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5 Best Zombie Books For Kids (2021)

Best Zombie Books for Kids

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Peanut Butter & Brains 8.74/10 32 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Abigail and Her Pet Zombie 8.94/10 47 Pages Check Price On Amazon
My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish 8.32/10 192 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Plants vs. Zombies 8.86/10 80 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Zombie Baseball Beatdown 7.86/10 304 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Peanut Butter & Brains – A Zombie Culinary Tale by Joe McGee



Any review about the best zombie books for kids would not be worth its salt if it did not include this Zombie food tale. It’s all about Reginald and his love of peanut butter and jelly!

Zombies are supposed to crave blood and brains, right? Not Reginald. All he is interested in is thick, squidgy peanut butter and sugary jelly.

Better Than Brains

While his zombie friends are roaming around the towns and countryside looking for yummy brains, he tries his best to convince them that there is something far better than brains – peanut butter. But his meal suggestion falls on deaf/dead ears and they will not take his advice. They know where their next meal is coming from and it is not going to be out of a jar.

The people of Quirkville would be delighted if the other zombies would listen to Reginald’s recommendations. They are getting tired of their brains being under threat of providing the next zombie meal.

Joe McGee

This delightful Zombie book for kids was written by Joe McGee. The illustrations by Charles Santoso complement the text and no young reader will be able to resist Peanut Butter & Brains. It will have your child giggling and on the hunt for more of these books, especially if they are eaten with a pile of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Peanut Butter & Brains is not just a frivolous story. It also includes an important moral. Reginald is different from the other zombies and he has to make peace with that. We learn about being true to yourself and accepting that actually we are all different and that is not always a bad thing. Reviews show that this is an important feature of this best zombie book for kids.

Great Triumph

Most people who have read this book themselves, or to a young member of the family, say that it has been a great triumph. It is entertaining and funny with illustrations that are useful in supporting early readers. The text is engaging and pitched perfectly for the age group as they can relate to the story on many levels.

Abigail and Her Pet Zombie Book Series by Marie F. Crow



The reading material for kids has certainly changed since mine were little and it seems that zombies are the new Brothers Grimm.

Actually, now that I think about it, those fairytales that we grew up with were actually pretty gory, so there is nothing new in the lust for blood that young people seem to have an endless fascination for.


So, Abigail is a five-year-old girl – nothing strange about that. However, her choice of pet is extraordinary! She has a pet zombie! Where does a little girl even get a zombie from? Well, read this humorous book which is the first in a series by Marie F, Crow.

Did you know that zombies could be cute and comical? No, neither did I, but you will be delighted with this fun, illustrated book that is perfect for 6-8 year olds.

Hidden Message

Following the “Mary had a little lamb” theme, Abigail’s pet zombie follows her to school one day and, as was to be expected, terrified her school friends. Eventually, they realize that her pet zombie is actually okay and the message that just because someone is different, doesn’t mean that we should shun them, comes across loud and clear.

Amazing and Cute

All reviews of the best zombie books for kids are agreed that the illustrations in Abigail and Her Pet Zombie are amazing and the story is cute, but it does not have universal appeal to its anticipated audience. Adults seem to enjoy it more than the kids do and some have said that the humor is a little too morbid.

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish Book Series by Mo O’Hara


7 Book Series

There are seven books in the Zombie Goldfish series:

  • My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish
  • My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: The SeaQuel
  • Fins of Fury
  • Any Fin Is Possible
  • Live and Let Swim
  • Jurassic Carp
  • The Fintastic Fishsitter

Anything But

Goldfish are beautiful and graceful, right? Not in this book. A goldfish that turns into a nasty, flesh- eating zombie goldfish is anything but beautiful. This is the first in The Big, Fat Zombie Goldfish series of books and it makes a great first impression on kids.

In this book, we meet Tom and his new pet goldfish. It all goes wrong when Tom’s evil brother experiments with Tom’s goldfish in his quest to become a scientist. All he succeeds in doing is creating a monster that dies and becomes a zombie goldfish.

Tom is understandably devastated and tries to revive the dead goldfish. The resurrected goldfish has superpowers and super teeth combined with a rather nasty streak.


The few negative reviews that appear about this book state that the sibling rivalry is taken to extremes and has the potential to influence other young people to act out some of the nastiness that takes place between the brothers.

It might be wise to use this as a point of discussion with young readers rather than miss out on all the wacky fun that threads through the fishy adventures in this best zombie book series for kids.

Plants vs. Zombies Book Series by Paul Tobin


Novel Idea

It is not often that a much-loved game gets rave reviews when published in book form, but this comic gets a thumbs-up from kids and adults alike. The idea of plants fighting against zombies is novel, to say the least. Plants vs Zombies is one of the best zombie books for kids!


The characters are Crazy Dave, Patrice (his niece) and Nate. Patrice and Nate have a treehouse from where they can view the garden and one day they are very surprised by the sight of a zombie invasion.

The obvious person to go to for help is Dave, who happens to be a fantastic inventor as well as being totally bonkers! Dave’s jumbled language has to be translated by Patrice, as she is the only one who understands him and fortunately Dave comes up with a plan to get rid of the Zombies in the garden.

Perceptive Plants

Crazy Dave, as he is generally known in Neighborville, has been developing a range of perceptive plants in his greenhouse. These plants have been encouraged to grow by listening to his peculiar singing and have been given a touch of unusual fertilizer, made from a very secret formula.

Saving the City

With these special plants in their arsenal, the team has a good chance of defeating the Zombies and saving the city. The plot in Plants vs Zombies is unique and full of adventure as well as being humorous. The gorgeous illustrations make this an engaging comic and it gets the vote for one of the best zombie books for kids.

Zombie Baseball Beatdown by Paolo Bacigalupi


Funny and Quirky

Do not be surprised to find your child reading this book by flashlight after you have called bedtime. Zombie Baseball Beatdown by Paolo Bacigalupi is funny, quirky, and just what you need to get even the most reluctant readers hooked.

Innocent Start

It all starts innocently enough with three friends playing a game of baseball near to an industrial site. They become aware of a dreadful stench, and after some smart detective work, the boys discover that there is something terribly wrong at the meatpacking plant.

The unscrupulous owners are giving the cows toxic feed that is changing them into zombie cows that crave human flesh! As this is the main meat supplier in the town, the boys soon realize that this matter poses a threat to everyone and it becomes obvious that some of their neighbours have been consuming the meat with disastrous consequences.

Important Messages

Yes, there is violence in Zombie Baseball Beatdown, but that is to be expected in books about a zombie invasion. There are also some important underlying messages about where our food comes from and the evils methods of some suppliers.

The kids are the heroes and they prove that you are never too young to make a stand and to make a difference. With its disgusting humour and a good sense of fun, this is one of the best zombie books for kids.

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