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20 Best David Baldacci Books (2024)

Best David Baldacci Books ReviewBio

Baldacci was born on the 5th of August, in the year of 1960, in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America. Baldacci is an American author whose works have been featured many times on the prominent bestselling lists.


He was born and brought up in Richmond, Virginia. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University, where he acquired his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and, then, later on, his Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law. For the following nine years, he was a law practitioner in Washington, D. C.

Best David Baldacci Books

Writing Career

The author first started writing and creating stories when he was a kid as his mother had given him a notebook. For more than twenty years, he had written stories and screenplays without having any kind of success.

As he was practicing law in Washington, he started his first real attempt at writing a novel, which came out in 1996 At the moment, the author, along with his family, resides in Fairfax County, Virginia. With that said, let’s now divert our attention and take a look at the best David Baldacci books.

Amos Decker Series


Famous Series

Baldacci’s Amos Decker series is a clear pick for being one of, if not the best David Baldacci book series ever written.

The series is also comprised of some of the best-selling David Baldacci books and most popular David Baldacci books, too. Now, let’s take a look at these books by David Baldacci in chronological order:

  1. Memory Man
  2. The Last Mile
  3. The Fix
  4. The Fallen
  5. Redemption
  6. Walk the Wire

Future Down the Drain

Now, with these David Baldacci novels in order, we can take a look at what the series is all about. The first book is Memory Man. The very first time that Amos Decker’s life completely change was on the gridiron. Being a large, menacing athlete, he was the only Burlington resident that would ever seemingly become a professional player.

However, during the first match, his and another player’s helmets collided violently. Amos was left with a truly daunting side effect, namely that he could never forget anything. The series is also sometimes called Baldacci’s Memory Man series, too.

Can’t Take It Anymore

That was a long time ago, though. The second time that his life was completely changed was twenty years into the future when, now detective, Amos was coming back home from a certain stakeout, only to find that his young daughter, his wife, and his brother in law had all been savagely murdered.

Now, he has lost his family, the perpetrator is still on the street for a lack of clues, and he can’t forget the smallest detail about that terrible evening. Amos resigned from the police, merely making piecemeal by being a private eye.


A year later, however, a man comes to the police station and confesses that he committed the very murders that caused Amos to lose his family. That’s not all as another unnerving event occurs and Decker is called to help out. Wrestling with the fact that he no longer has a family and with the fact that he now knows who the killer is, it is not an easy thing.

Saved By the Bell

In the second book among Baldacci’s Amos Decker novels, we have The Last Mile. The Last Mile sees a convicted killer named Melvin Mars who is slowly counting the last couple of hours before his execution. He had murdered his parents two decades ago. However, oddly enough, he is granted some kind of a chance when a different man comes out and confesses to have been the actual killer of the family.

Two Men Alike

As far as Amos Decker is concerned, he’s now on the FBI special task force. He is intrigued by the Melvin case because the two of them are rather similar. Both had talent in football, but travesty took it away from them. Both men had their families killed savagely.

And, just like what happened in the previous novel, someone else came out to confess for the murders, someone who they can’t be sure is actually telling the truth or just pulling the wool over their eyes.

After So Long

For Melvin Mars, the confession of the person holds the power to give him back the liberty that he hadn’t had for quite some time. Why is it that after all this time, somebody’s saving him?

More accurately, why is anyone, at all, saving him? Then, a man from Decker’s team vanishes and it becomes apparent that something far larger than what meets the eye is happening there. One of David Baldacci’s best books, doubtlessly.

An Execution

Following along with Baldacci’s Memory Man series in order, we come to The Fix. The Fix also counts as being one of the new books by David Baldacci, as it was published in the year of 2017.

The Fix begins with Amos Decker witnesses a murder right outside the headquarters of the FBI. A woman is executed on a bustling, crowded sidewalk, by a man, who, then, after having killed the lady, shoots and kills himself right there on the spot. Even though no detail can elude Amos, he still can’t put the pieces together on this one.

Step Off

As the investigation begins, Decker and the team aren’t able to find any kind of link between the executioner and the executed. The man was a fairly successful business consultor, while the lady was a schoolteacher.

There is no motive that they can think of. Then, a DIA agent, Harper Brown, orders Decker and his team to step off the case because the DIA is examining the situation on their own and other agencies aren’t given clearance.

Much Bigger Case

Soon enough, however, it is discovered that the DIA thinks the murder and, more importantly, solving the murder is a make or break endeavor for national security.

Whether a hostile government or an international terrorist group attack, they can’t say, but it’s obvious that something very, very big is afoot here. Decker, on the other hand, isn’t interested in sitting on the sidelines, so he concentrates on what in front of him – blowing the case right open.

Caught His Eye

In the fourth novel, namely The Fallen, we see as Amos Decker and Alex Jamison, a journalist friend of Amos’, are going to visit Alex’s sister. The lady in question resides in Baronville, which is a small town in Pennsylvania, to which the economic climate has not been kind.

As they get there, Decker is sitting at the rear deck of the house, speaking with Alex’s niece, when he sees lights flickering in the distance, coming from the house right opposite this one.

Nowhere Is Safe

As Decker goes to see what is up about the quite strange occurrence, he finds two corpses, but it’s anyone’s guess how either of them died. This, however, is only the beginning, as Barronville’s story has more to tell than what meets the eye. Decker and Jamison, then, are forced to uncover the very dirty secrets that the small town has, but at what price? Among the best David Baldacci novels ever.

