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25 Best Vegetarian Cookbooks (2021)

Best Vegetarian Cookbooks

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Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Love Real Food 9.52/10 272 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian 8.76/10 768 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Vegetarian Epicure 8.42/10 336 Pages Check Price On Amazon
How to Cook Everything Vegetarian 8.78/10 1008 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone 8.44/10 752 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook 9.22/10 472 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Simply Vegetarian Cookbook 8.24/10 228 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The New Moosewood Cookbook 8.46/10 221 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook 8.18/10 512 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Ultimate Veg 8.56/10 312 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone 9.26/10 672 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Vegetarian Cookbook for Beginners 8.24/10 254 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Lord Krishna's Cuisine 9.04/10 824 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The New Enchanted Broccoli Forest 8.44/10 320 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The New Laurel's Kitchen 8.66/10 516 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The Greens Cookbook 8.88/10 416 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Meatless 8.48/10 384 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Passionate Vegetarian 8.24/10 1120 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Vegetarian Indian Cooking 9.72/10 192 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Teen Cuisine 7.24/10 208 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
Plenty More 8.76/10 352 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker 8.04/10 288 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook 8.84/10 552 Pages Check Price On Amazon
Mollie Katzen's Vegetable Heaven 8.42/10 240 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Vegetarian Family Cookbook 8.46/10 368 Pages Check Price On Amazon

Love Real Food: More Than 100 Feel-Good Vegetarian Favorites to Delight the Senses and Nourish the Body by Kathryne Taylor



Love Real Food is the creation of Kathryne Taylor and a spin-off from her blog Cookie and Kate. Cookie is her beloved dog and an avid fan of her owner’s baked cookies.

Deservedly given the title of the best vegetarian cookbook, Love Real Food has been a labor of love for Kathryne. She creates each dish from scratch and then cooks, photographs, and lovingly writes each recipe to share with her fans.

Winning Recipes

Kathryne’s vegetarian style food is popular because of the variety of textures and flavors. She has included her chai-spiced steel-cut oats, jasmine tea mojitos, and the winning recipe for banana oat bread. For more info about the book, make sure to check out our selection of the best plant-based cookbooks.

Love Real Food is imbued with the author’s bubbly personality and nobody can resist the photos of her adorable assistant, Cookie. Her cookbook is great for beginners because the recipes are easy to follow and adapt. Her philosophy of listening to her appetite and eating only nourishing whole-foods has made her confident to reassure other vegetarians of the health benefits that are to be gained by eating this way.

Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian: More than 650 Meatless Recipes from Around the World by Madhur Jaffrey


Vast Array

If you are a cosmopolitan vegetarian looking for a vast array of tasty recipes, then look no further than Madhur Jaffrey’s World Vegetarian cookbook! And the best thing is that her delicious recipes can be prepared in a jiffy.

Bringing together her research on vegetarian cooking acquired from extensive traveling, Madhur Jaffrey has created a book for a global audience. She highlights the well-seasoned dishes with detailed instructions on how to prepare some unusual ingredients.

Move Up a Level

She includes many old favorites as well, such as beans, lentils, and nuts but the 200 vegetable recipes will delight vegetarians and any other food lovers equally as much. The chapter on dairy will be a great surprise for many vegetarian cooks. Your Sunday Brunch menu just moved up a level with the inclusion of eggs cooked in different ways and served with exotic sauces from Korea, Iran, or Japan.

Many of her recipes are from Asia and the Middle East so some of the flavors will be a new and exciting culinary experience.

Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas and Julie Maas



One cannot help but hear the echoes of the hippie era through this classic vegetarian cookbook. Vegetarian Epicure does, however, elevate vegetarian food to a slightly more sophisticated level. Anna Thomas will show you how to hold a vegetarian dinner party that will be the talk of the town!

She proposes using only the freshest ingredients and has organized the chapters of Vegetarian Epicure by season. The menus cover every occasion from formal dining to picnics, brunches, and hearty family dinners.

Exotic Ingredients

You will find that this cookbook includes many exotic ingredients, such as nopalitos, kabocha, and Tahitian squash, as well as for instructions on how to cook them and retain the best flavors.

