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3 Best Christopher Hinz Books (2021)

Best Christopher Hinz Books ReviewBio

Christopher Hinz was born on the 10th of March, 1951, in the United States of America. Christopher is a beloved American author, known primarily for the Paratwa series he has written. While Hinz is primarily a writer of traditional books, he has written a number of comic books for the following two publications: DC Comics and Marvel Comics.


As a comic book writer, Hinz wrote the nine-issue series that is titled Gemini Blood, for DC Comics. The series ran from 1996 to 1997. Dead Corps was co-created and written by Hinz, and so was the ten-issue story arc for Blade, of Marvel Comics, that made up the second volume for the Blade series.

Best Christopher Hinz Books

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Liege-Killer 9.04/10 480 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Binary Storm 8.26/10 488 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Anachronisms 7.68/10 256 Pages Check Price On Amazon


Hinz has won the Compton Crook Award, and has been nominated for the Locus Award for Best First Novel, and the Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel. What we would like to do today is look at Hinz’s books and find the answer to the question of what the best Christopher Hinz books are.

The Paratwa Saga Book Series


Earth Destroyed

Hinz’s ever-famous series, the Paratwa Saga, is the one he is most known for. It is comprised of three books, not counting the prequel. The books are the following:

  1. Liege-Killer, published in 1987.
  2. Ash Ock, published in 1989.
  3. The Paratwa, published in 1990.

Something that has been around for as long as humanity has is the greed intrinsic to humans. As it so happens, human greed has gotten so unbearable to the point that it ended up destroying the Earth by way of environmental decaying and a terrible war. For more info about the first book, check out our Liege-Killer book review.

The Paratwa

Genetic manipulation, on the other hand, has become so developed that it can make advanced human weapons that are used in pairs, but are controlled from a single consciousness – the Paratwa. There, of course, exist the Super Paratwa that are capable of controlling all other Paratwas and even the whole of humanity. This spells trouble for humanity as we know it.

Ash Ock

When the tide pulled back in and humanity could stand after the devastation, they had to choose. They could join the ones that were creating space colonies in the proximity of the Earth, or be amongst the ones that would go and colonize the worlds between the stars. You can learn more about the second book of the series in our Ash Ock book review.

Enjoyable and Tense

The story follows the colonies that travel in space, when one of the Paratwa makes his return. It is also the name of the last book that you can read more about in our The Paratwa book review. The series is extremely enjoyable, tense, intriguing, and satisfying. Hinz has written it so perfectly, that it is an indispensable book of his. These are, perhaps, the best Christopher Hinz books.

Binary Storm


Standalone Novel

Binary Storm is a standalone novel by Hinz, though it works as a clever prequel to the Paratwa Saga, too. Binary Storm was published in the year of 2016. It is suggested to be read as a prequel and only after one has finished the original trilogy, as a lot of things are either spoiled or are expounded upon brilliantly.

The Weapon

Whereas in the original trilogy, humanity has found a weapon to combat the return of the nigh-mythical presence of the Paratwa, Binary Storm is the story of how that same weapon was first conceived and how it was made. It is situated in Philadelphia, the story, in the year 2095, as the very world seems to have come to the very edge of their time: ahead is only a vast abyss.


Pollution has discolored the sky terribly, the poor, vagrants, and the invalids are limited by walls within the cities where they once lived. On the rise is the attempt to make colonies on other planets, but even that doesn’t seem to be a quick fix to the global situation.

New Breed

If things weren’t sour enough, rumors have begun to spread of a Paratwa breed, a wholly new one, that has come up. This breed is the Ash Ock, and they intend to go against all of humanity. Truly a read that inspires awe in the reader. One of the cleverest in Hinz’s disposal.



Concept Work

Anachronisms is wholly a standalone novel by Hinz. It was published in 1988. Unlike the other books, this one isn’t so character-heavy, but a true concept book. On the Starship named Alchemon, there are a lot of different layers for intricate functions and defense systems, which are identified by common acronyms.


However, when the ship finds extraterrestrial life forms on a barren, harsh world named Sycamore, it heads back home – to Earth – as fast as it could. The captain, Ericho Brad, thinks about leaving the plausibly hostile alien, but the scientists aboard are against the idea from the start.

However, many issues begin to rise. A member of the crew has decided upon taking his life. Not everyone is convinced that it was the member’s own wish to commit suicide. For one, many believe that he was driven to the act by the volition of psionically-capable Mars Lea.

Lytic Jonomy

When the suicide happened, though, the secure and safe compartment in which the alien was located exploded and killed the alien – or that is what it seems. The reader follows the ship’s malfunctioning ways and can easily deduce that the alien is still afoot and might be attempting to seize upon the ship’s control. With no way to know who of the crew might be under the alien’s control, Lytic Jonomy attempts to keep control of the ship, but things get progressively harder and harder.

If that wasn’t enough, things go askew even more as carnage strikes the ship. Many of the crew die before Mars Lea can find a way to do battle against the vile alien. She learns that there was not one, but two aliens, and the second might actually on their side.

Even More Complicated

Things get more complicated before they get easier to grasp, but the story is so absorbing that the reader can’t help but read, read, and read. Definitely, one of the best Christopher Hinz books. Spartan X is another novel by Hinz that is a perfect sci-fi story much like the ones above. It is an indispensable read from the great author’s opus!

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