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Bliss Book Review (2024)

Elizabeth Gundy

Bliss is a romantic and thrilling novel by author Elizabeth Gundy who tells a tale of a love between two very different people that is doomed to fail from the very beginning.

You get to meet the special and unique characters that you will see in the story from our Bliss book review as you find out their story  and how things play out after certain events. One thing is for sure about this book and that is that the story inside is indeed a heartwarming one that is filled with some pretty and unique events.

Bliss Book

Three People

Most of the story revolves around three people. The first one of those three people that you get to meet in this Bliss book review is a woman called Leona. Leona is a college professor who enjoys writing romantic books mainly on 17th-century love poetry.


An interesting thing that you immediately find out about Leona is that she doesn’t have a very sexually active life, which she desires so much after managing to not have any sexual experience for 9 years in a row. These strong desires lead her to the next important character in this book.


His name is Bliss and he is the school janitor, a gap-tooth simpleton hillbilly who actually has a handsome appeal to him despite all of the things we mentioned about him.

Leona manages to find the courage to approach him and slowly works her way into making him have sex with her. Bliss doesn’t seem to notice that Leona isn’t all that pretty but he still goes for it. There is just one problem with this sexual event in the book,


Bliss has a wife. Although Bliss and Leona are mainly the more important characters in this book, Bliss’ wife Hazel does seem to appear often as well and manages to affect the outcome of the story a lot. You should know that this book by Gundy is definitely one filled with erotic scenes and a lot of romance and affairs as you can probably guess from what you have seen so far in this Bliss book review.

Ongoing Affair

However, the story continues as Leona has managed to form a kind of relationship between her and Bliss that eventually forms an ongoing affair between Bliss and his wife Hazel. Bliss and Leona even form a plan to run away and start a life of their own, but Hazel manages to catch them just in time and ruin their plans. Hazel manages to end it all between them and you can find out how by reading the book for yourself.

Exciting Read

Many of the events you will see in each chapter of this book are definitely exciting to read, especially the ones where Hazel goes about her way to destroy this affair. The book is definitely a one with a heart- breaking story, a lot of passion, erotic scenes, and memorable enough that you will remember the events for a long time.

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