There are menus for soups, sorbet, biscotti, and a vast choice of salad recipes. There are desserts aplenty and cakes to lure even the most committed dieter away from the scales. Thomas has created a cookbook that is a celebration of vegetarian dishes that are vibrant and stylish.

How to Cook Everything Vegetarian: Simple Meatless Recipes for Great Food by Mark Bittman


Great For Beginners

It is hard to believe that someone who is not a vegetarian could create a bestselling vegetarian cookbook! Mark Bittman has done just that and created a vegetarian cookbook that everyone wants. This is the best vegetarian cookbook for beginners because it holds your hand through the first steps and gives you the confidence to create dishes that will amaze you and all who dine at your table. For more similar books, take a look at our selection of the best cookbooks for beginners.

Mark Bittman is no stranger to the world of culinary delights, but his venture into the world of vegetarianism is outside his comfort zone, so it is interesting to see what he has achieved. Bittman admits to rethinking his dietary choices when he started working on How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. He has coined a new name for people who aren’t strictly anything (food-wise) and calls it “flexitarian”.

Guarantee Quality

According to Bittman, it is still challenging to find good vegetarian meals in restaurants, and home cooking is the only way to guarantee quality, tasty vegetarian meals. Sadly, this is because the vegetarian option is not the most profitable cuisine. Another book written by Mark Bittman can be found in our best cookbooks article.

With this in mind, Bittman has written this bestselling vegetarian cookbook to assist those who are just starting out on the vegetarian lifestyle and will also provide something new for those who have been vegetarians for some time.

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison


Helpful Basics

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is one of the best recipe books for vegetarians and meat-lovers. Here you can learn helpful basics, and you will not be disappointed with the interesting vegetarian recipes that Deborah Madison has created. For more books written by Deborah Madison, check out our best cookbooks or top-rated plant-based cookbooks reviews!

Nothing Fancy

Vegetarian cooking techniques need to retain the nutritional values as well as provide flavor. Now, cooking grains, corn, or pulses will be cooked to perfection using these methods. This is a simple book, without fancy language or photographs to detract from the recipes. But there are heaps of useful information on flavor matching and substituting elements to personalize your vegetarian meals.

Step Up!

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone will enable you to do the basics well, and teach you how to introduce exotic ingredients and flavors from different cuisines. No longer are the vegetables going to be the shrinking violets on the plate. They will now be the main attraction! We also covered one of Madison’s books in our review of the top cookbooks for beginners. Check it out!

The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen


Hundreds of Recipes

Let’s give a big cheer for the chefs at America’s Test Kitchen who have come up with hundreds of tempting vegetarian recipes in The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook! America’s Test Kitchen published many awesome books that you can read more about in our best America’s Test Kitchen cookbooks or the best air fryer cookbooks reviews.

For Everyone

This cookbook is ideal for learning the basics of vegetarian cooking and could be ideal for a beginner. There is something to suit the tastes of all vegetarians and anyone else who chooses to make these delicious dishes. If you want to try some flavors of the Mediterranean, America’s Test Kitchen has published an amazing collection of recipes that you can find in our best instant pot cookbooks review.

Handy Tips

You will find handy tips on what makes each dish special. There is also information on whether the dish is vegan, gluten or dairy-free, and the number of servings each dish will provide. Once you have tasted the mashed potatoes with pesto or the quinoa albondigas, you too will be sold on this bestselling vegetarian cookbook! We’ve got something for our youngest as well, take a look at the review of the best cookbooks for kids.

The Simply Vegetarian Cookbook: Fuss-Free Recipes Everyone Will Love by Susan Pridmore



Although this is a vegetarian cookbook, it is also full of recipes that meat-eaters will enjoy just as much. The author, Susan Pridmore, calls this “flexitarian”.

If you are a very busy vegetarian with little time for preparing fancy meals, then The Simply Vegetarian Cookbook could be just up your alley! With this vegetarian cookbook you will be able to provide fast, healthy meals in your kitchen.

