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Monster in His Eyes Book Review (2024)

J. M. Darhower

Novelist J. M. Darhower is, insofar as the Internet is concerned, an enigmatic writer, through and through. The particulars surrounding the intimate and private life of J. M. Darhower are nearly completely missing. Nonetheless, we know that J. M. Darhower is a beloved authoress, whose works fall primarily in the paranormal romance and New Adult genres.

At the present moment, J. M. Darhower resides in a small town in the Carolinas along with her family. She writes nonstop; most of the writings will scarcely see the bookstore shelves, but what can one do when the passion overwhelms everything else?

Monster in His Eyes Book

Life and Career

On a lighter note, Darhower has a keen interest in human rights and all things political. Thus, when J. M. isn’t creating stories and crafting characters, she often finds herself discussing and arguing on these topics.

While other social media scarcely, if at all, feature the presence of J. M. Darhower, she, by her own admission, is a fervent Twitter user. With all of that noted, we can now give our book review.

Monster in His Eyes Series

This is one of the most brilliant entries into the oeuvre of J. M. Darhower that has seen the light of day. It is a gripping tale that is also the first part of a trilogy bearing the same name. The book spans a bit less than four-hundred pages and it was published in the year of 2014.

The book features a thrilling, exhilarating plot. The read is abundant with all the mystery, suspense, and absorbing qualities that one could ever hope for. The pace is, to put it lightly, as fast as light. It only takes a page or so for the novel to draw you in and a page more for it to suck you in completely.

Sheer Magnitude

There are a lot of things that one might have come to expect of novels of this genre, but the magnitude of J. M. Darhower’s story exceeds all of the expectations that one might have. With that said, let’s prod deeper in our Monster in His Eyes book review and meet Karissa and Naz.

Karissa is a college student, aged about eighteen. All of her life, Karissa has been used to having to work and make a genuine effort for the things that she wants. One such instance of Karissa’s work shows by the scholarship she received from the New York University.

Now, she has to work hard to keep it to a satisfactory degree so that the scholarship won’t be pulled. Sure, she might not have the money or the means to buy clothes as expensive as the other students, but she’s fine with that.

Pulled by an Otherworldly Love

Karissa wants to finish school and find her sanctuary in just one place and live her life at her own speed. She’s used to moving frequently since that was the norm with her mother when she was a child, so she’s trying to avoid that kind of life at all costs.

One somewhat mundane and ordinary day, Karissa is making her way to her Philosophy class when her eye catches something very intriguing. She sees a man that is attractive, alluringly tall, and, insofar as her intuition may be the judge, intimidating. She brushes it off as just an ordinary thing; she’s used to not being what draws and engages handsome guys.

Be Careful What You Wish For

However, this certain man, Ignazio Vitale, may just be the exception to this rule that Karissa has accustomed herself to. As it so happens, Ignazio, nicknamed Naz, is twice as old as Karissa. Being that he is a wealthy man with a lot of power in this world, he always gets what he wants.

What may have piqued his interest just now? Might that be Karissa? They meet, get to know each other, and the attraction hasn’t faded a bit, but has actually skyrocketed. Karissa is very much drawn to this powerful dark man.

Better Not to Ask

She doesn’t exactly understand what his line of work is or how he has so much money and power, but she doesn’t prod that much into his privacy. She’s bright and clever enough to get a grasp on things and be aware that his job surely entails a less than in line with the law quality.

She affirms her assumptions when she is introduced to Ignazio’s boss – she recalls that he is a known mob boss. However, in spite of this aspect of Naz, she still feels engrossed by him.

Giving Her All

So far as the mafia romance is concerned, the two of them enter into the more intimate and thus more momentous waters fairly easily. Karissa, despite the fact that she is aware Naz might not be the kind of guy she’d expected to fall for, still can’t let go of him and she gives all of herself to him.

She isn’t a pushover character, though. She retains the curiosity, calm and collected, and the intelligence; these two aspects that Karissa bears often drive the scenes between her and Naz. Naz, himself, is a complicated character. He isn’t a cut and clear character, but one that you can’t wrap your head around.

Series Continues

Even readers that might not be fans of romantic suspense novels will surely find this gem of J. M. Darhower’s to be a more than satisfactory read. There’s nothing that one can find as a flaw in the story, seeing as how one can’t put down the book. Truly one of the authoress’ best efforts, yet.

The Monster in His Eyes series has two more novels in its composition. They are veritably indispensable reads from Darhower.

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