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The Hunter’s Blades Trilogy Review (2021)

Devastating War

Hunter’s Blades is a trilogy from the Forgotten Realms series in which you get to read about R. A. Salvatore’s signature character, the one and only Drizzt Do’Urden.

The three books in this series talk about a devastating war in which Drizzt and his companions are about to take part as a rampaging army of killer orcs has been unleashed from the Spine of the World. If you want to learn more before you decide to read the trilogy then make sure to check out our The Hunter’s Blades book review.

The Hunter’s Blades Trilogy

Photo Title Rating Length Buy
The Thousand Orcs 8.86/10 367 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Lone Drow 9.02/10 370 Pages Check Price On Amazon
The Two Swords 9.16/10 376 Pages Check Price On Amazon

The Thousand Orcs



This is the first book of The Hunter’s Blades trilogy and it is where a massive event is going to begin. It all starts as a clan of frost giants who are led by Gerti Orelsdottr find themselves becoming allies with the orc King Obould Many-Arrows for the sole purpose of launching a massive attack on the towns of the North.

Let’s not forget the treacherous drow in this story as they are still lurking around somewhere and plotting against all sides, always looking out only for themselves.

New King

Before all of these huge events happen, at the very beginning of the story you get to read a peaceful story as Drizzt Do’Urden and the companions are cheerfully traveling back to Mithral Hall to witness the crowning of King Bruenor Battlehammer. That’s the reason, why this book can be also found on our list of the best Drizzt Do’Urden books.

On the way they see a group of orcs attacking the dwarven hold of Mirabar. Drizzt and his pals decide to go and do a bit of clean-up work seeing that it’s just a small band of orcs so they engage them in battle, not knowing that this is just the first, small wave of the huge army of orcs that is coming their way.

The Real Battle Begins

So, after engaging the orcs into battle there is no going back and Drizzt and the companions witness the army that is approaching and realize that this is no ordinary attack, this is a full-scale war that is about to disturb the peace of so many for a long time.

One thing leads to another, the war goes on and at the town of Shallows, during a siege, Drizzt somehow witnesses the companions dying before him and a huge rage takes over from there.

Killing Machine

The only thing that is driving Drizzt to move forward now is rage and the will to kill as many orcs as possible as they are responsible for killing his friends. You get to see a change in Drizzt Do’Urden in this story as things are starting to seem that he is reverting back to the Hunter.

From here on, only you can find out how the story ends for yourself as we definitely don’t want to give out too many spoilers. One quick fact to keep moving your forward is that the death of the Companions of the Hall might not be exactly how it seemed to Drizzt and the rest is up to you to discover in this amazing book of The Hunter’s Blades trilogy.

The Lone Drow


Mourning the Death

The Lone Drow is the second one of The Hunter’s Blades books that directly continues the story that the first one was talking to you about. It is definitely safe to say that the story in this book gets way more exciting than the first as things get super thrilling as events begin to escalate.

You get to read about Drizzt again as he is still mourning the death of his closest friends and you may even say that Drizzt is definitely himself these days.

Orc Slayer

All he does now is go around and slay Orcs while trying to prevent other clans from joining the terrible Orc army. A dash of hope comes Drizzt’s way when two elves and their pegasi decide to offer some help for this character who definitely seems like he has lost his way. For more stories about this interesting character, take a look at our selection of the top Drizzt Do’Urden books.

Another interesting fact about all of this is that while Drizzt is mourning and killing orcs pointlessly, the presumed dead Companions of the Hall are desperately fighting for their lives while trying to defend themselves from the horde. Now imagine Drizzt’s reaction when he finds about this for himself, considering that he is not too late.

The War Is Far From Over

The two elves and their pegasi that we mentioned before have managed to somewhat regain Drizzt’s purpose in life and have helped this poor and noble character to be his old self again, how they did that is totally up to you to find out. Meanwhile, things are definitely not looking good for the Companions of the Hall as the Orc forces seem to increase instead of decrease and the desperate battle for survival only gets more and more desperate.

You also get to read a lot about how things are going on the orc side as well. The leader of the army that is currently threatening the lives of many, including the Companions of the Hall, Obould Many-Arrows has become King and his title is about to change once more.

Obould the God

After King Obould manages to finally destroy Tarathiel, the orc shaman Arganth Snarrl decides to proclaim Obould as a god and things get even trickier from there on. There are also tons more exciting events to read about that are all going on at the same time in the middle of this devastating war like the fact that the dwarven druid Pikel manages to lose his left arm from a piece of slate that was thrown by a deadly frost giant.

Plenty more things will be happening in the middle of all of this and you get to see some serious things and plots behind all of the events that you will be reading about.

The Two Swords


Still Alive

And the last book in this review is this book in which you get to read how this story that talks about a series of terrible events finally ends. You get to read more about Drizzt as his journey has definitely not been easier than the rest and it’s about to get a bit more difficult as events escalate even more.

You can only imagine how tempting and suspenseful it has been to know, that the Companions of the Hall are still alive and that Drizzt has no idea of that fact for the entire series. Make sure to check out this wonderful book of The Hunter’s Blades trilogy too if you wish to find out if Drizzt manages to discover that his friends have been alive all this time and if it is not too late to reunite with them once more.

Pushed Back

The story in this book follows directly after the events of the previous and the terrible orc army of Obould has managed to press and push back the Companions of the Hall to the very gates of Mithral Hall.

This means that the battle is definitely not going in their favor and the Orcs are close to victory unless a miracle pops out of somewhere. One miracle that they hope will work is the desperate plan that Bruenor and his clan devise that hopefully would push the Orcs back for a while and provide a bit of time to make a plan for defense.

Things Start Going Drizzt’s Way

We would never dare to spoil this masterplan that Bruenor manages to come up with and if it would work or not but you will be very surprised and excited by the outcome and the idea behind it all. Our favorite characters might be locked and trapped between the walls of Mithral Hall with nowhere to run but this still doesn’t mean that they will give up and hope for the best and mercy.

The fight goes on until the very last second and Drizzt will be coming your way to bring even more thrill and excitement to the story that follows. He finally reunites with his long lost Companions of the Hall and the reactions can’t even be described until you read them for yourself. But before they get all friendly, there is still the danger of countless orcs waiting to kill them outside.

Exciting and Memorable

All and all, the story in the last book of The Hunter’s Blades trilogy is nothing but exciting, suspenseful, and very memorable as the characters experience some definitely unforgettable events. The story ends in the best possible way, leaving things perfect for the novels that follow in other series of the Forgotten Realms world.

Hopefully, you enjoyed our review and you find the story inside The Hunter’s Blades series very enjoyable. Chances are that you will if you already know a thing or two about the Forgotten Realms saga and if you are nuts about fantasy stories.

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