No-Fuss Approach

With a limited list of ingredients and a no-fuss approach to cooking, Pridmore has tried to meet the needs of busy families with different nutritional requirements. Although some of the recipes may be quite basic, they are certainly not boring!

Susan Pridmore has included a preparation guide and methods for vegetarian cooking that will save you time and bother. This book gets a big “thumbs up” from vegetarian reviewers because it is comprehensive and easy to use.

The New Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen


Half a Century

Written by Mollie Katzen, this best vegetarian cookbook originated from the Moosewood Restaurant in New York where they have been serving creative, natural vegetarian dishes for almost half a century.

Published in the 1970s, it has a distinctly hippie flavor and it was the first time the American public had been introduced to the “cool” foods of that generation. If you are interested in Katzen’s other works, check out our top plant-based cookbooks.

Superb Collection

We can buy samosas, guacamole and any healthy food we want from the vegetarian section of the supermarket or meals from a wide range of vegetarian restaurants today, but having such a superb collection of vegetarian recipes makes The New Moosewood one of the best vegetarian cookbooks ever! We mentioned this book in our best cookbooks review, too. You must read it!

Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook by Vegetarian Times


Test of Time

Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook has surely stood the test of time! What started as a newsletter in the Seventies, has not become a magazine that is a vegetarian institution. The Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook is a compilation of 750 recipes collected over time and is the best vegetarian cookbook to have on your shelf.


This is a great cookbook for those who are starting on the vegetarian journey. You will find out what is meant by ovo-lacto vegetarians, lacto vegetarians, and vegans, for instance. Also, you will find out whether vegetarian food can pack as much flavor as meat or fish dishes do. That is the mission of this book! To provide recipes that will delight the taste buds and provide premium nutrition for vegetarians.

For Every Occasion

Here you will find recipes for every meal and occasion, including snacks and appetizers. Puddings like the Spiced Pumpkin Custard or Spiced Carrot Pudding will not leave any vegetarian feeling deprived of the good tastes in life! The inclusion of flavors from global cuisine completes this amazing collection of vegetarian recipes.

Ultimate Veg: Easy & Delicious Meals for Everyone by Jamie Oliver


Food Crusader

The ever-popular Jamie Oliver has created a vegetarian cookbook that lives up to its name. Ultimate Veg is written in his inimitable style and you will get to know this “food crusader” a little bit better. Jamie has written created one of the best vegetarian cookbooks for beginners.

Ultimate Veg explains the numerous choices that are presented to a person when they opt for a vegetarian lifestyle, and how to make the transition easier. Whether your motivation is health-based or to save the planet, this vegetarian cookbook will satisfy all your desires. The dishes have a decidedly British flavor and there may be some ingredients that are unfamiliar to American cooks.


Jamie likes to be playful with ingredients and can transform a roasted cauliflower into a Japanese “katsu” that is a taste explosion. He also explains how to adapt vegetarian recipes into vegan ones by making simple changes to the ingredients.

With all the hints and tips contained in this cookbook, the beginner vegetarian will be filled with confidence to start cooking. We also suggest our article about the best beginner cookbooks. Who knows, you may be the next Oliver.

The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison


Fascinating Recipes

This updated version of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is a welcome addition to the range of vegetarian cookbooks because it has so many fascinating recipes. It is also a handy reference when preparing meals for vegetarian guests or a family with mixed dietary requirements.

Vegan as Well

Many recipes have ditched the ubiquitous tofu and included more fermented soy-based meals. There is also an emphasis on vegan recipes which are denoted with an icon for easy reference.

This is an ideal vegetarian cookbook for beginners as most of the ingredients are simple to resource and prepare, but it is worth going to the effort to source some of the more exotic ingredients if you want to make something for a special occasion.

Vegetarian Cookbook for Beginners: The Essential Vegetarian Cookbook to Get Started by Callisto Media


Needed Inspiration

If you have been contemplating changing to a vegetarian diet then the Vegetarian Cookbook for Beginners will provide you with all the inspiration you need! Whether motivated by health or environmental concerns, you will have peace of mind with this best vegetarian cookbook for beginners to guide you.

