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5 Best Mystery Romance Books (2024)

Best Mystery Romance Books

Ominous Force

It is common among humans to be intrigued by the things that are enshrouded by an aura or air of mystery. The fact that something exists whose nature is not unknowable, but only a task that needs to be accomplished bears fascination for the individual. As we begin to be entwined with what ominous force we might be interested in, we start to enter a state of exhilaration.

Memorable Characters

It feels almost like we’re doing something extreme, though without as large a risk. Accordingly, we can concur that there isn’t a more intriguing mystery than that of a person whom we are smitten for. Of course, in romance novels, the mystery doesn’t need to be centered around a character, but they are definitely the most memorable. Now, with that said, we can continue with our list of the best mystery romance books.

Nine Coaches Waiting by Mary Lady Stewart



Mary, Lady Stewart, who was born as Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow, is an outstanding writer. Her 1958 novel Nine Coaches Waiting is definitely one of the best works that Mary has written and we will be taking a look at it now in our best mystery romance books review.

Linda Martin

Linda Martin, the protagonist, was born to a father whose mother tongue was English, while her mother’s mother tongue was French. As it turns out, when one has parents that speak different languages, one gets accustomed to both.

As such, Linda became proficient in both languages, though her parents were with her for long. As such, Linda was sent away to an orphanage, where she spent more than a half-decade. With the movement of time, Linda finds herself employed as a governess and is given a job at a French post.

Philippe de Valmy

The description of the job asks for a person to teach a child how to speak English, but it is strictly considered a negative thing if the teacher-to-be is a French speaker. However, Linda doesn’t mention that she can speak French and gets the job.

The child she is to be teaching is named Philippe de Valmy and he is to be the inheritor of his family’s wealth. Just as Linda was, Philippe is an orphan, though he is cared for by his uncle and aunt. Soon, though, Linda begins noticing incidents happening which could have taken Philippe’s life.


While Linda is at all times precautious and wary about the occurrences, she does spend time with the aunt and uncle’s son, Raoul. The two of them see each other more and more, with them gradually gaining feelings for the other.

However, Linda needs to keep up her guise of only speaking English while trying to balance her romance with Raoul and also keep Philippe safe from harm. This is truly one engaging mystery romance that we recommend wholeheartedly.

One for the Money by Janet Evanovich


Stephanie Plum Series

Authoress Janet Evanovich is very, very talented. She comes from South River, New Jersey, USA, and her most famous work is definitely her 1994 novel One for the Money. One for the Money is the first in the twenty-seven-book Stephanie Plum series.

Main Protagonist

Stephanie Plum is not on a streak of luck by any means. She was just fired from her job and she’s also out of money. Thankfully, Plum’s cousin is more than willing to give her a job if she can get there on time.

Of course, Stephanie comes in late, so the only job that her cousin actually has in disposal is a bounty hunter job. Stephanie is all for it since she just wants to make an honest living. However, Stephanie doesn’t know the first thing about being a bounty hunter. The first of her hits is a man named Joe Morelli and Stephanie knows Joe very well. In fact, they are ex-lovers.


The bounty was put on Morelli’s head because he had disappeared after being accused of killing someone. Wanting to be proficient at her job or at least skilled enough, Stephanie seeks out a man named Ranger to teach her a few things. Word has gotten around town and Stephanie has attracted quite the bad crowd.

Benito Ramirez

A rapist and ex-boxer named Benito Ramirez is stalking her and vowing that he will hurt her when she doesn’t expect it. With time, Stephanie finds Joe, though he keeps saying that he wants to clear his name, whatever that means. As Stephanie keeps trying to get to the bottom of the situation, she finds herself interested in her teacher, Ranger, but also rekindling an old flame with Joe.

The Witness by Nora Roberts


Terrific Novel

Nora Roberts, as we know, is a terrific novelist whose works are adored universally. The 2012 novel named The Witness is one of, if not the most inventive stories that Nora has written so far and it is easy to see why.