Will Robie Series


No One Like Him

Baldacci’s Will Robie series is among the best David Baldacci series ever put out. It consists of a total of five novels, all of which receive our seal of recommendation. The series also has two tie-in novels between the primary novels, for what it’s worth.

Additionally, the series is called either Baldacci’s Innocent series or Baldacci’s The Hit series, too. Now, let’s take a look at Baldacci’s Will Robie series in chronological order:

  1. The Innocent
  2. The Hit
  3. The Target
  4. The Guilty
  5. End Game

Killer Without Mercy

Now, with Baldacci’s Will Robie novels in order, let’s see what is happening here. Book number one is titled The Innocent. It is no secret that America has many, many enemies.

These enemies can sometimes be apprehended and stopped by the police, the intelligence agencies, or the military, but some of them can’t. Will Robie is a merciless assassin who never puts a question mark on the orders he receives and he never misses. However, he might have missed the mark on this one.

First Time

Will was given a target in Washington, D. C., which is quite odd for a target, seeing as it’s quite close to his home. Even the mission doesn’t seem normal to him, so he does something he’d never thought he would do – he refuses to do the hit.

This is what makes Will Robie a target and a very wanted target for that matter. He is forced into hiding from the very people that he had been working with for quite a length of time.

Connected by Fate

Will Robie escapes, crossing paths with a fourteen-year-old that, herself, is running away from her foster home. The girl in question, however, has been touched by tragedy. She is in and out of foster homes because her parents had been killed and now her very own life is imperiled.

Robie, never a softie, decides to save her. What’s even more bizarre is that from what the girl has been telling him, he is certain that some kind of a coverup is happening. Baldacci’s Will Robie novels are some of the top David Baldacci books.

Taking Out the Competition

In title number two, we see the master assassin Robie called by the government of the United States of America to take care of a terrible enemy of state, someone who, if left unchecked, could destroy many, many innocent lives.

There’s no assassin in the world that is even to the skills Robie has, except maybe for a certain Jessica Reel. Jessica Reel is also an assassin, quite dangerous and professional and just as lethal as Robie. This time, however, she’s not on his side.

Something Is Not Right

Jessica Reel is now a renegade, having chosen to stand against the very people that have been her colleagues. As such, Will Robie, her only match, is called in to bring her in, either dead or alive.

However, as Robie starts going after Jessica, he notices that it is not as straightforward as he was told. The betrayal has more nuance, but does he go against the code he adheres to? Is he going to jump ship?

Decision to Be Made

Book three among Baldacci’s Will Robie books is titled The Target. The President of the United States is aware of the truly daunting and uncertain order he has to give.

If he does, then there is a chance he can thwart a sinister force forever, but, if they fail, he is going to be impeached as soon as tomorrow, with the many, many threats to his nation only proliferating. That’s why the task is given to no one but Will Robie and Jessica Reel.

Need Them Gone

When working together, Reel and Robie are two unmatched hitmen. However, they aren’t trusted by someone with a lot of power, namely doubting whether they are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. These powerful men want the two of them to succeed in what they have been tasked with, but not to survive. The Reel and Robie novels by Baldacci are some of the most enjoyable, too.

Assassinating the Assassins

As the preparations for the assignment begin, Jessica is forced to face a crisis of her own. This crisis could bring old faces, all of which are unfriendly, to Jessica and thus to Robie.

While this is going on, the two of them are being targeted by a brand-new, fearsome nemesis. They don’t know who the obscure lady is, but she has been preparing all her life to take lives so that she is not going to stop counting names off of her list. Two of these names are Robie’s and Reel’s.

Far Away From Home

The Guilty is the fourth novel in this David Baldacci series and we really love it. Will Robbie got away from his hometown Cantrell, located in Mississippi, right after high school. He cut all ties, never looked back, but now that his dad, Dan Robie, has been put into jail, he knows he has to go back.

What’s worse the charges against his dad have to do with murder. The two of them haven’t talked ever since Robie high-tailed it out of Cantrell.

Daddy Doesn’t Need Your Help

In the time between their interactions, Dan has become the town judge, but, despite this, he is still liable to face the consequences of the law. Making things worse, Dan also refuses to defend his own case, leaving Robie very furious.

Unwilling to sit idly by, Dan and Jessica Reel begin their own analysis of the situation, which will bring back many memories for Dan, some fond, some not so much, but what’s certain is that the game is not a small one, but it involves some very high stakes for all parties. Perhaps, the best David Baldacci book.

Camel Club Series


Enigmatic Group

Baldacci’s Camel Club series is home to some of the best-selling books by David Baldacci that we just absolutely adore. There are only five novels in the whole series, but they are all equally fantastic and we recommend every single one. Now, let’s take a look at the order of David Baldacci books:

  1. The Camel Club
  2. The Collectors
  3. Stone Cold
  4. Divine Justice
  5. Hell’s Corner

Eccentric Doesn’t Cut It

Having put these David Baldacci books in chronological order, we can now dive in and see what is happening in this very intriguing series. The Club is led by a man, wholly ominous and obscure, named Oliver Stone.

The Club operates on the periphery, with four members being all that the club needs. The four of them examine conspiracy theories, events that are happening right now, and all the actions taken by the government so that they can find out what it is that’s being hidden from the people.

All Too Real

Very rarely are their troubles rewarded in any meaningful way, that is, until they bear witness to a terrible murder, thus pulling themselves into a quite vast and quite unnerving conspiracy.