14-Day Meal Plan

Thanks to Callisto Media for producing this collection of outstanding vegetarian recipes, you will soon be reaping the health benefits of a vegetarian diet. If you start with the 14-day meal plan you will gently ease into a meat-free regime.

Hints and Tips

There are many basic, delicious meal ideas in Vegetarian Cookbook for Beginners that will inspire you to continue with this lifestyle choice. Getting all the nutrients that you need is important, so this book contains plenty of handy nutritional advice. There are also plenty of hints and tips for kitting out your kitchen and how to prepare a variety of ingredients that may be new to you.

Lord Krishna’s Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Yamuna Devi and David Baird



Yamuna Devi has taken inspiration from devotion to the Supreme Lord, Krishna to create Lord Krishna’s Cuisine and lovers of Indian vegetarian food will forever be grateful. This is a sophisticated cookbook requiring the use of exotic ingredients. The result will be elegant food that is fit for a god.

Unique Blend

The unique marriage of spices, fruit, and vegetables will take you to food heaven. Sample the Banana and Pomegranate Salad or Lemon stuffed with Almond and Chickpea Pate and you will understand what I am talking about.

Work of Art

Aside from the impressive collection of recipes, Lord Krishna’s Cuisine is a work of art. The delicate drawings that are beautiful to look at, and filled with spiritual connotations will delight the reader. This is so much more than a vegetarian cookbook. It is a labor of love that will provide hours of vegetarian food pleasure.

The New Enchanted Broccoli Forest by Mollie Katzen


Simple Techniques

The New Enchanted Broccoli Forest is a revision of the original book in the series of bestselling cookbooks by Mollie Katzen. This collection of recipes has healthier options and simpler cooking techniques to cater to the busy vegetarian cook.

Unique Insight

Mollie’s dishes are familiar to those who watch her TV series and fans will be delighted to be able to have this cookbook handy in their kitchens. Readers say that this is the best vegetarian cookbook because of the inclusion of enchanting pen and ink drawings and handwritten text. This gives a unique insight to, Mollie Katzen, and her style of cooking.


Two of the favorite vegetarian recipes in this book are the twice-baked potatoes and the tomato soup with cream cheese and rosemary. Vegetarian cooks will not be disappointed with the selection of delicious soups and desserts that Mollie Katzen has chosen to include in this edition.

The New Laurel’s Kitchen by Laurel Robertson, Brian Ruppenthal and Carol Lee Flinders


500+ Recipes

Filled to the brim with new recipes, nutritional guides, and over 500 vegetarian recipes, The New Laurel’s Kitchen is set to be the best vegetarian cookbook ever!

The vegetarian home cook will find everything they need in this edition by Laurel Robertson. All the recipes have been tested until they deliver perfect flavor and you will find tips and menu suggestions for every day of the year.

Wholesome and Simple

The New Laurel’s Kitchen is an ideal cookbook for beginner vegetarians because the meals are wholesome, simple, and include easily accessible ingredients. They won’t break the budget either.

What makes this cookbook unique is that it has chapters with meals that are specifically designed to meet the differing nutritional needs of people at different stages of their lives. Check out the sections for children, the elderly, expectant mums, and super-fit athletes. There is something for every vegetarian in The New Laurel’s Kitchen and it is a vegetarian cookbook that will stand the test of time.

The Greens Cookbook: Extraordinary Vegetarian Cuisine from the Celebrated Restaurant by Deborah Madison and Edward Espe Brown


275+ Recipes

This is the vegetarian cookbook you have been waiting for from the original chef of San Francisco’s famous Greens Restaurant. Deborah Madison has put together over 275 incredible vegetarian recipes that encourage the use of the freshest produce, interesting herbs and spices, and exotic oils.

It will teach you how to layer flavors with rich, wholesome stocks, and balance tastes and textures to create vibrant meals.

Traditional Cuisines

The Greens Cookbook draws on the traditional cuisines of France, Italy, Asia and the Americas to make these vegetarian dishes cosmopolitan and special. One serving of Mexican Vegetable Soup with lime and avocado will not be enough! Your mouth will sizzle with the flavors of Red and Yellow Pepper Tart and don’t even try to resist the Brazilian chocolate cake.

