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Quantico Book Review (2021)

Greg Bear

Released in 2005, four years before its sequel book Mariposa by Greg Bear, Quantico presents another one of Greg science fiction stories that just seem to keep getting better and better.

Quantum Logic Series

The plot of the novel which we will cover briefly in this Quantico book review is one of a terrorist attack that uses devastating biological weapons that is starting to concern a group of FBI agents who quickly make it their mission to prevent this attack that has the potential for massive destruction and death.

Quantico Book

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Terrorist Attack

If it’s a science fiction story by Greg Bear, you best expect something quite thrilling. For more his works, check out our article about the best Greg Bear books.

As we begin this book review of Quantico, we dive into the story as the United States faces yet another terrorist attack that is as big as the 9-11 one, this one on October 4. It was an attack on a Washington State ferry and it was right after another attack that was on the Dome of the Rock mosque in Jerusalem that was carried out by a Jewish bomber.

Not Working Out

As you can see, these terrorist attacks start getting way out of hand and preventive measures are being taken, but with very little success. We witness horrible things such as the development of real and deadly viruses created by expert bio-hackers and then the viruses being tested on captured Jews and Shiites.

Rods of God

Later, the deadly diseases are spread by igniting fireworks from the backs of trucks, spreading super-fast and increasing the death count rapidly. One preventive measure they take to stop these trucks is firing rods called Rods of God that they drop from orbit, guiding them by lasers, to hit the trucks, sinking them into the ground before the disease is fired and starts to spread. Israel, on the other hand, doesn’t hold back with the assassinations on the suicide bombers, but they are large in numbers and keep on coming.

Quantico Agents

So far we cover the terrible happenings in the novel in our Quantico book review, but there is hope. Specially trained agents from Quantico set out on a dangerous mission to take out the heart of this operation.

They team up with a bio-terror expert called Rebecca Rose who helps them uncover a terrible plot capable of tremendous acts of destruction. They find out about the man responsible for all of this, who is a very complex character, capable of anything, and very difficult to take down.

Stopping the Disaster

Everyone has a mission in this novel by Greg as we witness people working together to prevent death and destruction, we see how hard it is to stop these terrorists as well as how easy it is for them to destroy countless lives and wreak havoc upon the world.

You will definitely understand more as you dive into this masterpiece by Greg Bear, but this review of Quantico book is hopefully enough to introduce you to the fascinating plot that Greg has managed to put together.

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