A Secret Service Agent is their only friend and if they can’t make it out alongside him, then it’s not only their club that’s going to be completely devastated. Time is running out and they have to make a terrible, terrible choice.

Behind Closed Doors

Book number two among Baldacci’s Camel Club novels is titled The Collectors. The Collectors follows the Camel Club once more.

What the Camel Club is now interested in is what exactly is going on when the leaders of America are in their most private setting. These four very, very intriguing, enigmatic individuals all have a past that is more than worth writing a book about, alone, but together they are even more formidable.


The United States’ Speaker of the House has been assassinated and that has genuinely shocked the whole nation. The Camel Club, however, has found that there is a singular, yet fearful link with a death prior.

The Director of the Library of Congress, namely the rare books’ room, had been murdered, with his body in a locked vault, where nothing could have gotten into. This book is a great contender for being David Baldacci’s best book, too.


Oliver Stone is always thinking forward and is always a step ahead of the opposition. Stone resides in a cottage reserved for caretakers in Mt. Zion Cemetery, where, by taking a look at his very own experience and the potent sleuth skills he has, finds out that the United States is being sold to the highest bidder for a single secret at a time.

Annabelle Conroy, possibly the most accomplished con artist of her time, joins the Camel Club and they’re going to need all the help that they can possibly get. The series is sometimes referred to as Baldacci’s Oliver Stone series, too.

Too Many Foes

The Camel Club series by Baldacci continues with title three, namely Stone Cold. Oliver Stone, the Camel Club’s enigmatic leader, is a man that many respect, but also that many, many are in fear of.

The Camel Club has succeeded in getting a number of allies for their efforts with keeping a watch over the leaders of Washington, D. C., but also quite a lot of enemies, all of which would prefer to have the group defunct and out of order.

No Other Recourse

The brilliant con artist named Annabelle Conroy is also a member of the Camel Club. She’s swindled more than forty-million bucks from Jerry Bagger, a casino king that also killed her mom. However, Jerry now has only one thing on his mind – find and kill Annabelle.

Having no other recourse, Annabelle turns to the Camel Club, who swear to protect her, but even they have an adversary, who is far more fearsome than any casino king. It’s no surprise to find out that the books in this series are some of David Baldacci’s most popular books, too.

Who Is Killing Them Off?

It has become apparent that, like flies, people from Oliver’s past are dying. Who could be behind these senseless murders except for Harry Finn? To anyone that has known Harry Finn, he is a great dad and a kind husband, but he’s also a cruel, relentless murderer, who’s current target is none other than Oliver Stone, himself.

Fighting for their lives has never been easy, but this time, it’s as if it’s ten times as hard. Secrets will finally see the light of day, while some bodies will never again see light. Doubtlessly, these are some of the best David Baldacci books out of the entire list of books by David Baldacci.

Sean King & Michelle Maxwell Series


Kindred Spirits

Baldacci’s King and Maxwell series, as it is sometimes called, is one of our top picks for David Baldacci’s best series. It is among the most complete and cohesive series by the author, too. David Baldacci’s novels in order of publication concerning this series go as follows:

  1. Split Second
  2. Hour Game
  3. Simple Genius
  4. First Family
  5. The Sixth Man
  6. King and Maxwell

Costly Mistake

Going off of David Baldacci’s books in order by series, we start with the first novel, Split Second. Michelle Maxwell has just successfully, though it was scarcely her intention to do so, managed to ruin her rising career with the Secret Service. Going against her own instincts, a presidential candidate was not in her sight for merely a few moments, which was just enough for the man to disappear without a single trace.

It Has Happened Before

Sean King, on the other hand, is no stranger to what the young agent is experiencing. Just about eight years in the past, Sean King was in the same spot after having lost concentration for a brief split-second, which led a presidential candidate to be shot and killed right in front of him.

The two, it seems, are kindred souls as far as that is concerned. As deathly events begin happening, secrets beg to be let out into the light, Sean and Maxwell have no choice but to work together. One of the best David Baldacci books, right here.

In the Woods

The second novel of Baldacci’s Sean King series, as it’s sometimes referred to, begins with a lady that has been found killed in the woods. The case seems to be rather straightforward in the beginning, but before long it’s become a rigmarole.

Someone is imitating or copycatting the murderous styles that a few of the most notorious killers of all time had. Who could be the culprit and who could be next on the list, they don’t know, but they have to find out as soon as possible.

All Too Confusing

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell, following the events from the last novel, have been given the task to defend the innocence of a man and a supposed burglary that he perpetrated at an aristocratic family’s home.

A couple of secrets later and the hunt for the real perpetrator is all that the FBI and the Secret Service are interested in. King and Maxwell are embroiled in a deadly game, out of which, if they aren’t careful, they may not escape with their lives. Out of all David Baldacci’s books ranked, this might be our favorite.

Across the River

Title number three on Baldacci’s Split Second series is Simple Genius. Simple Genius begins with a single three-hour drive beginning in Washington, D. C. Two institutions are facing one another across a river that is quite guarded. There is a rather bizarre laboratory, whose funding and whose goals are as obscure as the night. On the other hand, we have a CIA training camp, just as kept secret as the former.

Gripped by Depression

Sean King and Michelle Maxwell have been subjected to some very terrible things happening all around them. Michelle, for one, is unconscious in a hospital bed, following a brush with her suicidal tendencies, while King has no choice but to accept an investigation of a scientist who was found just inside the razor-wire fence of the CIA, located in the proximity of Williamsburg, Virginia.

