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Argeneau Book Series Review (2021)

Lynsay Sands

Argeneau is a fantasy romance series about vampires that is written by author Lynsay Sands and it tells the story about a vampire vixen called Lissianna Argeneau and many more fascinating characters like her. Lissianna is not your typical vampire as you get to find out a lot of different and unique sides to her from this book series review of Argeneau.

Massive Series

The series has a total of 31 books so if you are a huge vampire and romance story enthusiast, then this series is the perfect one for you and one that will keep you entertained for a long time. You can find it in our selection of the best vampire book series.

Argeneau Book Series

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
A Quick Bite 8.24/10 360 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Love Bites 8.22/10 373 Pages Check Price On Amazon
A Bite to Remember 8.48/10 362 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Bite Me If You Can 8.54/10 384 Pages Check Price On Amazon

A Quick Bite



The first book, the one that lets you meet the main protagonist of the novel, Lissianna, is called A Quick Bite. The whole story revolves around Lissianna Argeneau as you find out that she is quite the unique vampire.

The plot in the first book opens and talks about a man who wakes up in a strange woman’s bed. He feels scared at first until he sees the sexy and gorgeous vampire vixen who appears to be preparing for a hot night of passion and love.

Well, She is a Vampire

An unusual thing for Lissianna is that she is a vampire who actually tends to faint at the sight of blood, but she still craves human blood and its deliciousness.

The man who is laying on her bed is a doctor, a handsome one for that matter. His name is Dr. Gregory Hewitt and he is unsure if he is here for the night of passion or to be the main course for this gorgeous vampire woman.

Love Bites


Etienne Argeneau

In Love Bites, the second book of the series, you read about another character, Etienne Argeneau, he is also a vampire and one he has found himself in quite the dilemma. He finds himself worried after 300 years being a bachelor and if he doesn’t act now, he would be forever alone.

The trick here is that vampires are immortal and they can only turn one human immortal in their lifetime, this is usually done when they choose a mate so that they can spend all of eternity with them.

Process of Choosing

The process of choosing which person to turn is always a hard one as if he turns the wrong woman, they wouldn’t get another chance. Rachel Garett is the character in question here as he doesn’t know her very well but he owes her his life as she did save him once.

Rachel was in need of saving this time and Argeneau was thinking hard whether he should make her immortal or not, he only has one chance to do this in his lifetime as we mentioned in this Argeneau book series review.

Passion and Romance

Make sure to read the books carefully as the romance inside is one of the author’s strongest characteristics. The books are never short of passion and romance which is something that definitely attracts more and more readers, mostly young adults. Continue reading the story to find out if Etienne decides to turn Rachel Garett and what happens next.

A Bite to Remember


Vincent Argeneau

As you finish more and more books from the series, you begin to see a pattern that shows you a different Argeneau vampire in the books but the stories aren’t exactly connected directly with each other. We skip ahead a few books and stop at the fifth one in this Argeneau book series review, A Bite to Remember.

Vincent Argeneau is the main character in this volume and he is described as the hottest character that Jackie Morrisey has ever known. Jackie is a sexy woman herself and she is on a mission to protect him from a dangerous vampire killer.

Passion Growing

This mission will definitely prove as a tournament as the passion between them only grows stronger and stronger. She must remain on her guard and you can see that it will prove very difficult with Vincent tempting her all the time.

Like we mentioned in our Argeneau book series review, none of the novels are short of romance and passion as the characters inside are always making the story more interesting with their complicated relationships.


The author definitely does an outstanding job of painting the picture so that the readers can grasp the situation as clearly as possible, add a bit of imagination to the scenes and the books become more and more desirable. Luckily, there are 31 of them, so the readers can’t complain.

Bite Me If You Can


Lucian Argeneau

The book that follows the fifth is Bite Me If You Can, a story that talks about a woman named Leigh who didn’t even see the vampire coming as he sank his teeth into her neck. The vampire’s name this time was Lucian Argeneau and he is known as a hunter of rogue vampires.

His 2000 year existence has managed to bore him out of his mind and he rarely finds anything exciting anymore. He doesn’t even get excited for delicious food or passionate lovemaking anymore, everything is too dull for Lucian.

Things Change

All of these things change after he crosses paths with Leigh, the girl he bit at the beginning of the novel. He suddenly finds himself full of excitement as he begins to tutor Leigh on how to be immortal. He shows her all of her new powers and everything else that a vampire should know.

Even more excitement comes their way as their newly discovered relationship will have to wait because a renegade bloodsucker has proven very dangerous on his quest to destroy the entire human race. Lucian sets out to stop him and the story only gets more thrilling from there.

Just Some of the Books

The stories you read about in this Argeneau book series review are only a few of the enormous world of the Argeneau vampire world. There are plenty of more unique and exciting characters to meet and way more thrilling adventures to go on. If you feel excited about all of that, then get the whole book collection from the series and start reading.

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