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Hull Zero Three Book Review (2024)

Greg Bear

Published in 2010, Hull Zero Three is another Sci-fi book from the famous author Greg Bear. Greg tends to do his own illustrations from time to time as it is one of his many skills. Having been writing Sci-fi novels for many years, Greg never disappoints with a new story as his scientific detail in the novels is something special and always interesting.

This is a book review of Hull Zero Three which is yet another thrilling and fantastic story from Greg Bear.

Hull Zero Three Book

Mysterious Spaceship

In this Hull Zero Three book review you find out the plot and some of the special key characters of the story. It all takes place on a spaceship that isn’t the same as it was as a lot has changed and mysterious and weird things are happening on it.

The story starts as a man wakes up from a deep sleep, has no clothes on him whatsoever and is freezing cold. On top of that, he has no memory of how he ended up in that state. Another character shows up, a little girl, who accompanies this man around the ship to find somewhere warm.


This girl always refers to him as “Teacher” and together they have no idea what is waiting for them. They start encountering other various beings on the same ship and every new thing they see is a test of survival.

After some snooping around and trying to make sense of all of this, Teacher eventually discovers a terrifying truth that he is actually a clone and has been brought to life several times before however, the previous version of him didn’t survive. Although, the previous clones managed to leave bits of information behind, like a breadcrumb trail, to lead the next clone to the truth that he seeks.


Eventually, Teacher finds out that the other beings he encountered on this ship were clones as well, genetically engineered, every single one for a specific purpose to fulfill. Scary thought if you ask me.

So far this review of Hull Zero Three book is telling a very mysterious story that can’t be leading to something good. After continuing to read further, you find out that the ship’s initial crew is actually divided into two groups with separate purposes who are fighting for absolute control over the ship. One group wants to abandon its mission which was to colonize a planet that already has life on it, and the other wants to continue with the mission.

You Never Know What to Expect from Greg

You are definitely in store for some great adventures in the following pages as you can’t be sure how it all turns out at the end. That’s all we can say in our book review of Hull Zero Three, but if you have read anything else from Greg Bear before then you know what to expect. A story that always manages to fascinate everyone and leave them wanting more.

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