Taking His Mind Off

Before long, Sean King is entranced by what he is uncovering. Disinformation stemming from some of the most prominent world physicists, scientists, mathematics, heroes, spies, and even field agents, is in abundance.

Then, he has to make sure that an autistic girl’s genius isn’t eliminated by some deadly force, all while thinking about Michelle in the hospital. The whirlwind that is coursing isn’t doing him any favors, but will it ever let up? One of the best David Baldacci books out of the whole list of David Baldacci books.

The First Child

Among David Baldacci’s best-selling books, we also have the novel titled First Family. First Family sees Sean King and Maxwell, who are no longer agents of the Secret Service, but now work as private detectives, on their own.

The two of them don’t have any interest in getting involved with an abduction that took place at a birthday party for kids at Camp David, which is the retreat of the president, but who else can get the kidnapped child safe and sound home?

Doing What Needs to Be Done

Years ago, Sean had successfully rescued the First Lady’s spouse, though he was only a senator at the time, from catastrophe. Now, years later, the First Lady is pushing both King and Maxwell to take the search for her abducted child because nobody can get the job done quite as well as the two of them can.

Michelle, still not having conquered her demons and spirits, and King, reeling from the things that have happened, accept the case. Out of all David Baldacci’s books, this one ranks among the best novels of David Baldacci and we really can’t recommend the entire series enough to absolutely everyone!

John Puller Series


Renowned Man

Baldacci’s John Puller series is not just another series to tack on among our David Baldacci book reviews. It is a series of books that we candidly and honestly can’t get enough of. There is a total of four books here, so that Baldacci’s John Puller novels in order go like this:

  1. Zero Day
  2. The Forgotten
  3. The Escape
  4. No Man’s Land

Seen It All

With that out of the way, we can now see what David Baldacci’s John Puller novels are all about. The first novel in the series is titled Zero Day. John Puller is a war veteran and, more importantly, a war hero.

He is currently employed and known widely as being the number one investigator in the whole CID of the United States of America’s Army. As such, he is no stranger to some gruesome and disconcerting cases, which, if it weren’t for him, would probably go without a resolution, at all.

Snuffing Out the Darkness

The current case that he has to deal with has to do with a militarily connected family that was savagely and mercilessly killed in a secluded part of West Virginia. John is summoned to do the honors, but he understands that this is no simple case.

Soon enough, the body count begins piling up, so that John Puller has to work with detective Samantha Cole. There is a mysterious darkness that they need to snuff out, but with so many implications, is it even worth the effort?

Orders from Higher Up

Book number two in Baldacci’s Zero Day series, which is sometimes what the series is called, is titled The Forgotten. There are not many people that can even up to the resume of John Puller, an Army Special Agent, but even less so that can exceed it. The United States Army is dependent on John Puller for the many investigations that puzzle many keen minds, investigations that could have a devastating effect if not for Puller.

Too Close To Home

The current case that he has to deal with hits a little too close to home as his own aunt has been discovered dead in Paradise, Florida. Paradise is where retirees and tourists come to enjoy the brilliant weather and great beaches.

Puller, however, isn’t there for that reason. His aunt’s death is ruled a tragic accident. It would be left at that had she not mailed a letter to John’s dad telling him that Paradise is not as dainty as it may seem. It only takes a little effort to find out that the death could not have been an accident and just like that, Puller is pulled into a great conspiracy. Among the best David Baldacci books ever.

Inescapable Fortress

Going forward with Baldacci’s John Puller novels, we have to come across The Escape. The prison in question is quite different and distinct from any other in the world. There are rules everywhere, but the rules here are based on military discipline. The security systems cannot be matched in any way. Everyone knows that escape is impossible, so no one even bothers trying the many guards. That is, until now.

Great Feat

Robert Puller, the elder brother of John Puller, was put into prison after charges of treason and national security crimes were ruled against him. However, Robert managed to escape from the impregnable prison, thus making him the most wanted man in the history of the nation. The government thinks that the only person that can catch Robert is his younger brother, so he is given the task of doing just that.

Brother, Where Art Thou?

Before long, John has discovered that he isn’t the only one out looking for his brother, but many others. They don’t see Robert as a worthy man, but only as a treacherous fiend, so they don’t care if he dies. John thus has to work with a different agent, who seems to have an ulterior motive, which may make the partnership a bit hard to get into.

Before It Escalates

As they investigate the proceedings of the case deeper and deeper, John understands that not only are the loyalties of his new partners completely obscure, but that the case of his brother is not as straightforward as presented to him.

As the whole nation is up in arms trying to find Robert Puller, it is up to John Puller not just to locate his brother but keep him safe until the truth can finally see the light of day. Among the best novels by David Baldacci.

The Night It Began

The next novel on David Baldacci books list is, of course, No Man’s Land, the final of this series. Jackie Puller, John’s mom, disappeared three decades prior from Fort Monroe, Virginia. At the time, John was just a kid.

Paul Rogers has been imprisoned for the past decade. Two decades before his imprisonment, Paul Rogers had been in Fort Monroe, Virginia. As such, thirty years ago, the lives of Rogers and Puller had their first brush with each other.

Solving the Mystery

Now, the second is to start. Investigators from the military, along with a letter they had gotten from one of Jackie’s friends, come to the hospital room of Puller Senior, where they reveal to him that he is accused of having killed Jackie. Puller Senior is also slowly giving in to dementia, so it’s up to John Puller, his brother Robert Puller, and Veronica Knox, to finally discover what happened three decades ago, on that fateful day.

