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Sandra Brown is an author with so many achievements that we could not fit in this article, but for the introduction’s sake, we will mention some. Sandra has written over seventy-five novels that are so suspenseful that you’d want to read one book of hers per day. Her writing genre is generally suspenseful thrillers filled with lots of drama and romance.

Having sold over 80 million copies worldwide, her books being translated in over 30 languages, having her books being turned into movies and TV shows, appearing herself in a few TV series, and winning several awards in her field, we can safely say that Sandra Brown has established her status of being an outstanding writer whose work is being read throughout the whole world by millions of people.

Best Sandra Brown Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Mean Streak 8.12/10 409 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lethal 8.12/10 472 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Alibi 8.08/10 564 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Chill Factor 7.98/10 560 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Ricochet 7.94/10 400 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Mean Streak


Sandra is known to make her readers just wander into her stories and just zone out from the excitement. Mean Streak definitely lives up to that description as it is a story about love, deceit, and everything someone has to do in order to survive.

She starts this compelling tale by introducing Dr. Emory Charbonneau who is a pediatrician and known also as a keen marathon runner. One day, she is reported missing by her husband Jeff. Searching persistently and for a while, the trail goes cold and the mountain where she disappeared becomes occupied with fog which makes the search for Emory completely impossible.

As she starts showing Emory’s side of the story, we find her captive of a man who has such a dark past that he cannot even tell her his own name. Like most people, she is afraid and determined to do anything in order to escape and survive the terrible thing that has happened to her.

As her life couldn’t get more complicated, both she and her captor find themselves under the attack of a group of people who don’t actually follow the law and have the intention of harming them both.

As the story unveils, she begins to confuse who is actually good and who bad in this horrible case as she believes that the man who she thought was her doom actually may turn out to be her savior. All of this connects as they find out her husband’s terrible deception and things get even trickier for her.

This is definitely one of the best Sandra Brown books that will have you biting your nails from the suspense and thrill.



In this great book, Sandra tells another great story about deception, corruption, survival, and not knowing who is telling the truth and who isn’t. In Lethal, Sandra introduces a character called Lee Colburn who is accused of murdering seven people the night before he gets involved in the lives of Honor Gillette and her four-year-old daughter.

As he has no other option than to forcefully invade their lives he promises Honor and her daughter that they will not be hurt if they just do as he says. Not knowing the full story yet, Honor accepts because she has no other choice than to do so.

After Lee tells her the full story she becomes more willing to do as he says as he unveils the truth to her that she could not trust even the ones close to her as her husband was in the possession of something very valuable to a merciless crime boss who goes by the name of The Bookkeeper and he would do anything to get it in his hands.

That being said, he convinces her that that puts all of their lives in danger and they would have to protect themselves from the people who are coming after them at that very moment.

They start a long journey from Washington D.C. on to coastal Louisiana that is full of life-threatening danger that uncovers corrupt secrets about the people she trusted.

The Alibi


In this romance filled murder story, Brown has created quite a set of unique, emotional, and passionate characters. We have an attorney by the name of Hammond Cross who finds himself working on a murder case where the accused conveniently happens to be a woman, named Alex Ladd, who he had a passionate one-night-stand with the night before.

The case was about the murder of one of the richest men in South Carolina and as Alex Ladd’s past as a psychologist somehow caught up she was the prime suspect for his murder.

The attorney Hammond now faced a moral dilemma about how he should proceed. He has not told anyone about their affairs that night and also wanted to prove that she was innocent.

As evidence started to reveal one after another, Hammon wanted to protect her by not telling the police investigator about their sexual encounter, but by doing so he was putting his own career at risk because he was becoming the perfect alibi for the murder.

Sandra has definitely made good work in the romance part of this story, but even better work of the suspense that the readers experience as they cannot wait to find out how this whole crazy journey will turn out. It’s a story that gets everyone who reads it super excited about the things that are going on in these people’s lives.

Chill Factor


Sandra has a new mystery for her readers with this book called Chill Factor. If you have read any of her previous books then you know how crazy the stories she comes up with can get.

This time, Sandra tells us a tale that is again happening in North Carolina. Some might say that the biggest violation that happens in this peaceful place is the occasional parking ticket, but in this version of Sandra’s story, it gets far worse than that.

The mystery in Chill Factor is an abduction case. Recently, people have started noticing disappearances, four women to be exact, in a period of two years. Bodies have never been found, no clues have gathered whatsoever, and the only thing that was left for the witnesses were blue ribbons as the signature of the mysterious abductor.

Now, another disappearance mysteriously happens and without a trace. Sandra shifts the story to a woman named Lilly who, as a result of their frightening and mysterious disappearances has just closed the sale of her mountain cabin with the hopes of saving herself from the same fate as the other women.

If you thought that Brown would end this exciting story just like that, then you are seriously mistaken. She continues the thrill and suspense with Lilly trying to outrun a snowstorm in her car until her car skids from the slippery icy road and hits a man who shows up out of the woods on foot.

Now begin some exciting pages. She recognizes the man she hit because they had met shortly the previous summer. As a result of the car accident, the man was injured and they were both forced to wait out the storm in her cabin.

As they keep talking and talking, she begins to think that this man could actually be the mystery abductor and not the man he claims to be. We will leave it to you to find out what happens next. We must say that this is definitely one of the best books by Sandra Brown.



This is one of Sandra’s books that actually made it to being turned into an exciting movie. Ricochet is another of Sandra’s famous murder stories that are filled with passionate romance and thrilling suspense. It’s about a detective who goes by the name of Duncan Hatcher who is called in the middle of the night to investigate a murder case in the home of Judge Cato Laird.

The judge’s astonishingly beautiful trophy wife tells the story of her shooting a burglar on the spot in self-defense. Detective Duncan, however, has a hard time believing some of the things the gorgeous woman is saying but keeps it top himself so that he doesn’t upset the judge and risk losing his job.

He was determined to find out more about this so-called accident and learn the dead man’s connection to the Lairds. As he keeps digging, a series of revelations lead Duncan to believe that his career and integrity may be in jeopardy while at the same time facing the dilemma of his attraction to the beautiful, married woman Elise, the Judge’s wife.

When Elise wished to speak privately with Duncan he mentions to her what his thoughts are about the murder case and her connection. Elise convinces him that it simply is not true which leads Duncan to uncover a far worse thing which may be the connection of his nemesis, the brutal crime lord Robert Savich to this murder case.

As you can see by most of her books, Sandra is well talented in creating very thrilling stories that just capture the full attention of the readers. If you wish to be a part of some exciting and suspenseful mysteries then be sure to read some of the books in our best Sandra Brown books list.

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