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3 Best Nancy J. Cohen Books (2021)

Best Nancy J. Cohen Books ReviewBio

Not many things are known about the life of Nancy J. Cohen. Nancy is, as can be deduced, a bit of an enigma, herself. We know that the authoress was born in 1948, so that the Nancy is, at the moment of our writing, aged seventy-two.

Bad Hair Day Mysteries

Her most famous series is the Bad Hair Day Mysteries, with the main character being a hairstylist named Marla. This series has won Nancy the title of the Best Cozy Mystery by Suspense Magazine.

Best Nancy J. Cohen Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Permed to Death 7.62/10 269 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Writing the Cozy Mystery 8.88/10 128 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Wicked Women Whodunit 7.68/10 320 Pages Check Price On Amazon


Additionally, she was awarded a Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal and a RONE award. Nancy has won the first place in the Chanticleer International Book Award, and the third place in the Arizona Literary Awards. The Agatha Award was also granted to Nancy, along with the first place in the Royal Palm Literary Awards. A Gold Medal, too, was awarded to Cohen in the President’s Book Awards.

Even More Awards

Her books in the genre of romance have also awed readers and critics, alike. In this genre, she has won the HOLT Medallion Award, along with the Best Book in Romantic Sci-Fi/Fantasy at The Romance Reviewers. Even today, Nancy J. Cohen is very active in the writing circles. With all of that said, we can now take a deeper look at the best books by Nancy J. Cohen.

Bad Hair Day Mysteries Book Series


Most Famous Series

The most famous series that Nancy J. Cohen has written, to date, is her Bad Hair Day Mysteries series. It is also the authoress’ longest series, by far. It spans a whopping seventeen books, in fact. The first ten books that comprise the series are the following:

  1. Permed to Death, published in 1999.
  2. Hair Raiser, published in 2000.
  3. Murder by Manicure, published in 2001.
  4. Body Wave, published in 2002.
  5. Highlights to Heaven, published in 2003.
  6. Died Blonde, published in 2004.
  7. Dead Roots, published in 2005.
  8. Perish by Pedicure, published in 2006.
  9. Killer Knots, published in 2007.
  10. Shear Murder, published in 2012.

Marla Shore

In the first book, Permed to Death, we are introduced to Marla Shore. Marla has a beauty salon, and she’s just coming in one day to do the hair of her longtime client named Bertha Kravitz. As she’s waiting for Kravitz’s hair to set down, Marla goes in to make coffee for the two, using the can of creamer that Bertha loves.

While only a few moments divided her entrance and exit of the back so as to get a few towels, it proved just enough time for a bizarre gasp to echo. As Marla comes back to the room, Bertha is found dead. We learn that Marla has feelings of guilt because she still blames herself for the death of a young girl she was babysitting.

Steady Progress

Throughout the course of the books, we see Bertha as she progresses from the occasional self-pitying young lady to a more secure, confident lady that isn’t afraid of anything that steps in her way. We covered one of the books in our article, check out Killer Knots book review! Nancy’s magic with writing shows when reading this series. Truly some of Nancy J. Cohen’s best books.

Writing the Cozy Mystery: Expanded Second Edition


New Version

Nancy J. Cohen’s wonderful book Writing the Cozy Mystery: Expanded Section is one of the author’s most powerful books. It was published in the year of 2018.

In 2014, Nancy published the first edition of this great book, but now after four years, she has expanded it greatly. It features all the things of the first edition, but with a lot more expansion on key things that have come up in the last few years.

Desire in All of Us

The desire to write a book is an intrinsic one in all of us. Everyone has wanted, at one point or another, to write a book. Whether it is a memoir, a horror novel, a thriller, maybe an action-packed story, a fantasy, or just one’s own thoughts and ruminations on a subject, we can all admit to having had the inclination for such a thing.

Nancy goes above and beyond to explain what one is supposed to do when the yearning for writing cozy mysteries comes as unexpectedly as a wanton corpse in a mystery story.

All the Details

Nancy’s guide covers all of the things that one needs to know about writing cozy mysteries. From setting up the story, to setting up the clues for the characters and, more importantly, the reader, the motives, the red herrings, and how to develop one’s characters so that they aren’t the run of the mill, bland group that everyone can write.

Nancy also offers a lot of tips to people about how to progress with one’s story. After all, writing a book isn’t a race, but a marathon. All in all, the book is a complete guide to making your idea flourish into a full-blown, effective cozy mystery. Learn from the best, learn from Nancy J. Cohen.

“Wicked” Women Whodunnit


Four Authors, Four Stories

“Wicked” Women Whodunnit is a book written by four different authors. They are Mary Janice Davidson, Amy Garvey, Jennifer Apodaca, and, the woman of the hour, Nancy J. Cohen.

“Wicked’ Women Whodunnit is collection of four different stories, all of which are centered around a dead body. In this sense, they act as anthology stories, and the book as an anthology book. It was published in the year of 2005. The four stories present in the book are the following:

  1. Letters to My Readers, by Mary Janice Davidson.
  2. Single White Dead Guy, by Amy Garvey.
  3. Fast Boys, by Jennifer Apodaca.
  4. Three Men and a Body, by Nancy J. Cohen.

Intriguing Story

Nancy’s story, Three Men and a Body, is one of the author’s most intriguing, to date. A reality show is underway and one of the contestant’s is Heather Payne. Heather has a task ahead of her, and it is pretty simple. She’s supposed to get a ‘bed and breakfast’ gig in Winter Park working in only seven days.

The premise of her mission is a simple, even easy-looking one. However, the other contestants aren’t as kind as Heater is. Rex Gerard, one of the contestants, is a gorgeous man, seemingly all business in the spotlight, but Heather knows him for what he truly is when they are under the sheets.

Sudden Accidents

Soon, though, accidents begin happening during the show’s runtime, so that Heather starts being suspicious of Rex. Could Rex actually hurt her? As it stands, this is definitely one of the best books of Nancy J. Cohen.

Nancy J. Cohen, though aged seventy-two, is still as mighty and avid a writer as ever. A few other books by Nancy J. Cohen which are sure to have readers on the edge of their creaking seat are: Silver Serenade, Keeper of the Rings, and Warrior Prince.

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