Meeting His Maker

Paul Rogers, on his own, doesn’t have much time. As the clock is slowly ticking, he starts with his very own journey. This journey takes him to the place where it all started, a Fort Monroe building, wherefrom, for more reasons than one, Paul Rogers didn’t walk out as the same person that walked in. It is rightfully regarded as one of the best David Baldacci books.

Absolute Power


Unchecked Might

Among David Baldacci’s stand-alone books, we have, for instance, the novel titled Absolute Power. Absolute Power is a book that was published in the year of 1995, spanning about five-hundred-and-fifty or so pages.

At the Wrong Place

Absolute Power begins with a burglar, the variety that naps cats, who gets ensnared inside a closet in one of the world’s wealthiest people’s houses. While hiding, the man bears witness, by means of a one-way mirror, as two Secret Service agents enter the home and murder the young wife while she attempts to fend off the continuous groping and advances of the country’s chief executive.

Having no other recourse, he runs away, keeping only a letter opener with blood around it, the only thing that incriminates the president.

Most Wanted Man

He is a target for a large manhunt led by the country’s leading men soon after. Jack Graham, on the other hand, an ex-public defender and a current corporate attorney, is pulled into this case when the very same burglar is revealed to be Graham’s ex-fiancée’s father. Then we learn that Graham’s ex-fiancée is also a prosecutor, who only wants to keep her father safe.

Ignorant Man

With a story like this, where one single man is at the center of so big a manhunt, we can’t call this book anything less than one of the best books by David Baldacci. Exploring amoral aspirations, love-hate relationships, conflicts between various characters, and even romances that were thought to be dead and buried, slowly creeping into the brilliance that is life.

While this is all going on, the amoral and indifferent president hangs in the background, caring only for his image, less so for the travesties that he has committed.

Atlee Pine Series


Racked by a Rhyme

Baldacci’s Atlee Pine series is a great instance of an author’s prowess and abilities stretching between so many different series and across so wide a palette. The Atlee Pine series is comprised of three books and this David Baldacci series in order goes like this:

  1. Long Road to Mercy
  2. A Minute to Midnight
  3. Daylight

Which One Will I Take?

The Atlee Pine series is also comprised of some of the David Baldacci recent books. The first on our list here is Long Road to Mercy. Long Road to Mercy begins with a certain memory that Atlee Pine can’t let go of.

It is the memory wherein a kidnapper picked between her, a six-year-old, and her twin sister, named Mercy. The rhyme was the common eeny, meeny, miney, mo, which ended up having Atlee Pine left alone, while Mercy was kidnapped.

Ravaged Mule

Since that tragic and life-changing night, Mercy was never to be seen again. Thirty years later, Atlee Pine is employed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. She is the sole agent given the assignment to Shattered Rock, which is an Arizona resident agency, whose duties are to keep the Grand Canyon sure and protected.

Then, when it just so happens that a Grand Canyon mule is discovered to have been stabbed repeatedly until death, with the person supposed to have been riding it, vanished into thin air, Atlee Pine is summoned.

Getting Far Too Close

As Atlee Pine begins the investigation, she soon makes the find that the hapless tourist wasn’t intent on just a normal walk around to see the sights, but something much different. When Atlee gets the majority of the case figured out, she’s inexplicably called off. If she goes on in search of the missing man, she’ll be putting her job at risk, but how can she let a case like this just go?

Shaw Series


Nothing Is Impossible

The A. Shaw series by David Baldacci is among those Baldacci series that we can’t wait to get our hands on for yet another reread. The A. Shaw series is comprised of just two novels, published in 2008 and 2010, respectively. These David Baldacci books in order go as follows:

  1. The Whole Truth
  2. Deliver Us from Evil

What Do I Need?

The first of these books by David Baldacci is The Whole Truth. The Whole Truth begins with a character informing someone named Matt that he, for some reason, is in need of a war, of all things. The Matt in question is Mathew Pender, namely of Pender Associates. Pender Associates is a shady organization whose skills lie in making certain implausible situations that clients might have a reality.

Unstoppable Desires

From time to time, these services are liable to reach towards creating, taking charge of, or ending, certain armed conflicts. As Matt Pender is asked by his client, who is also the single largest defense contractor in the whole wide, to get two nations to enter armed contract, Pender is already aware of the series of events that need to unfold on the road towards getting World War III a genuine possibility.

With twists and turns in abundance, with characters that bleed into the pages, and a story that you just can’t put down, this is one of the best David Baldacci books ever.

To Stop a Fiend

In the second novel, we follow a man named Evan Waller. Evan is, to put it lightly, a beast. His money has all come from his undying volition to buy or sell anything or anyone to anyone. The latest business endeavor that he has come by would lead to the death of millions of people around the world.

Unluckily for him, on his trail is a man named Shaw, working for The Whole Truth, who is given the task of stopping Evan from making the newest deal. Provenance is where his chance may or may not come to fruition, but he has a job to do.

Last Man Standing


Survivor’s Guilt

The next entry on the list of David Baldacci’s novels, we have one of the best-rated David Baldacci books titled Last Man Standing. Last Man Standing is a novel that was published in the year of 2011, boasting a page count going north of six hundred pages, all in all.

