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Learn Chess Book Review (2021)

John Denis Martin Nunn

John Denis Martin Nunn was born on the 25th of April, 1955, in London, United Kingdom. Nunn is an English chess grandmaster, a three-time world champion, a chess writer and publisher, and most notably a very capable mathematician.


Nunn is one of the strongest chess players to come from England, even boasting the accomplishment of being among the top ten in the world. Nunn was a World Champion in Problem Solving in 2004, 2007 and in 2010. Nunn was recognized as a Grandmaster in 1978. His FIDE rating is calculated to be 2568.

Like we said, Nunn is a chess writer and publisher, so we would like to carry on with our book review of Learn Chess by John Nunn. You might want to look at a follow-up book by Nunn in our Learn Chess Tactics book review.

Learn Chess Book

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Successful Publication

Learn Chess by Grandmaster Nunn found its way in bookstores in the year of 2000. Thousands upon thousands of chess enthusiasts have since been helped with learning to play the game of chess. It is not surprising that we included this amazing book in our 3 best books to learn chess article.

Bare Basics

It starts out with the bare basics of the game of chess. As Nunn is eager to note, the readers aren’t required to have a certain level of knowledge. This is mainly because the book specializes in teaches the reader from their start with all the chess things. The number one mission of the game is to have the reader become a proficient player.

Step By Step Book

The format of the book is a kind of step by step system. Everything that Nunn introduces for the readers is immediately illustrated and concise, simple examples are brought up. Straight up, the book is a brilliant one for any beginner, and taking it up is something that anyone interested ought to take into consideration.

How Pieces Move

The first things that Nunn concerns himself when he gets going is explaining how chess pieces move and how mobile they actually are, then he follows up with tricks like ‘pin’, ‘overload’ and ‘fork’, among others.

The proper ways for positioning your pieces is, how to use them to attack your opponent, examining a check mate, how to react to an unexpected mate, how to stalemate, and other very useful tidbits all find their place in Nunn’s great book, and now they’ve found themselves in our Learn Chess book review.


Additionally, Nunn explains the importance of maintaining the positioning that he recommends when entering the several phases of the game, – opening, middlegame and endgame. Anyone even slightly interested in the royal game should take a look at Nunn’s great book. We cannot recommend it enough.

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