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Gabriel’s Inferno Book Review (2024)

Sylvain Reynard

Authoress Sylvain Reynard was born in the year of 1950, in Canada. It is unclear what the precise birthday or birthplace of Reynard is, though. Reynard is a terrific writer whose books never cease to amaze.


As any ardent reader of Reynard will surely know, Sylvain has a penchant for all things centered around the Renaissance, especially the culture and the art; additionally, Reynard has a love for the city of Florence. Sylvain’s most famous works are her Gabriel’s Inferno angst romance series and the Florentine series.

Gabriel’s Inferno Book

Writing Style

In her own words, Sylvain is intrigued in literature and the manners in which it aids us in venturing through certain facets of our existence. The dimensions that Sylvain is most interested in are adoration, belief, expiation, sex, and affliction.

Accordingly, Reynard’s stories of preference feature a character on a certain voyage, be it a trip to some physical place, or a spiritual venture. Sylvain’s interests also feature music, architecture, and art, and the ways in which these forms of art can expound on a story. In the stories of Sylvain, she utilizes all three of the aforementioned art forms and blends them in a brilliant manner. With all of that noted, we can now take a look at our book review.

Gabriel’s Inferno Series

This is rightfully the most famous and beloved novel that Sylvain Reynard has published as of yet. It is a gripping, absorbing tale that doesn’t leave the reader as the same person they were when they first picked the novel up. Gabriel’s Inferno is a part of the same-titled series, as its first novel. The series is comprised of a total of four novels. It was published in the year of 2011.

Who Is the Protagonist?

The main character is none other than Gabriel Emerson. Professor Gabriel Emerson, to be precise. Gabriel is a well-regarded expert on the Renaissance author Dante Alighieri. That is, when the sun shines or at least hangs in the sky. When the darkness of night falls, Gabriel Emerson is a completely different person.

Enjoyment and satisfaction are the most important things to Gabriel when the moon is out. He is an exceedingly attractive man, a sophisticated gentleman, and he is as charming as they come. Bearing all of these qualities along with his unmatched wit, Gabriel can get any person he happens to be interested in.


One of these nights, Gabriel happened to come by a girl with the name of Julia. He was instantly allured by the femme’s beauty, stature, and also something impalpable about her that drew him forth. The two of them indulge in the blissful joy of mutual satisfaction, behind the house of Gabriel’s mother and father.

However, for years to come, Gabriel and Julia never happened to come by each other. That is, until Julia, at the present a graduate, signed up to take the class of The Professor.

Sea of Memories

A period of six years had gone by before the two’s eyes met once more. Julia had tactically chosen the University of Toronto to continue her studies because of the charm and, of course, that night years ago. Gabriel doesn’t seem to remember that night all that well at first, though a bit of refreshing has him recollect everything.

As we begin to see what Julia is like, we see her as the bashful, somewhat timid, and awkward girl. There is, of course, a lot more to her personality than what meets the eye – though Julia rarely meets the eye, seeing as her awkwardness compels her to stare at the ground most of the time.

Broken Man

Accordingly, we get to see the man behind The Professor’s mantle. We learn that Gabriel is essentially half a man, to wit, that Gabriel is a man that was broken. His past and his demons have followed him unwaveringly and nothing that he does even comes close to helping him turn a whole leaf without the past that treads a foot behind him.

So far as Gabriel is concerned, the only way that he can forget about the shadows of his life is by letting himself go to pleasure and to the charm of vice. When he is faced with the pleasant and loveable personality of Julia during the day he can’t help but lash out from time to time.

Gabriel’s Power

While Gabriel doubts that he can feel genuine emotions nowadays, he still feels remorse and a sense of guilt whenever he happens to yell at or do something to hurt Julia. The two of them mingle once more like that night so far back in their individual life, yet merely a day in their life together.

With time, we see that Julia isn’t as naïve as we’d been led on to believe. She has a firm standing and though she only tries to focus on the good in people around her, she is aware of the bad side, though she doesn’t pay attention. Julia and Gabriel work wonderfully together.

What Is the Story Actually About?

It isn’t a story where one character is dragging the other, but more so a story where they are walking together to a better life. Walking, not running. The novel is a wholly invigorating one, and we’ve only just mentioned the plot.

The subtle intricacies in the story and the inclusion of innuendos pertaining to the Renaissance and, of course, Dante Alighieri are brilliant. Our Gabriel’s Inferno book review can’t say enough kind words for this novel, truly.

Our Suggestions

The story of Gabriel and Julia continues through the series, so be sure to get on top of that, as soon as possible.

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