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Gor Series Review (2024)

John Norman

The Gor book series is a pretty lengthy series that consists of 35 books that have been in the writing since 1967 by a philosophy professor known as John Norman.

This author has managed to write so many books of this series and still manages to make the next one as exciting as the previous one.

Gor Book Series

Fantasy World

The Gor series tells a tale of a fantasy world that mostly happens on the planet Gor. Everything is perfectly set in the very first book that John published all those years ago, called Tarnsman of Gor where we meet the protagonist of the story which just happens to be a man from Earth.

The story finally starts the exciting journey and adventure as this man, named Tarl Cabot is transported to the planet Gor and everything from thereon is pure excitement and thrill.

Great Adventures

The series can definitely be described as stories of great adventures, exciting characters, a new world that is totally different from Earth, new cultures and ways that are new and strange to our protagonist, and so much more. But, John even manages to put a lot of erotica and philosophy into this lengthy series that definitely manages to bring so much more excitement for his readers.

Not Entirely Okay

A very important thing to mention in this Gor series review is that the series constantly talks about how men abduct and physically brutalize women who eventually learn to enjoy the very submissive things that happen to them.

Impossible to Observe

An introduction of the planet Gor itself is definitely necessary for our Gor Series review as it is the place where the majority of the story happens. Gor is a planet that, thanks to its alignment in the Solar System, is impossible to be observed from Earth.

As a result, Earth is never aware that this planet exists. Now, John has managed to make the story even more exciting by populating the planet Gor with the equivalent of Romans, Greeks, Native Americans, Vikings, and other cultures.

Moved from Earth

These groups are transported from Earth who are given all sorts of access to almost everything, except transportation. If you like this story so far, you might be interested in another book of the series. Check out our Mariners of Gor book review.

They find themselves there thanks to the rulers of this planet, an insectoid like beings, called the Priest-Kings. The most common form of transportation on this planet is by riding large predatory birds called Tarns and only Tarnsman, skilled and honored warriors, have the permission to use this mode of transport.

Very Long Series

The sexual and adventurous stories in this series are pretty exciting as John includes a variety of different alien races who battle for the control of the Solar System. Lots of battles, lots of twists, and so much more is available inside the world of Gor and you definitely have a lot to read and keep the excitement there for a long time, until you finish every single novel from the 35 novel series. To know even better what to expect from the series, take a look at our Rebels of Gor book review.

The story is definitely a complex one, so be sure to pay careful attention and avoid distractions if you wish to grasp the full concept of the series.

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