Getting in Position

The FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team and Web London are dispatched to catch by surprise a certain drug dealer’s lair. While the group moves forward, in a dark alley, they see a young boy. When the young boy sees them, in turn, he just says Damn to hell, before he laughs at them.

Web London is quite perturbed by the child and, though he moves on with the team, he is still trying to get his pulse back to an acceptable normal. Soon enough, the team is almost in the position for the green signal.

Watching Them Fall

The Tactical Operations Center, by radio, gives them the green light so that they can finally enter through the front door, but this is when Web London stops, frozen. He isn’t frozen by any fear or nerves, seeing as he is a veteran in this kind of business.

All the same, he can’t move a muscle in any which direction. He falls down to his gun, the most he can muster up, only to see the whole team gunned down, one by one, leaving him as the sole survivor.

Distrusting Affliction

Survivor’s guilt is especially common with Hostage Rescue Teams. The FBI agents he works with begins not trusting him, with even accusations being thrown his ways from kids that lost their dad that day or mothers that lost their husbands. The media is enjoying the proceedings, all while Web is reeling from the events. This is a moving, hard story to read, but very gratifying.

The Winner



Following along with the books written by David Baldacci, we irrevocably have to arrive at one of his absolute greatest works ever, The Winner. The Winner is a novel that was published in the year of 1997, spanning five hundred pages plus change.

Once in a Lifetime

The Winner begins with a certain girl named LuAnn Tyler. LuAnn Tyler is a girl in her twenties, who is remarkably beautiful and attractive, though her bank account is less than pleased about how things are going. LuAnn Tyler hopes that she can make a better life for both her and her infant daughter, which is when she gets a once in a lifetime blessing – she wins the one-hundred-million-dollar jackpot.

Not That Simple

As with all things, though, there’s a catch, namely that she has to forget about her past life, completely change her identity, and depart from the United States, never to return.

This kind of an offer is something that not many people get; frankly, the probability for this kind of opportunity is probably astronomical, which is why she can’t say no. However, when her hand is forced, thus shoving her into a horrible, high-risk game, she knows something is up.

Breaking the Promise

She gets the money, she leaves the United States, but then, after all of this is done, she decides to break the promise she made. She knows that if and when she returns, there will be someone waiting for her – the same person that gave her this new life, but she doesn’t mind, it seems.

Out of all the novels by David Baldacci, the one right here might just be our favorite. It’s got everything that you can ask of it and then some. We really can’t recommend it just enough.

Total Control


Limitless Power

Total Control is yet another of the most brilliant, most fantastic works that Baldacci has ever put out. It ranks easily among the top few best David Baldacci books. Total Control was first published in the year of 1997, spanning a pretty lengthy seven hundred or so pages, in total.

Having It All

There aren’t many things that Sidney Archer could ask of the world. She has a spouse that she adores, a job that she is terrific at, and one sweet, young daughter. However, when a plane falls into the countryside in Virginia, all of that changes drastically. Before she can make any headway, Sidney is aware that she isn’t to put her trust in anyone.

She Can Handle Herself

Jason Archer, on the other hand, is a man on his way up with Triton Global, which is the world’s premier tech company. Jason is resolute about wanting his family to have everything they could ever want, but, surreptitiously, he is playing a very risky game.

Jason is going to vanish, with his spouse being the only one capable of differentiating between the truth and the various lies. As the plane crash investigation team and an experienced FBI agent try to figure out what just happened, Sidney is on her own.

So Much at Stake

All the way from Washington to Seattle, from Maine to New Orleans, everyone is trying to find where Jason Archer is. The search, itself, is as complex as the deadly game he was playing.

With artificial intelligence, millions of dollars, and the very Internet in stake, there is nothing that certain men will stop at on their mission to get him back in their possession. The book at hand is a fascinating, mind-racing thriller, that we just adore reading. Among the best books of David Baldacci.

The Simple Truth


Can’t Dumb It Down

The Simple Truth is one of those Baldacci tales that we can’t believe more people haven’t read it. It is such a fine, fulfilling, and complete tale, that it is head-scratching why it isn’t more recognized. Nonetheless, the book was published in the year of 1998, spanning five hundred or so pages.

Proving His Innocence

Rufus Harms is an ex-soldier, who was conscripted. He is currently in jail serving a life sentence which he received for the murder of a schoolgirl during the 1970s. Twenty-five years have passed since that terrible day and since that terrible trial period, when he gets a letter that unequivocally, unambiguously provides proof that he is, by all accounts, an innocent man.

One Last Chance

Rufus Harms, even though he has spent a quarter of a century in prison, and without freedom, is still hopeful that now, after so long, his case can be overturned and that he can walk out a free man, once more. He gets in touch with his lawyer, hoping that he would get aid to file an appeal to the United States’ Supreme Court

Behind the Bars

Michael Fiske, however, who stands with the many clerks in the ultimate court of law that the United States has known, upon seeing the appeal and the case, makes a decision to take it, and meet up with Rufus Harms, himself, in jail to talk about the case at hand.

While he spoke with Rufus, the letter that he had was taken by those very same men that intended to have Rufus Harms behind bars for the rest of his natural life. Before long, Fiske is assassinated while going back to Washington. It is up to John Fiske, Michael’s brother, to solve the case of his brother’s murder and possibly help Harms get out.

