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Sylo Book Review (2021)

D.J. MacHale

Sylo is the first book in the science fiction series by best-selling author D.J. MacHale that has such a brilliant plot that made the story good enough to be turned into a fascinating trilogy.

The SYLO Chronicles

The trilogy is called The SYLO Chronicles in which you discover the story that continues after this first book of the series which you will find out all about in this Sylo book review. There are a few characters who take you on this journey of action, thrill, excitement, and a lot of danger which are all the things that make this story very fun to read.

Sylo Book

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Tucker Pierce

The first character that you get to meet, and probably the most important one of all, is a 14-year-old boy called Tucker Pierce. Tucker’s whole life changes in the events that are about the come which make him a very different person than he previously was.

He was a guy who preferred to lay low and not be the center of attention, lacking self-confidence and just being a simple normal boy. He lives in Pemberwick Island, Maine. It’s important to know what kind of character Tucker is before everything that is about to happen as you will find out in our Sylo book review.

Asking a Girl Out

Tucker was a simple guy as we mentioned who didn’t mind sitting on the bench for his football team and the only hard thing he was currently facing is gathering the courage to ask a girl out. His friend Quinn urges him to do it and not be afraid as who knows what would happen tomorrow and it’s best to do it now.

Mysterious Branch of Military

Tucker is still too chicken to ask Tori Sleeper out and constantly waits for the right moment until something terrible happens to their hometown. Pemberwick Island is invaded by what they managed to find out to be a very weird and mysterious branch of the United States military called SYLO.

Saving Their Home

This is the event that forces Tucker to do the things he had always been afraid of which involve telling Tori how he feels. After that, Tucker, Tori, and Quinn decide to do something about this invasion as no one else would and they figure out a way to save their home.

The set out on a dangerous journey to find out the truth behind all of this as on their way they encounter some pretty strange things like a singing airplane and a red crystal that has the outstanding ability to give special powers to whoever touches it.

Saving the World

This is definitely a good thing that would help them in their mission to rescue Pemberwick Island which later turns into an even more difficult mission that involves saving the entire world from this dangerous threat.

Time is definitely not on their side as you will find out what more happens as you read the first book of this amazing series called The SYLO Chronicles by D.J. MacHale. Hopefully, you enjoyed this Sylo book review and will give the novel and the series a chance.

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