you get the feeling that you’re inside a Scooby-Doo episode with all of the mystery and twists going on. However, there is no doubt that this is one of Heather Graham’s best books ever. Graham’s books in reading order go as follows: Deadly Night, Deadly Harvest, and Deadly Gift.

The story starts as you meet the Flynn brothers. They have just inherited what seems to be a haunted plantation. Most of the story takes place inside this plantation as the mysteries start appearing one after another.

The Haunted Plantation

After inheriting the place, the Flynn brothers weren’t aware of the stories that this establishment was haunted. A tarot card reader by the name of Kendall Montgomery explains everything about the haunting part of the story and throws quite a few unsettling secrets their way.

We try not to spoil all the fun here but know that it won’t take long for these characters to start seeing some bizarre and unusual things in and around the plantation. The author has tried hard to make this her best Graham novel ever, and you can be the judge of whether she succeeded.

Bone Island Trilogy


The Curse of Bone Island

The Bone Island Trilogy features a few fascinating stories that take place on Bone Island. The three original books inside the series are amazing by themselves, but the prequel that was added makes things a lot more clearer and does a perfect job of starting off the series and explaining a thing or two about the location where everything happens.

You can also find the trilogy under the name Graham’s ghost series as well. If you want to read Graham’s novels in order, the books go as follows: Ghost Shadow, Ghost Night, and Ghost Moon.

At first, Bone Island wasn’t anything like the place you will see in the trilogy’s first book. One of the first main characters you will meet in the prequel, Bartholomew Miller, found happiness there until a few of his enemies laid a curse that made the island unbearable to live in and filled with unsettling dangers everywhere.

No Shortage of Murders

Murders have become a regular thing on Bone Island. Even from the first book, you witness more than one murder, and the count just keeps going up. A character named Katie O’Hara is determined to solve the mystery and uncover the truth about the killer.

It’s not just the murders that are bringing fear to the story. There is something much worse and scarier that’s happening on this island. Could it be something paranormal and unimaginable, something you’d never expect? That’s one of the many secrets you can find out as you begin reading one of the best Graham series from this list.

Cafferty & Quinn Series


Crossing Paths

Cafferty & Quinn are the names of the two main characters inside the entire series. As the story opens with the first book, Let the Dead Sleep, you first meet Danni Cafferty. She inherits an old antique shop that’s about to bring something inside her life that will ultimately turn it upside down. That’s just one of the many things that turn these books into a few of the best Heather Graham books ever.

Another character who gets mixed up with all the paranormal and weird that overcomes Danni’s life is Michael Quinn. Michael is a private investigator and also a former cop. Even with the first book, the story doesn’t wait to get to the exciting stuff as a cursed bust manages to start ruining many lives and bringing nothing but death and suffering to those near it.

Developing Relationship

After the first book ends, you get to see plenty more of Danni and Michael in the other books that follow. They become quite the impressive crime-solving duo and get mixed up in way more troublesome events than the story in the first book had to offer.

We’re talking more ghosts, spirits, Satan worshipers, gunfights, murders, re-animating the dead, and much more. The things making this one of the best Heather Graham books are just beginning, and you can’t even predict what is about to happen as you turn each page.

New York Confidential Series


Another FBI Thriller

The author seems to have the FBI stories in the bag as she clearly knows a lot more about what goes on there than us. Graham’s New York Confidential series features five books that will make you fall in love with the story and the stirring characters that make every bit of fun possible. Those novels are some of Graham’s new books from our list as the first one was published in 2016.

The characters we’re talking about here are FBI Agent Craig Frasier and pub owner Keiran Finnegan. The first book of the series, Flawless, introduces you to these characters and does a wonderful job of allowing you to get to know them before the real action hits.

The books are a wonderful and unique mix of romance and thrill. Although the romance part might not be as present as a few other best-selling Graham books, it sure does complement the entire story quite nicely.

Unstoppable Duo

We mentioned that Craig is a Special Agent working for the FBI, but we didn’t say how Finnegan comes into play here as all you currently know about her is that she is a co-owner of a Manhattan pub. A few of the skills that make Finnegan useful on the many crime cases you see here are her forensic psychology skills.

There are many reasons why this one is among the top Heather Graham books out there. You can also find it on the list of Graham’s best-selling books.

Viking Series


Warriors of Passion

The following series is another one of the best Graham series you are ever going to read about, and you’re about to find out why. For starters, this is a historical romance trilogy filled with a lot of romance and unpredictable events, as well as characters. On top of that, if you’re one who loves everything about Vikings, then there isn’t even any reason to keep on going about the contents inside.

Viking Alliances

Much of the excitement these stories will bring has a lot to do with the romance inside the book. You’re going to read about a lot of arranged marriages, many angry characters who wish nothing to do with these marriages, a lot of promises for revenge, and the pure Viking wrath that Heather has managed to capture quite perfectly.