Elizabeth Fitch

Elizabeth Fitch, the main character, is just 16. However, Elizabeth’s mom, Susan, treats her like she’s far older. We learn, however, that Elizabeth wasn’t conceived by normal means, but in a laboratory with a method named ‘in vitro fertilization’. This method means that the male reproductive cell was a handpicked one by Susan.

As a result of this, Elizabeth is exceedingly smart – she has a photographic memory –, bright, cunning, and a very pretty girl. A bit of a problem is that Susan doesn’t let her have any time for herself and is very controlling. Elizabeth is always obedient and has never said no to her mother, but the time has come for even that.

A Bit of Fun

After their first fight ever, Susan leaves to attend a convention, while Elizabeth, for the first time in her life, goes to a mall. She happens to come by an acquaintance from her old school, so the two decide to have some fun.

They falsify some ID cards, go to a club, meet a few guys, and all is fine and dandy. That is, until something horrible happens and Elizabeth is placed in witness protection. The custody doesn’t really last as Elizabeth escapes soon after.

Decade Later

More than a decade later, Elizabeth has changed her name to Abigail. She’s a bit of a drifter, never staying in the same spot. As soon as neighbors begin rumors, she leaves, though this is not the case now. She has just started a little romance with the town’s police chief and she’s willing to stay a little longer. Soon, however, the past has caught up with Elizabeth and she has more than one decision to make.

Agnes and the Hitman by Jennifer Crusie



Jennifer Crusie, born as Smith, is a superb novelist whose works never disappoint. In 2007, Crusie released one of her best stories to date named Agnes and the Hitman. We are of the opinion that is definitely one of the best mystery romance books.

Agnes Crandall

Agnes Crandall, also known as Cranky Agnes, is a very, very interesting character. She has a column in the local paper for cooking and she’s as independent as they come. With her independence, however, comes a bit of a temper.

Her former fiancé can attest that Agnes and frying pans do not mix well, but Agnes is trying to get it under control. But when a burglar comes into her home trying to dognap her pup, her skills with the pan prove to be too much for the man’s cranium.


They prove to be so much, in fact, that Agnes has accidentally killed him. Agnes has no idea what to do, so she calls Joey, a friend of hers, to get this all sorted out. Joey sends a guy named Shane to protect Agnes while everything passes, but then Shane discovers that Agnes’ home is being targeted because someone lost a couple million dollars in her home.

Things twist a lot more when we see that Agnes is hosting a woman named Alice’s wedding while trying her best to stay alive, maintain this little fling she has with Shane, and thinking where the gazillion bucks might be at. As the story moves on, we see that Shane and Agnes mix a lot better than Agnes and pans do, too!

Whiskey Beach by Nora Roberts


Standalone Work

Another novel from the great Nora Roberts is her 2013 standalone named Whiskey Beach. Whiskey Beach is a book that easily cracks out a list of the best mystery romance books.

Eli Landon

Eli Landon had a very ordinary, ample life. He was a Boston lawyer, had a beautiful wife, and a nice home. All of that went to waste once he found out that his wife was cheating on him and pretty soon she was killed. Eli was accused of being the perp. The illicit inamorato had a tight alibi with his own wife vouching for his whereabouts.

Even a year after the slaying, Eli is the only suspect that the cops have. In the year that had transpired, Eli had pretty much lost his job because of the allegations, lost friends, and he lost himself. Now, having no interest in almost anything, Eli just stays at his Whiskey Beach family home.

Abra Walsh

When he meets Abra Walsh, though, things appear to be headed for a change. Abra knows what it’s like to be avoided and left by those that you care about, and she doesn’t care about the things that she’s heard about Eli.

She is Eli’s friend when all his friends are missing and she is a much-needed ray of hope in his life. Soon, this friendship starts to resemble a more romantic affair just as a blast from the past imperils everything that the two of them had worked for.

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