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Debt Inheritance Book Review (2024)

Pepper Winters

Exceptional writer Pepper Winters comes from Hong Kong. Winters is a Hongkongese-American novelist. Her novels most notably fall in the romantic suspense, thrilling erotica, dark romance, and contemporary romance subgenres.

Her novels have been noted as being been on bestseller lists like USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. As of the present moment, Pepper has written and released 30 or so works.

Debt Inheritance Book


As mentioned above, Winters was born and grew up in Hong Kong. She is, however, of English descent. The stories of Pepper often have protagonists that come from different locations around the world. Pepper Winters, at the present moment, resides along with her husband. The couple also keeps a home rabbit.

It is frequently in Winters’ presence when she gets down to writing her novels. On the topic of her novels, Peppers primarily focus on the romantic facets of erotica and their inverse. In the eyes of Peppers, this side of her works is what allows readers to feel as if they are transgressing a taboo; accordingly, this makes her novels and stories all the more desirable to be devoured.


Pepper made her debut in 2013 with a fairly successful first book. The following works that she published, however, were where the money laid, as the saying goes. Pepper, by her own admission, is not an exclusively self-publishing writer. She maintains her right to self-publish the works she writes, but frequently signs contracts with publishers, as well. Having mentioned the particulars concerning Pepper Winters, we can now take a look at our book review.

Indebted Series

This book is viewed as one of Pepper Winters’ most intriguing, provocative novels, which for a writer that primarily writes erotic works means a lot. It is the first novel in one of Winters’ series named Indebted. Indebted is composed of six primary novels and a tie-in novel or two. The book was published in the year of 2014.

If one is an avid fan of fast-paced, entrancing, brave, and exhilarating novels, then look no further than Debt Inheritance. The story doesn’t adhere to any paradigm or order, but is its own curious, warped story.

Full of Suspense

The plot is abundant with thrills, suspenseful moments, and secrets not to be spoken of because of their wickedness. From the very first chapter of the novel, the reader knows what there is in store for him. Chills about the spine, demons touching the reader’s hotspots, and we have ourselves the entry into a mighty story.

The main character of this dark romance is Nila Weaver. Nila Weaver has lived a troubled life. Her father is as overprotective as one can expect, while her twin brother is extremely possessive of his sister. She is the crux of the family life. So far as our erotic needs matter, Nila has only had but one erotic experience. While she has always felt trapped, in a sense, with her father and brother, something wicked comes Nila Weaver’s way. This something is to change her life as she knows it.

Paying the Debts of Ages

We learn that even prior to the birth of Nila, her ancestors were pulled into debts. The greatest of all debts, as it turns out, was to the Hawks. What may this debt be? Why, it is for the life of Nila. She is the firstborn, and her life was decided before she was even born.

Now, even the little liberties that Nila enjoys are taken from her as a man named Jethro comes to take what is rightfully his. Jethro takes Nila to his lonesome home in England, as she is going to expiate the debt that her family owes.

Lack of Sympathy

As we come to see who this mysterious and bizarre man Jethro is, we see that he is a singularly frightening person. If one was expecting a humane, kind man, then one would be quite disappointed. His lack of sympathy and care shows as he is more than happy to give Nila to his group of men for their enjoyment.

It becomes clear early on that if Nila has any intention of being saved, she’s going to have to do it herself. No knight on shining armor seems to be fast approaching. For this reason, her only recourse is to waver and weather the storm in the presence of deplorable fiends. She knows that the only way to stay alive is by submitting to their requests, but she still manages to remain her mental fortitude even in these damnable moments.

Forthright and Brutal

The narrative moves from Nila Weaver’s to that of Jethro Hawk. We move from the pained, troubled, barely keeping herself up the point of view that Nila bears to Jethro’s calm, calculated, brutal regard for the proceedings. He doesn’t waste a word and is completely forthright about the things that he asks of her.

Dark Even Darker

The juxtaposition in their attitudes is what makes the dark romance even darker, and the pleasure of reading even more pleasurable. Our book review of Debt Inheritance surely speaks volumes about this potent tale. We cannot recommend it enough.

On the topic of recommendations, the rest of the Indebted series is worthy of picking up, as well. The dark and provocative tale of Nila and Jethro is far from being over. If you like the books, take a look at another work by this brilliant author, Tears of Tess book.

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