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The Glasswrights’ Journeyman Book Review (2021)

Mindy Klasky

Mindy Klasky’s The Glasswright book series contains five thrilling fantasy adventure novels and this one is the third of the series. It follows the events of the first two books The Glasswrights’ Apprentice and The Glasswrights’ Progress.

Glasswright Series

Now you get to see what the third book of this amazing series talks about in our book review of The Glasswrights’ Journeyman. It is definitely an exciting story as Mindy specializes in writing fantasy novels and young adult fiction.

The Glasswrights’ Journeyman Book

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Sin Hazar

The plot in this novel follows the ones of its sequels. It is now three years after the events of The Glasswrights’ Progress where the young heroic girl Rani Trader had saved hundreds of children from the evil Sin Hazar. After those hard times and the ones from the first book itself where Rani’s guild,

Falling Apart

The Glasswrights’ Guild, had fallen apart due to a conspiracy against the Royal family, and now things are not any better since the entire city of Morenia had been almost destroyed thanks to a huge and mysterious fire that burned so much to the ground.

If you have read any of the previous books from the series then you have met King Hal, the head of the royal family and leader of his kingdom. He finds himself in a pretty difficult situation now as he does not have enough resources to rebuild the city.

Rebuilding Morenia

Although, all hope was not lost as he had one last option to save his people and rebuild Morenia, to marry the shy and relatively ugly cross-eyed princess of Liantine for her riches and resources.

This alliance would prove beneficial for the king and his people and he asks the brave Rani Trader to assist him in this quest. As soon as they arrive in Liantine, they discover that things are done a bit differently there and negotiations prove to be pretty difficult and not the way the expected things to go. If you are interested in the series, take a look at our The Glasswrights’ Master book review.

Massive Opportunity

As things progress a little with the negotiations, we reveal something in our The Glasswrights’ Journeyman book review that would change a lot in the story. Rani discovers a huge opportunity for acquiring riches that would help rebuild the city and her guild, which is actually a more important quest for her, a chance of making money with the Octolaris Spiderguild.

Rebuilding a City

As you may have noticed from the other books, Rani actually has experience in negotiating marketplace deals, so she manages to make a deal that would help the rebuilding of King Hal’s city and also get the Glasswrights’ Guild back on its feet. We love these books so much, that we covered them in the 5 best Mindy Klasky books selection, too.

What happens next is up to you to find out as the fun is just beginning, the story continues also in the two books that come after this one and hopefully, you get interested in this third book of the series too from what you can see in this book review of The Glasswrights’ Journeyman.

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