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Troublemakers Book Review (2021) – Stories by Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison

Author Harlan Ellison brings readers this collection of some of his best short stories that he has chosen to be part of it himself. A few of the stories inside have even managed to win Harlan a few awards and back up his reputation as one of the best authors of his time.

Massive Career

In his 50+ years of experience in writing, Harlan has managed to write so much including 75 books, a little over 1700 short stories, essays,  articles, newspaper columns, two dozen teleplays, and a dozen movies. That should definitely say a lot about the quality of this author’s writing as you will see from this book review of Troublemakers: Stories by Harlan Ellison.

Troublemakers Book

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Get Familiar

Mostly filled with science fiction and fantasy short stories, this collection of content by Harlan is the perfect opportunity for new fans of science fiction to get familiar with Harlan’s writing. We made for you selection of the 5 best Harlan Ellison books. Don’t miss it out.

The reason it is a perfect chance is because this is not like reading a long novel that needs time to be understood and finished, the short stories in the collection will make sure the readers get familiar with what the author generally writes like and get to know him and his writing style a little bit better.

Repent, Harlequin!

One of the few short stories that you get to read in this collection by Harlan is a fascinating and award- winning one called ‘Repent, Harlequin!’ Said the Ticktockman. In this truly awesome story, readers get to see a tale about a dystopian future where time is a lot more strict than it is in our reality.

Everyone must do things in their everyday lives according to a very, very strict and precise schedule, in fact, being late is actually a crime and people just can’t afford to ever be late for anything.

Scary Part

Here comes the scary part of the story, a crime leads to time being taken from the person who does the crime, a bunch of crimes lead to more time being taken away, and eventually the most horrible penalty is being turned off when one runs out of time.

Deeper Than the Darkness

Another award-winning short story by Harlan that you get to see within this collection is Deeper Than the Darkness. In this story, you read about a special outcast who isn’t quite aware of the power that he holds.

He is a hobo, a bum, and he is thrown away from society because of his very weird and unusual psi power. The story of this hobo quickly becomes a lot more interesting as the military actually asks him to perform an unthinkable act that he had never even thought about until this very day. As you read on, this story ends with a very unpredictable twist.

For Every Science Fiction Fan

The many more stories you get to read in this collection by Harlan Ellison are just as interesting as the few we mention in this Troublemakers book review and we are sure that you will have a fun time if you are a science fiction fan.

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