Vega Jane Series


Curious Girl

Baldacci’s Vega Jane series is the last series we’ll be taking a look at today, but by no means is it the least. The Vega Jane series is comprised of four titles, all in all. These David Baldacci best books in order go as follows:

  1. The Finisher
  2. The Keeper
  3. The Width of the World
  4. The Stars Below

What Lies Beyond

Having put Baldacci’s Vega Jane books in order, let’s see what they’re all about. We begin in Wormwood, which is a place small town where curiosity is not looked at with a kind eye. Accordingly, there are very few people that have left the small town.

So when Vega Jane, a curious girl, finds a map suggestive of a wholly bizarre world located just behind the walls, she knows that she won’t stop until she can get into this world with limitless possibilities and with beings that she can’t even fathom. But, it’s not all that easy.

Not Allowed to Leave

Vega Jane, for the length of her life, has continually been told that all that there is beyond Wormwood is the Quag, namely a wilderness where perils and deadly possibilities prowl only. And, because that is how indoctrination works, she was sure of this being the case for quite some time.

But, of course, things are liable to change when faced with abnormal events. If Vega Jane and friend Delph have any intention of getting away from Wormwood, they’ll have to pass the Quag, but it’s a terrible feat.

By Any Means Necessary

The Quag is much worse than anything the human mind can think of; it is an animate prison created for the sole purpose of keeping the Wormwood inhabitants inside and the many adversaries on the outside. The Quag is prepared to do anything to thwart Vega Jane, be it breaking her, be it killing her, all just so she doesn’t make it out.

True Blue


Losing It All

Putting the best David Baldacci books ranked is a tough thing to do, but we have True Blue to make things a lot easier – its spot among the top couple of novels is as secure as any. True Blue was published in the year of 2009, spanning four hundred and fifty or so pages. We cannot recommend Baldacci’s True Blue series enough.

No Place for a Cop

Mason Perry, nicknamed Macy, was working as a police officer on the Washington D. C. police force, right until she got abducted and subsequently framed for a certain crime. As such, she lost everything dear to her. From her badge, from her gun, all the way to the career she had been making, all the way to the freedom that was so dear to her. As suddenly as a lightning strike, Mace spent two years in prison, but now she’s out.

Terrible Desire

Once again on the street, Mason Perry is determined to get back on the police force again. She has a single chance to do such a thing, and that is by solving a particularly big case, all by her lonesome, thereby proving, without a shadow of a doubt, that she deserves to be among the best cops in the whole state.

The Police Chief’s sister is working together with her, helping Mace out, but she still needs to be careful. A certain United States attorney, also, has his sights set on getting Perry back into custody.

Pleasant Meeting

Then, once more like a lightning strike, Roy Kingman enters the life of Mason, without any notice. Roy is a fairly young man, working as a lawyer. Roy worked with the dispossessed until he needed to take a high-profile job at a certain law firm. When he finds a dead body at this firm, though, he is forced to call in help, and that help comes by no hand other than Mason’s.

One Good Deed


All It Takes

One Good Deed is a part of the Archer series by David Baldacci, though it’s the only book so far in the series. It also counts as being one of the new David Baldacci books because it was published in the year of 2019. Its page count stretches as far as four hundred or so pages, all in all.

Dos and Don’ts

In the year of 1949, a war veteran named Aloysius Archer is finally let out of prison, namely Carderock Prison, when he is sent to Poca City on parole. He has a small list of things that he is allowed to do, but a quite large, quite lengthy list of things that he is by no means allowed to take part in.

The latter includes not going to bars, staying away from drinking alcohol, while the former sees him getting a job, and reporting to his parole officer. Oh, and one thing we forgot: don’t hang around loose ladies.

Interesting Job Description

Before long, however, the small town is revealed to be far more complex and far more perilous than what it was like before Aloysius Archer went into prison. In just one lonely night, his trying to find a job, along with a drink, finds him going to a local bar, where he is hired. His job is to be a debt collector for a certain powerful and shady businessman named Hank Pittleman.

Not What He Expected

Aloysius thought that the job wouldn’t be too hard, especially with a title as intimidating as that. However, getting debt back isn’t smooth by any means. The first man is unwilling to pay seeing as he has a grudge against Pittleman. Miss Crabtree, the parole officer of not just Archer, but also Hank, is keeping an eye on him, all while Pittleman’s mistress has her very own plans for Aloysius Archer. Quite possibly the best David Baldacci novel.

Wish You Well


For Your Sake

Wish You Well, out of David Baldacci’s books rated best to worst, surely has to come out as being one of the very best novels the author has ever published. Wish You Well also stands as one of the best David Baldacci books ever. It was published in the year of 2000, spanning four hundred or so pages, all in all.

Argument in the Making

We start with the Cardinal family traveling, trying to alleviate some very potent stress they have been feeling. While coming back, we learn that the Cardinals have plans to go to California, namely because of financial issues that they are facing.

Jack, the father, is a very respected author, though he’s severely underpaid. The main reason why they are relocating is because Jack was given a promise that he’d get paid more there. Amanda, on the other hand, doesn’t really want to move, noting that they’d be unhappy and that Jack would have reins put on his work.

Waking the Kids

As the two of them are arguing, Lou, a young child of theirs, is awakened. Lou tries to stop them from going forward with their quarreling by trying to tell a story, but she’s continually stopped by her dad. Then, as the argument continues, Oz is awakened, too. Oz is a shy, timid boy, whom Amanda and Lou try to pacify as he’s awakened.

Tragic Turn

While it’s all going on, none of them see that there is a man in the middle of the road, hindering them from going forward. Trying to drive on, but not kill the man in the road, Jack swerves, but then loses control. The car begins rolling, and as it finally stops, we learn that Jack has been killed. Amanda, then, faints. This familial tragedy is far from over, but we can tell you that it’s one very potent story.