This bestselling vegetarian cookbook is bursting at the seams with seasonal ideas, techniques, and even wine pairing with the recipes. It will be worthwhile searching for the best ingredients so that you can serve this delicious vegetarian food to all who eat at your table.

Meatless: More Than 200 of the Very Best Vegetarian Recipes by Martha Stewart



Any vegetarian would be delighted to own this uncomplicated, back-to-basics vegetarian cookbook. Martha Stewart knows how important it is to get the basics right and perform them well to create the most delicious home-cooked meals. There is everything you need to know in Meatless, whether you are a beginner or a veteran vegetarian cook.

The dishes are showcased in gorgeous full-color photographs and you will drool over the soups, pizza, and pasta dishes. This is good, old-fashioned American vegetarian cooking at its best!

Tasty Surprises

Having said that, there are a few tasty surprises tucked inside this best vegetarian cookbook for beginners. Despite being quite basic, nothing is boring about this collection of recipes. If you are looking for more recipes by Martha Stewart, find out more in our best cookbooks article. 

Take a look at the Vegetarian Chili, Farro Salad with Oven-roasted Grapes, or the Crispy Tofu sandwiches with peanut-ginger sauce just to get yourself started on this road to a vegetarian culinary delight.

Passionate Vegetarian by Crescent Dragonwagon


Inspiration For Years

There are enough vegetarian inspired dishes in Passionate Vegetarian to keep you cooking for years. You probably don’t need any other vegetarian cookbooks with more than 1000 recipes to try!

Crescent Dragonwagon has made it easy for you to entertain or feed family and friends using her wonderful appetizers, snacks, sides, mains, and desserts.

Sassy and Seductive

Crescent is an accomplished writer and she has combined this skill with her extensive culinary experience and created a vegetarian cookbook that will blow your socks off! She is sassy and seductive and there is more than a hint of that in her recipes.

You will create taste experiences that reach from Asia to America and everything in between. There are stir-fries, lasagnas, many kinds of pasta and pies – not forgetting luscious desserts. This cookbook is not just for vegetarians. It is for any food-lover from anywhere in the world!

Vegetarian Indian Cooking with Your Instant Pot: 75 Traditional Recipes that are Easier, Quicker and Healthier by Manali Singh


Uncomplicated and Healthy

Indian cuisine has been popular around the world for decades because of the delicious flavors created by carefully blending and balancing spices.

Manali Singh was born in India and has the insider knowledge to create traditional Indian vegetarian food that is uncomplicated and healthy. She shares her knowledge of how to cook in the instant pot so that these dishes can take less time to cook.


If you want to create your favorite vegetarian dishes at home then Vegetarian Indian Cooking is going to be the best vegetarian cookbook for you! Just thinking about Matar Paneer or Vegetarian Momos (steamed dumplings) will convince you to buy the best vegetarian cookbook by an authentic Indian cook.

Singh has literally thousands of fans of her recipes and cooking style. Many meat-eaters love the tasty snacks and appetizers, as well as using her recipes to add some spice to boring vegetables.

Teen Cuisine: New Vegetarian by Matthew Locricchio



Vegetarian author, Matthew Locricchio is no stranger to winning awards for his bestselling vegetarian cookbooks. Teen Cuisine ticks all the boxes for offering tantalizing recipes for beginner vegetarian cooks.

He has included all the basics for stocking up a vegetarian pantry, using knives and utensils safely, and plenty of other useful tips for the novice cook. The recipes have detailed methods of how to perform the most basic tasks such as chopping garlic.

All the Advice Needed

Teen Cuisine is ideal for students to take with them when they first leave home. It gives all the advice needed to buy the freshest, healthiest produce locally and will give parents peace of mind knowing that they are in the safe hands of Locricchio. It will also teach young vegetarians how to cook economically. With its gorgeous full-color photographs, you might want to keep a copy at home for yourself to enjoy!

Plenty More: Vibrant Vegetable Cooking from London’s Ottolenghi by Yotam Ottolenghi


120 Recipes

Renowned chef extraordinaire, Yotam Ottolenghi, has produced Plenty More – a cookbook for vegetarians who want the best recipes for turning vegetables into sensational dishes. He has collected 120 vegetarian recipes and endorsed them with his signature sense of surprise to create one of the best vegetarian cookbooks on the planet!


