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The Forge of God Book Review (2024)

Forge of God Series

The never-ending arrivals of new worlds from Greg Bear just keep bringing excitement to the biggest of science fiction fans and those who cannot wait to read another story from this brilliant sci-fi and fantasy world author

This time, as you can see in our book review of The Forge of God, Greg has written a story about Earth’s impending doom as it has finally arrived, but not by our own mistakes or natural disasters, but it’s by something far more horrifying and unstoppable.

The Forge of God Book

Arthur Gordon

The story quickly introduces you to one of the main characters in the book, Arthur Gordon. He is a scientist who starts noticing some very out of the ordinary and unseen events that concern him very much.

Europa Gone

Some of these events are such as Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons, just disappears. This is just something that doesn’t happen like that and it definitely frightens him a lot. Another character is introduced to the story by the name of Edward Shaw, a geologist who also finds something out of the ordinary.

Strange Events

Edward discovers a weird and mysterious new cinder cone in an area that is well researched and kept an eye on. More and more strange events are reported such as a granite mountain suddenly appearing in Australia and strange sounds being emitted from the Earth’s core.

Alien Race

Finally, we let you in on a secret in our book review of The Forge of God and that is that all of the things that are happening are a result of aliens who are preparing to attack and destroy Earth. The story is far from being over as Greg introduces another alien race, but this one is on Earth’s side. What they do to help the humans is release spider-like robots on Earth that gather human specimens for studying through a form of mind control.

They gather some humans aboard their ship where they study them, test DNA, tissue samples, and similar. This is not kidnapping the humans but they are simply evacuating them and trying to help them in any way possible.

New Life on Mars

The aliens on Earth’s side then use their own machines to battle the attackers which eventually ends in the battle being won but not after Earth has suffered tremendous damage and is not looking very good. Thanks to the data that was gathered from the evacuated humans and from Earth itself, the survivors eventually start a new life on Mars which has been terraformed to their specific needs.

New Mission

This part of the story ends right about here, but these humans on mars have a new mission of avenging their home planet and finding the killers which you get to read all about in the sequel called Anvil of Stars by Greg Bear.

Hope and Destruction

Who doesn’t like to read fiction about the total destruction of worlds and finding new hope? About getting revenge on those who destroy everything that we love and about thrilling adventures filled with all sorts of dangers and action. Well, if you love to read science fiction like that, then The Forge of God book by Greg Bear is definitely what you need.

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