One Summer


All That’s Left

One Summer, out of all David Baldacci’s novels, deserves the title of being among the best David Baldacci stand-alone books. One Summer was published in the year of 2011, spanning three hundred or so pages.

Cruel Life

Nearing Christmas, one would hope for some joyous or delightful things to come to our lives, but for the terminally-sick Jack and his family, there is no such glee. Having only a limited amount of time left alive, Jack is trying to get the best out of his final days as he gets ready to say the final goodbye to his lovely wife, Lizzie, and their three brilliant kids. Then, in a terrible twist of fate, something horrible occurs.

Pulled Apart

Lizzie has a car accident that ends with her losing her life. Having no one to take care of them, the kids are split apart and sent across the country to live with different relatives. It’s no oddity that this is so often considered as being among the best David Baldacci books, especially with a touching and heartfelt premise like this.

Coming Together

When it all seems to have been finished, when it looks like nothing can be helped, Jack starts to recuperate in a genuinely miraculous fashion. Only a little while ago, it was supposed that he was on his deathbed and that he wouldn’t make it more than a little time before passing away.

However, now that he’s back on his feet, hale and hearty, he wants to get his family together. He is still hurting from the loss of his wife, but he won’t stop at anything until he has his kids back together at Lizzie’s childhood home, where they can enjoy a blissful summertime period.

Saving Faith


Where Her Loyalty Lies

Saving Faith is, with regards to the whole, entire oeuvre that is attributed to Baldacci, including the complete David Baldacci series list, among the best David Baldacci books of all time. Saving Faith was published in the year of 1999, spanning more than four hundred pages.

Make or Break

In a faraway, lonesome house, not too far away from Washington, D. C., the Federal Bureau of Investigation is having an interview of a singularly significant witness. The witness at hand is one of those that can either make or break a case, but with a case as big as this, they better hope that they’re going to be beneficial to it. Faith Lockhart, a young woman, is the one being interviewed.

Dirt on Everyone

Faith Lockhart has done quite a lot of things, she knows even more things, and she’s going to spill more beans than anyone before. As such, she is rightfully the one thing that so many influential and mighty men all over the world fear.

She needs to be killed, as they reason, but while the assassination was supposed to be rather easy, a private investigator is what makes it all into such an ordeal, leading to an FBI agent getting shot and killed.


Faith Lockhart had no other choice but to run for her life. She only has her story, a terrible secret she’s keeping, and one obscure individual intent on keeping her safe. Faith’s boss, Danny Buchanan, along with the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI are all hunting for Faith, trying to get her back, but she doesn’t trust any of them.

Lee Adams, the man that kept her safe, is the only one she might give an iota of trust, but even he was hired for the purpose of watching over her. A terrific tale that we just love.

The Christmas Train


Bound for the Holidays

Another title among the very great and very enchanting tales that the author has woven for us is, of course, The Christmas Train. The Christmas Train is a very easy novel to recommend, so we hope that our readers will love it just as much as we do. It is one of the best David Baldacci books out there. The Christmas Train was published in 2001, spanning about two hundred and fifty pages.

Holiday Magic

Tom Langdon used to be a correspondent during the war, but he is now working as a journalist. He has decided to go from the East Coast, namely Washington, D. C., all the way to Los Angeles by train, so that he can get there for Christmas. The journey that he begins, however, is unlike anything that he had anticipated or, frankly, could have anticipated.

Intriguing Faces

Filled with some very rude awakenings, with thrills that rival the best of his life, and some good, old-fashioned magic, and even changing trains once, Tom Langdon is in for the ride of his life when he gets on that train. For this trip isn’t just a trip from one end of the country to the next, but a trip through his heart, through his goodness, and through the kindness of others.

All for Her

The reason exactly why Tom is traveling from Washington to Los Angeles is, in fact, to meet up with his girlfriend, a lady named Lelia Gibson. The two of them are supposed to go skiing for the holidays coming. Brimming with some of the most intriguing, most enigmatic characters that the author has ever put to paper, we can’t recommend this marvelous story just enough to our readers. It is such a treat to read.

No Time Left


Hurry Up

No Time Left is, as far as the thriller novels, books, series, and tales, written and published by the terrific author are concerned, one of his most intriguing works ever. It is a short story, barely pushing twenty pages, which was published in the year of 2010.

Who He Grew Up to Be

No Time Left is a rather short story that is focused on a young boy who, with all the things that happened throughout his life, grew up and became a contractual killer. The man in question is frank Becker and he is among the most wanted, most desired hitmen that the world has ever known. He does the jobs he is given with such poise and such careful meticulousness that it’s like a piece of art, truly.

Just Another Hit

Right now, Frank Becker is given a contract to murder a certain woman. He can only get to the small city by train, but when he gets on the train in question, something bizarre happens.

He sees himself having gone back into time. Just as he is going to murder the hapless lady, he takes a look at the mirror, seeing that she has the same deformed hand as he does. We see the pregnant lady slowly dying, which is when a gut-wrenching and mind-churning revelation is made.

A Dizzying Experience

No Time Left is one of the best David Baldacci books we’ve picked up, but it’s quite different from his previous works. Because of this, it is that much more special and that much more intriguing to read. We hope that our readers will like it as much as we did.


The Freddy and French Fries series is also worth picking up, in our opinion.

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