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Mariposa Book Review (2021)

Quantum Logic Series

Mariposa is the sequel to Quantico book from the series called Quantum Logic by the famed science fiction author Greg Bear. Have a look at this Mariposa book review and find out what happens in another one of Greg’s popular science fiction stories and the world that he has imagined this time.

Greg Bear

However, this one is a little bit more down to Earth, but still includes some popular science fiction elements that show off Greg’s signature writing style and his amazing ability to come up with new and unique fiction stories and characters. We wrote an article about the best Greg Bear books. Don’t forget to check it out.

Mariposa Book

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Focus on Earth

Many of Bear’s books talk about aliens and other beings from different worlds, different times, and different dimensions. This time, however, the story only focuses on Earth. Even the time period isn’t thousands of years into the future as it is in most of Greg’s stories. 

Talos Corporation

It focuses on the year of 2021 in the United States. Our Mariposa book review tells you immediately that America is over fifty trillion dollars in debt, what a number huh? But, yes, anything can happen in a world created by Greg Bear.

The novel continues as we find out that the FBI is currently working on an investigation regarding a corporation called Talos. They have figured out that the Talos Corporation has plans to disable the power grid across the whole Eastern seaboard.

Terrorist Attack

They have planned out all of this to happen with a very carefully coordinated domestic terrorist attack. The goal of this plan is to cause provisions of a law Congress passed authorizing Federal lands and resources as collateral so that they can continue to borrow funds from overseas. Quite a smart little plan if you ask me.

Anyway, we witness some unexpected help arriving from a secret weapon in the Federal arsenal. This secret weapon is a non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse bomb as well as an artificial intelligence robot that happens to be mute by the name of Jones.

Slightly Different

This is a bit of a different story by Greg Bear in terms of the overall style of the characters and the world, but it has no difference in the quality of the story as Greg never disappoints when it comes to writing a high-quality fiction story. This is still a science fiction tale by him that talks about things he knows such as domination, high tech gadgets, artificial intelligence, battles, and much more.

Amazing Read

Our Mariposa book review could only cover so much of the story as it is quite a long novel filled with too many important things to mention in a short book review, but know that the book cannot disappoint a true fan of Greg’s who adores science fiction novels filled with adventures, action, romance, thrill, super interesting science-related things, and much more.

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Robert Hazley
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