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Hardfought Book Review (2024)

Nebula Award

This is another one of the famous science fiction writer Greg Bear’s novels that has managed to win the Nebula Award. It is a short story, but it’s definitely enough for his fans to grasp what he is trying to say and the story he wants to share.

Rest assured that this book review of Hardfought will show you what this story is all about and how Greg has managed to yet again come up with such an amazing adventure in a new and mysterious world filled with aliens, advanced technologies, wars, and much more.

Hardfought Book

Senexi War

Greg Bear sure knows how to write about stories of war between species, races, aliens as he introduces us to another one that describes the war between humans and a hive-mind alien race called the Senexi.

The Senexi are a strange race that is able to communicate with each other instantly as they share the memory of each other and work well as if they were one giant organism. A single being of the Senexi has the full memory of the entire race which gives them a big advantage in what is about to come.

Lack of Understanding

Humans, on the other hand, are an entirely different species, individualistic, which is a very strange and new term of the Senexi and both of the races just have a tough time understanding how the other functions and generally lives.

Their paths meet as both the humans and the Senexi have the intent of colonizing the same world and as a result of that same intention, war was unavoidable.


As we mentioned in our Hardfought book review, the Senexi had a big advantage of working better together and on top of that, they had another huge advantage over the humans which was the fact that they had adapted and evolved to withstand the worst of harsh conditions of deep space travel and combat.

Massive Disadvantage

It does seem that this war will not have a good result for the humans as they have a big disadvantage and the harsh conditions are instantly lethal to a human that is unprotected by technology or genetically unmodified. But, luckily, they use their intelligence to genetically improve themselves for battle and use special biomechanical suits that could turn the tide of war.


The main character in this story is a female warrior by the name of Prufrax who is also known as Hawk. She is willing to go through painful genetic modifications so that she can use this high tech battlesuit that holds great power.

We make sure not to spoil the whole story in our Hardfought book review, but you can definitely find out for yourself how this amazing story finally ends and who eventually has their way. There are definitely some unexpected twists coming your way, so be sure to get ready.

Action and Thrill

Hardfought is a great story of war as many science fiction readers enjoy these types of stories due to the high load of action and thrill they hold. This story has no shortage of those things so rest assured that it is surely a very enjoyable one.

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