Although Yotam had Cordon Bleu training, he likes to go back to his Mediterranean roots and incorporate herbs, spices, and simple genius to take vegetables to another level. Interestingly, Yotam is not a vegetarian, but he understands the need to make them sing from the plate whether they are doing it solo or in unison with some perfectly cooked meat.

Plenty More is the type of food that is served at Yotam’s restaurant in London and now, using this bestselling vegetarian cookbook, you do this in the comfort of your kitchen. An all-round sensational cookbook for everyone!

Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes for Healthy and Hearty One-Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are by Robin Robertson


Hearty Food

Slow cooking is the number one way to cook hearty, wholesome food economically and simply and you can be assured that every mouthful will be delicious!

Robin Robertson will teach you to get the best results from your slow cooker and make it the most useful appliance in your kitchen. If your slow cooker is sitting on the shelf gathering dust, now is the time to get cooking with Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker cookbook.

So Simple

Would you believe that you can make appetizers, soups, and desserts in a slow cooker? It’s not just for those heartwarming stews and curries that we all dig into on a cold, wintery night. Some vegetarians might not realize how simple it is to slow cook beans, grains, and even pasta in the slow cooker. This is the best vegetarian cookbook for slow cooker recipes and I would highly recommend it!

The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook: 350 Essential Recipes for Inspired Everyday Eating by Jack Bishop



It is not news that Italian cooking is based on using the amazing range of fresh fruit and vegetables that grow in abundance in every nook and cranny of the country. The Complete Italian Vegetarian Cookbook boasts the best 350 Italian vegetarian dishes that Jack Bishop has chosen to showcase in his splendid cookbook.

Intense Flavors

We are talking about taking the best delicious vegetables and then cooking them in a way that will intensify the flavors and make them shine on the plate. Being a vegetarian in Italy is not hard labor because the land and the cuisine lend themselves magnificently to the simple appreciation of what Mother Nature has provided.

This bestselling vegetarian cookbook contains secrets from Jack’s Italian “nonna” and many others who shared their traditional cooking secrets with Jack when he traveled around Italy. This lends authenticity to his bestselling vegetarian cookbook.

Mollie Katzen’s Vegetable Heaven: Over 200 Recipes for Uncommon Soups, Tasty Bites, Side-By-Side Dishes, and Too Many Desserts by Mollie Katzen


Fairly Simple

Mollie Katzen is a celebrity vegetarian chef who knows what other vegetarians want and she delivers every time. Mollie Katzen’s Vegetable Heaven is not over-complicated, but it is a collection of rousing new vegetarian dishes.

Plan your entertaining around the following dishes: Onion-wilted Spinach Salad with cumin, Avocado and Apple soup, or Sweet Potatoes and Spinach in Spiced orange sauce and you can expect nothing but praise from the friends and family who enjoy the vegetarian cooking that is served at your table.

Warm and Cozy

Vegetarian cooking is easy with the abundance of produce available in the summer, but Katzen has provided recipes to keep you warm and cozy in the winter months too when fresh vegetables are not abundant. Tuscan bean soup will melt even the most frozen heart, as will the Root Vegetable soup.

This is a bestselling vegetarian cookbook that will keep you cozy on the worst winter nights, but also bring joy at the height of summer!

The Vegetarian Family Cookbook by Nava Atlas


For Everyone

At last, a vegetarian cookbook that contains recipes that will appeal to everyone in your family.

Without too much effort, you will be able to cook meals that appeal to vegetarians, vegans, and appease the carnivores at the same time! It will also be helpful for people who are trying to transition to a vegetarian lifestyle.

Healthy Options

Atlas is not a crusader for vegetarianism, but rather she just wants to offer healthy options, information, and the recipes that people need at any time of their lives.

The Vegetarian Family Cookbook is an uncomplicated guide to eating the healthiest food and learning how to make it tasty and appealing at the same time. This is definitely the best vegetarian cookbook option for the laidback family who enjoys good food together.

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