Compelling Characters

A few of the compelling characters who make this one of the best books by Heather Graham include Prince Olag of Norway, a golden Viking warrior who is on a quest to build a mighty kingdom in the Emerald Isle. One of the most breath-taking Viking women you’re going to see also includes Princess Erin, an irresistible woman who has nothing but vengeance on her mind. Plenty more awaits inside this possibly Graham’s best book.

Cameron Saga Series


Tough Love During War

Graham’s Cameron series features six books. Where better to find love than on the battlefield where there is nothing but suffering and tragedy? This is among the main reasons why the books in this series are a few of the most popular Heather Graham books ever and why the story will have you wiping off your tears once you’ve finished reading.

The story opens and takes place during the Civil War. There are many characters to meet inside, most of which have such well-thought-out stories that they will almost appear real. One of the first Camerons you will be introduced to is Jesse Cameron, a Yankee soldier who knew the real meaning of treason. However, the war and sides weren’t his primary concern, as the woman he was born to be with has a deep hatred for him until eventually, something changed.

Plenty More Where That Came From

This is just a brief story to give you an inside look at what you can expect from the rest of the books. Telling you about each of the characters that are going to pop up as the books progress will be revealing too many spoilers.

For that reason, finding out what happens, who does what, who falls in love with who, and much more will be left for you to uncover. There will be more than enough reasons why these Heather Graham’s books ranked as best-selling.

Soap Series


Soap-Opera Star World

There is a good chance that the best Heather Graham book will be inside this trilogy if you are a huge fan of the thriller genre. Her Soap trilogy features a few stories that know how to make you excited about what comes next, as the story is full of unpredictable events. If you’re not new to any of the best Heather Graham books out there, then you already know that this is one of the many things that make her works irresistible.

Quite Different

You’re about to walk into a world where the soap-opera stars live and find out that their world is quite different than the one everyone else lives in. One of the most important things you will discover is that anything can be had for a price. This includes all the fame money can buy, all the success and luxury you desire, and even murdering someone is on the table for the right sum of money.

Soap Opera Murders

One of the best things about this series is that there will be plenty of famous and dramatic characters to meet inside. That’s only part of the reason why the books inside are some of the best Heather Graham novels out there. The other reason is that there will also be no shortage of compelling romance, endangered lives of famous stars, and more suspense than anyone can probably handle in one sitting.

MacKenzies – Florida Civil War Series


Civil War Romance Saga

The next six books coming your way are from Graham’s McKenzie series, a historical family saga with no shortage of romance whatsoever. Taking a look into Graham’s books in order, the first novel from the series, Runaway, was published in 1994 and starts the amazing journey you’re about to go on.

Most of the story takes place in Florida, and each of the six books inside has a different story to tell about a different set of characters. That’s part of the reason why the books inside are a few of the best-rated Graham books currently out there, as there are plenty of memorable characters to meet and unpredictable stories to experience.

Untold Florida Stories

Once you begin the story, you will find that it’s hard to let go after finishing the first book, just like most of Graham’s books. As Runaway ends, the story immediately continues in Captive, the second book of the series. The stories inside Graham’s Florida series are connected through some events, making them even more fun to read.

The Civil War does its part on the characters you meet throughout the stories, but the best part of the series is the romance. You won’t believe the types of events the characters will go through and what they will experience in the name of love. That’s another reason why the books inside this series are some of the best Graham books you will see from our list.

The Finnegan Connection Series


Dangerous Romance

The last series we will discuss on our Heather Graham series list is The Finnegan Connection series. If you are looking for the latest novels by Graham, the books inside are a few of the new Heather Graham books as they were published in 2017 and 2018.

The Finnegan Connection series starts with a book titled Law and Order, focused around Kody Cameron and Nick Connolly. Kody is a girl who has been kidnapped soon after the story opens, and Nick Conolly is an undercover agent who might have just gotten his cover blown. These are two more characters that make this another one of the best Graham books out there.

Shadows in the Night

The second book, Shadows in the Night, brings even more passion thanks to a few more characters. This time, the story revolves around criminologist Harley Frasier and Micah Fox, an FBI special agent who doesn’t think twice before heading out into danger.

Micah happens to be the only person Harley can trust, as she has been suspecting something out of the ordinary and dangerous for quite some time now. You can probably predict what follows next, but there will be so much more than what your mind can imagine.

Out of the Darkness

If you’re up for it, see how this story ends and how the next one starts in the third book of the series, Out of the Darkness. You won’t be disappointed, as these are a few more of Heather Graham’s best-seller books. We further recommend reading the Keepers series by Graham that won’t disappoint you.

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