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Fallway Book Review (2021)

Paula E. Downing

The author of this book, Paula E. Downing is a, mainly, science fiction writer that also has valuable skills as a managing attorney. In fact, she is the managing attorney of five Legal Aid Offices.


Other works by her include Mad Roy’s Light and Rinn’s Star which were actually the first two novels she had ever sold. After that, she continued to occasionally write some thrilling novels that have gathered a lot of fans. This is the book review of Fallway, a novel by Paula Downing, that will show you what to expect in the original book itself.

Fallway Book

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In the story of this novel, as well as in our book review of Fallway, you find out about the main character in the book, Jahnel. She lives in one of the most out of the ordinary places for a home you could think of even for a science fiction story.

That place is a floating asteroid, in the caverns beneath it, to be more precise. Jahnel is a human, but this place is the only home she has ever known and her companions are an alien race, called Avelle. They are the only family she has ever known.


After this introduction of Jahnel and the alien race known as Avelle, the plot thickens as you read about a threat that is coming in the way of the Avelle and Jahnel’s home. As this threat could mean the end of this race and Jahnel’s home, she is prepared to defend all that she has ever known, not knowing that a very interesting surprise is headed her way.

Prepared to Fight

When the intruders arrive, Jahnel is prepared to fight to defend everything that she loves, but she finds out that this threat is in fact of human origin, meaning that the intruders are actual humans, same as her. We don’t have to tell you from our review of Fallway book that Jahnel is about to face a very difficult moral dilemma and decision.

Difficult Choice

She has to decide whether to keep her honor and stay with the race that was there with her since birth, or join the humans that can take her back to her home planet where she belongs. Another choice is presented to Jahnel, to turn away from both and start a new life, somewhere she doesn’t have to make this difficult choice.

Private Fight

We won’t spoil her decision with this book review of Fallway, but be sure that the excitement has just begun as the battle between the two races starts. For Jahnel, that is not the only battle that is going on as she has her own private fight going on in her head regarding what to do and which side to be on. 


Fallway is an interesting book that is pretty relating actually like all of us who will eventually face some difficult choices that can change a lot for us, maybe not whether to stay on an asteroid or not, but still as important.

Robert Hazley
Robert Hazley
Robert is a science fiction and fantasy geek. (He is also the best looking Ereads writer!) Besides reading and writing, he enjoys sports, cosplay, and good food (don't we all?). Currently works as an accountant (would you believe that?)